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  • Age4
  • Conditiona limb deformity
  • Next Appointment To be scheduled

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Peace Joy's Story

Peace Joy is Irene’s only child and was born four years ago. All seemed well, but after three months, Irene noticed that her daughter’s leg had started bending around the tibia. She was so shocked because she had never seen such a thing and cou… Read more

Peace Joy is Irene’s only child and was born four years ago. All seemed well, but after three months, Irene noticed that her daughter’s leg had started bending around the tibia. She was so shocked because she had never seen such a thing and couldn’t understand where this was coming from.

Irene took her daughter to several hospitals and for a while it seemed as if the situation was under control. When Peace Joy was one year old, she fell while playing and broke her tibia again. As usual, her mum took her to the hospital. A few weeks later, Peace Joy's leg still hadn't gone back to normal. This began worrying Irene more intently. After a long time of being told her daughter’s condition wasn’t correctable, she was finally told about us here CURE Kenya. She planned to attend our mobile clinic and that was our very first contact with Peace Joy and her mum!

Irene is hopeful that after surgery, her daughter’s condition will be corrected and that she can do all the things other children do without worry. Please pray for Peace Joy’s procedure!

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Latest Updates

Nov 12, 2019

Peace Joy headed home today, so let’s consider this watermelon face a grand goodbye! We’re so glad Peace Joy is well enough to go home and when we see her again in a few weeks, we’re hoping to catch some more sweet faces from our little friend! Photo of Peace Joy

Nov 11, 2019

We’re not sure what sweet Peace Joy was thinking when we took this shot, but we’re sure glad that she was thinking it as she waited to go to the OR! Her cast change ended up getting postponed until today, but we’re hopeful that if all goes well, she’ll go home tomorrow, new cast and all! Photo of Peace Joy

Nov 07, 2019

Peace Joy was having a ball talking to her dad on the phone and smiling lots! There’s nothing like feeling the love of both your parents. It must be so good for healing! Pray for Peace Joy as she goes for her cast change and as she heads home soon! Photo of Peace Joy

Nov 07, 2019

You know it’s a good day when your balloon and your jacket match! Peace Joy is having one of those days. And on top of that, she got to play balloon for a little while, bouncing it between people and sometimes losing it over the ledge only to have it reappear for more play. Peace Joy will spend time with her mom and her balloon for today, then hopefully go for a cast change tomorrow! Photo of Peace Joy

Nov 06, 2019

As Peace Joy spent time in bed allowing her tiny body to heal, her mom was discovering how to have both peace and joy — in Jesus! Pastor Phoebe shared the gospel and Irene accepted Jesus as her savior. Now pray for her as she learns how to have that Jesus-filled peace and joy! Photo of Peace Joy

Nov 05, 2019

Sweet Peace Joy has a condition known as neurofibromatosis, a condition that affects her nerves. One of the ways it manifests itself is through having a weak tibia (the bone beneath your knee). Because it’s weak, it eventually breaks (maybe more than once) and instead of healing normally, it heals itself into a false joint. In order to fix this, the doctors perform a surgery called an osteotomy that will cut out the necessary amount of bone to place a rush rod in hopes to straighten the tibia bone. This is what happened to Peace Joy! Now as she heals, let’s pray for the best possible outcome of her healing! Photo of Peace Joy

Nov 04, 2019

Peace Joy joins us at CURE Kenya with her mama, Irene. Already Peace Joy charms us with her little smile, and we’re looking forward to getting to know her more as the week goes on. We’re pretty sure she’ll be living up to her names of Peace and Joy! Photo of Peace Joy

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