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  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Alice's Story

“When my daughter developed the deformity that she has, I was so hurt. I asked God so many questions, like ‘What is following my life and my children?’ I thank God for CURE hospital for being a solution to my children. My first born son was t… Read more

“When my daughter developed the deformity that she has, I was so hurt. I asked God so many questions, like ‘What is following my life and my children?’ I thank God for CURE hospital for being a solution to my children. My first born son was treated here and now I am back with my last born, Alice,” said Lucy, Alice’s mother.

When Alice was born, her health seemed to be fine, but a week after the birth, Lucy woke to Alice crying and found Alice’s left leg was swollen. Alice cried the whole night, so as soon as it was morning, Lucy rushed her to the hospital. An X-ray showed that Alice’s left leg was dislocated, so her leg was put in a plaster cast for a few months. By the time she was one, Alice was learning to walk and wasn’t in pain anymore.

But, as most kids do, Alice fell over a lot when learning to walk. Every time she fell, she would hurt her leg, Lucy would take her to hospital, and every time it would be a broken leg. It turns out that Alice has a condition called brittle bone disease, and her bones are weaker than they should be, so doctors gave her some medicine to help strengthen them and gave them a date to come back for a review after two years. Two years went by, and Alice was taken back to the hospital. Things hadn’t gone as well as hoped. The top of Alice’s left leg was now visibly bowed, and was making it painful for her to walk. Alice was referred to another hospital for help, and that’s where she met CURE doctors who booked her for surgery here in Blantyre.

Alice is the youngest born in her family of four. Lucy takes care of and provides for the whole family, because sadly Alice’s father passed away last year. Even though Lucy is a single parent, she works hard doing farming so that she can manage to feed her children. Now we're glad to do our part!

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Latest Updates

Mar 22, 2018

Alice headed home yesterday with Adam while we were out on a home visit, so we didn't manage to grab a picture of her. She must be doing well with her physiotherapy to get discharged so quickly! We'll see her next on May 21st at her clinic in Nkhatabay!

Mar 20, 2018

Alice and Adam are back! Alice needs some physiotherapy to build up strength and start walking hopefully. Unfortunately, Adam wants to go home already, but physio Janet says they need to stick around for a while for therapy. Please be praying that everything goes smoothly for Alice and Adam here at CURE and for his wife at home! Photo of Alice

Jan 16, 2018

Alice is going home today and we wanted a good photo of her with her brother-in-law Adam before they left, but she was acting super shy and hiding behind her hands the whole time! We managed to get one for the header photo but there were lots of outtakes like this! We're so happy she gets to go home and the doctors will see her May 21st at her local clinic in Nkhatabay. Photo of Alice

Jan 12, 2018

Alice is tired after her surgery and is fast asleep today... but Adam's watching over her and making sure she's okay! She'll be here over the weekend recovering and probably go home next week. Because of her brittle bones, we need to wait until she's fully healed before she can walk again, so we'll also source a wheelchair for her to use at home. Photo of Alice

Jan 11, 2018

Alice had her surgery today! It was very long - five whole hours! Dr. James said it was pretty exhausting! She's doing well and is in recovery now. They cut and put rush rods through all four of the bones in her leg, as well as doing some other surgery to her hip. Please be praying for her as she might be in quite a bit of pain when she wakes up! Photo of Alice

Jan 08, 2018

Alice is back! This time she was escorted to the hospital by her 21-year old brother-in-law Adam, who is married to Alice’s 18-year old elder sister.

“A lot has happened since Alice was discharged here three years ago. Last time her father was with her as her guardian, but he has since passed away. Her mother remarried and her stepfather was a bad man and refused to live with Alice because she was the child of a previous marriage, that’s why we took her in,” says Adam, Alice’s brother in-law.

Alice is now seven years old and is facing more problems. “Her friends mock her because of her deformity, and we have not enrolled her in primary school yet because she has difficulties walking. She walks using crutches, so we can’t take her to school although she really cries for it.”

“My friends mock me for taking care of my sister in-law. They call me names and say all sorts of bad things to my wife’s family. They mock me saying that I will be babysitting her and washing her clothes, and they will tease me much more for being her guardian here at the hospital. But I don’t care, because I really want to see her healed and start going to school. I will help her get educated, and maybe one day she will help care for us. There is no one else who can care for her, my wife, she is pregnant so she cannot come, and her mother has a baby,” Adam says.

Please join us in praying for Alice, she is back to have larger rush rods put in to keep her bones stable. Also please be praying for Adam, who is a brave man caring for a child who is not his own in a culture where that is not common. Especially as a 21 year old, it sounds like a really difficult thing to be caring for your pregnant wife and her sister with a disability while being mocked for it, and he needs all the prayer and encouragement he can get too! Photo of Alice

Jan 29, 2015

Alice has recovered so well that she's been discharged already! She'll go to her local clinic at the end of March to have her cast removed, and then we'll see her again in June, if all goes to plan! We've loved having little Alice here with us, and we're so glad that she's received the surgery she needed. This girl's life is forever changed! Please keep praying for Alice throughout her healing. And also pray for her family, especially her mom Lucy, that she'll remain strong for her children and be sustained by God when she feels weak. Thanks for joining in and being a part of their story! Photo of Alice

Jan 28, 2015

Alice has had her surgery and her mom is so stoked! This woman 100% believes in the power of prayer. Before theater as well as during their time here, we pray with our patients, and this is what Lucy had to say about it: "The prayers have helped me and my daughter because now I know who God is. The same prayers have saved Alice because it was God working through the doctors." Alice now has rush rods in the top of her left leg, where she was having problems with it breaking. She's in plaster cast and is recovering well! Photo of Alice

Jan 26, 2015

Alice waits outside theater with her mom. She arrived yesterday and is here because the thigh part of her left leg is bowed, making it hard for her to walk and run and play like most kids do. She's happy and friendly and we're so glad she's made it here to receive surgery! Photo of Alice

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