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Phabian's Story

Phabian and Immaculate’s journey began like so many other clubfoot journeys. “Immediately when he was born is when I saw the legs,” Immaculate told us of her son’s condition. Phabian was born with clubfoot in both feet. “I was terrified,… Read more

Phabian and Immaculate’s journey began like so many other clubfoot journeys. “Immediately when he was born is when I saw the legs,” Immaculate told us of her son’s condition. Phabian was born with clubfoot in both feet. “I was terrified,” Immaculate said. “Luckily, my aunt was working at the hospital.” The hospital where Phabian was born had a clinic that did serial casting and since Immaculate’s aunt worked as a nurse at the hospital, she was aware of the clinic. Phabian began the process of casting and braces.

However, when it came time for his mom to go back to school, Phabian went to live with his grandma and because of some miscommunication and tense circumstances, he stopped wearing his braces that were slowly correcting his condition. Around the age of four, Phabian’s clubfoot recurred and around six years of age, he had intense foot pains that came and, thankfully, went. He’s currently eight years old and since his mom noticed his clubfoot was getting worse, she ended up with a referral to our neighboring hospital that turned into a referral to us here at CURE Kenya.

Phabian is unable to walk for long distances right now, but we’re hoping that he’ll be able to do so once he has his surgery. We’re not sure if he’ll need surgery on both feet or not, but thankfully they’re tackling the foot that needs surgery right now. “Everything about him” is what Immaculate loves of her son and we know she’ll also love it when her son is able to walk for longer and have feet that are straight. Join us in praying for this!

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Latest Updates

Sep 11, 2019

The CURE Kenya business office handed out biscuits to patients who had come for checkups and lucky for Phabian, he came for a checkup today! Gilbert works in our finance department, but today he was one of the biscuit people, bringing joy to the masses. Phabian deserves many treats because he’s doing well and healing! We’ll see him at the beginning of next year to make sure he’s still doing okay! Photo of Phabian

Jul 31, 2019

“He doesn’t feel pain anymore like he used to,” Mama Phabian shared with us today. We’re super grateful that now, as Phabian heals, he can walk free from pain. And his cast tells that story! “He’s been playing in it,” Mama Phabian said. And although this causes a bit of trouble for cast removal at times, if it means Phabian is feeling better, we’ll take it! Phabian had his orthotic measurement taken and he’ll come back in six weeks. Photo of Phabian

Jun 20, 2019

This was just practice for Phabian, but that practice soon turned into the real deal because Phabian and Immaculate got told they can go home! Pray for Phabian in these next weeks as he heals and does life with a cast. Pray especially that he’ll learn more about how much God loves him as he learns about John 3:16! Photo of Phabian

Jun 20, 2019

Yesterday was cast painting day for Phabian! He was getting flowers painted on his cast. When we asked about a Bible verse being put on it, Pastor Emmy told us “Phabian doesn’t go to church.” It sounds like his mama works on church day which makes things tricky. Pastor Emmy had written the reference to John 3:16 on his cast. We used that as a bridge to chat with him about God’s love. Phabian says he does know God loves him. Pray he embraces God's love and loves God back with all of his heart! Also pray that God will encourage Immaculate even as she works during church day. Photo of Phabian

Jun 19, 2019

Immaculate shared with us that her sister had mentioned to her that maybe Phabian wasn’t hers since he was born with clubfoot. Well, can you tell that Phabian is undoubtedly his mother’s child? Even when Immaculate isn’t looking at the camera, you can see that their eyes are very alike! We’re all this way as humans. We all bear the image of our Creator and therefore we can always identify with Him regardless of what people might say! Phabian can identify with his mama, and we pray that he will also identify with his Creator! Photo of Phabian

Jun 18, 2019

We’re so thankful surgery is over and done with for Phabian. The doctors were able to go in and rearrange some of the tendons and bones in Phabian's foot which allowed them to straighten it out nicely! Our man will be in a little pain, but it's pain that means the worst is already behind him! Please pray for our friend as he beings his recovery. Photo of Phabian

Jun 17, 2019

Phabian's cuteness blows us away! When we asked if he wanted his photo taken, his mom told us: “That’s what he’s been waiting for!” We’re thankful that we get to spend the week getting to know this photo-loving kiddo more! Photo of Phabian

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