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Raphael's Story

“I was so shocked to see his legs that way!” Mama Raphael told us.

Meet Raphael! This charmer is four years old and has two other siblings who are older than him. His mother made a joke about him being born to give her company at home b… Read more

“I was so shocked to see his legs that way!” Mama Raphael told us.

Meet Raphael! This charmer is four years old and has two other siblings who are older than him. His mother made a joke about him being born to give her company at home because the rest were growing up too fast. Raphael is a bit shy but when you become friends he becomes a completely new person.

Raphael was born with clubfoot. The first time his mum saw his legs she was too shocked to even speak to someone. She questioned many things and didn’t want people to see her son’s legs. Her husband wasn’t there at the time she gave birth but when he saw his son, he kept awkwardly quiet for some time.

Sarah, Raphael’s mum met a nurse at a local dispensary who told her that her son had clubfoot and that it was correctable. She was impressed to hear this. She was even more impressed to hear that it wouldn’t need surgery at that time. The nurse referred her to a hospital where they would start the clubfoot correction process. Raphael wore casts for two years after which he was made to wear braces. Sarah saw so much improvement and was at the point where Raphael could wear shoes properly, so she decided to stop taking him to clinics. Raphael’s clubfoot recurred.

Sarah heard about CURE Kenya from a friend and decided to visit a mobile clinic near her town. She was told her son would need surgery to correct his clubfoot this time. Please pray for her as they wait for Raphael’s surgery and for his surgery and recovery to go well!

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Latest Updates

Jul 23, 2019

Raphael came to our clinic with his mum and dad and we love how close this family is. “We are so grateful to God for all the progress Raphael is making!” Raphael’s dad told us joyfully. The doctors just said Raphael needs to continue wearing his foot brace to make sure his feet stays nice and straight. We’ll see him again on our next clinic near his home! Photo of Raphael

May 30, 2019

Raphael came to our mobile clinic today looking sharp dressed in a suit. He gave us a big smile and we talked a little about how he is doing. He told us that all is well at home and he is feeling much better. Today, Raphael had his cast taken off and since he already had an AFO (ankle foot orthotic) measured, he came to pick it up today so he can start using it. Please thank God for the progress our little friend has made and continue praying for his transformation! Photo of Raphael

Mar 15, 2019

Raphael was given the green light to go home today! We prayed that God would go before them as they travel home. Before they left, Raphael was shown how to use his crutches, but we caught him resting after a few minutes of practice. His swelling was gone and we thank God for that. Please pray for smooth recovery at home. Photo of Raphael

Mar 14, 2019

During the doctor’s rounds this morning, one of the doctors noticed that Raphael’s leg had a little swelling. Although Raphael and his mum were looking forward to going home today, they were asked to stay so that we can observe the swelling and make sure it is nothing serious. It's a bummer, but we're pumped to have more time with this little one! Photo of Raphael

Mar 13, 2019

Mama Raphael spent most of this morning trying to get her son to take some breakfast so he can at least gain energy to do physical therapy exercises. She did it so passionately because that’s what mothers do and we thank God for her. Raphael took some tea and bread and went back to sleep. Mama Raphael told us that her son had a peaceful night, at least most of it, and when he had pain he was quickly assisted. We hope that Raphael will have a successful physiotherapy session today. Please keep praying for our boy! Photo of Raphael

Mar 12, 2019

After waiting for most of the day, it was finally time for Raphael’s surgery. It is common for kids to cry when their mums or dads leave them in theatre and Raphael had this moment too. He was encouraged by John ,our anesthetist at CURE Kenya, and was able to calm down. His surgery was pretty straight forward and within no time, the doctors were done. We caught our friend in the recovery area where PACU nurse Nancy was watching him and helping him recover. Please pray that Raphael’s healing will be smooth and that God will help him shake off his pain! Photo of Raphael

Mar 11, 2019

When we asked Raphael what he wants to be when he grows up, he froze. He had never heard this question before today. His mum quickly came to his rescue and told us that he was only in baby class and that she hadn’t engaged him in that conversation. Raphael is waiting to go to theatre and we will let you know all about how that goes! Photo of Raphael

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