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The picture above is of CURE in Kenya. Everyone who serves with CURE in Kenya, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Joshua. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Joshua's Story

“I came to CURE Kenya because I saw two boys who had been through CURE with worse conditions than my son, so I was encouraged he would get proper treatment,” Benson, Joshua’s dad shared.

Joshua is one of seven children and is now eig… Read more

“I came to CURE Kenya because I saw two boys who had been through CURE with worse conditions than my son, so I was encouraged he would get proper treatment,” Benson, Joshua’s dad shared.

Joshua is one of seven children and is now eight years old. He was born okay without complications but when he turned one, his leg started bending around the ankle area. His dad says he suspects it was an injection but isn’t sure because he wasn’t told when he took Joshua to hospital.

Joshua’s deformity doesn’t stop him from going to school, but it also unfortunately doesn’t stop him from being ridiculed by other kids. He therefore needs this transformational surgery to change this and give him an equal chance as the rest of his friends.

Benson is hopeful that this surgery will make his son’s life a bit better and that he won’t struggle so much in doing things for himself. We asked Benson what his son says he wants to be someday, “He says he wants to be a doctor so that he can help other kids not to suffer like he has,” he responded. Please, dear friends, ask God to heal Joshua and to make his dream to help other kids come true.

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Latest Updates

Jan 30, 2019

“I’m excited to see it without a cast!” Cathy exclaimed as Joshua’s cast was being taken off. Cathy is such a sweet lady who has got a great big heart for Joshua, and she’s getting to watch his transformation! Joshua is getting closer to being done with his treatment as every week goes by, and today he hit a milestone - he got his old cast off, an orthotic measurement taken, and a new cast put on! We’ll catch him again at the end of March when he’ll once again have his cast taken off, but this time – he’ll leave with an orthotic instead of a cast! Photo of Joshua

Dec 19, 2018

When we asked what Joshua and his dad would do on Christmas, Joshua’s dad told us, “We will pray to God.” What better way to spend the day that symbolizes Jesus’ birth than to spend time thanking the God who sent Him to be born? We’re going to plan to do that too! We hope that as you go about your fabulously Merry Christmas that you’ll do that same -- and that you’ll also be praying for Joshua and his dad! We may not see them again until after Christmas, but do pray that their Christmas will be fabulously merry too! Photo of Joshua

Dec 18, 2018

A few updates ago, we shared a photo of Joshua that didn’t look so different from this one. But you know the difference? That one was taken before surgery. This one is AFTER! God healed Joshua from his wound, brought him back to CURE Kenya, and now his foot that was once crooked is now straight and snugly placed in a cast, on its way to healing in that straight position. The God that we serve is big, and we’re grateful. Please pray that Joshua’s healing will be smooth and that he won’t have ANY MORE complications! Photo of Joshua

Dec 17, 2018

Joshua was among the first people to go into the OR this morning. This made it very tricky for us to know exactly when he was going to get surgery. By the time we found out that he was already in theatre his case was almost done! We were able to catch the doctors casting his leg and then we were taken through what the surgery was about. Joshua’s procedure was successful and you can already see the transformation taking shape! Photo of Joshua

Nov 14, 2018

“We are grateful,” Cathy said as we took a photo of the group who came together for clinic. Cathy and Jim are some fabulous missionaries who have such hearts for the people in their area. They want them to find healing, and Joshua is about to find it at CURE Kenya. “I’m excited,” Cathy said. We're excited too -- to watch God work in Joshua's life! We're hoping to see these guys next in January sometime for Joshua's surgery. Be praying for them in the meantime! Photo of Joshua

Oct 17, 2018

“I want to leave with my boy, Joshua!” Enthusiasm exuded from Rosemary when we met her in the ward this morning. Rosemary is one of the sweetest ladies you could meet with one of the sweetest hearts. She works with kiddos in her area and helps bring them to the hospital, even another CUREkid named Martha ( Rosemary is our friend and now she’s Joshua’s friend too. She just met him and his dad a few days ago around the time they came to the hospital, but already she loves and cares and is here and ready to help. Although Joshua’s surgery is on pause while he heals, hopefully when we see him again at clinic, that will change and then we’ll maybe see Rosemary again when Joshua comes for surgery! Photo of Joshua

Oct 16, 2018

Joshua speaks his mother tongue, so we can’t always use very many words to communicate, but we did find something today that made him smile. Yesterday we started teaching him high-fives and fist bumps and today, he really got into the fist bumps! Maybe he’s got a future in boxing because the boy gives fist bumps with a passion! Because of the wound on his foot, they’ll check on it tomorrow and send him home with some antibiotics before he comes back for surgery hopefully soon. This is a bummer, especially since Joshua and his dad live far from CURE Kenya. BUT -- we want Joshua healed and well before we operate, so let’s just pray he heals quick and is able to come back quick! Photo of Joshua

Oct 15, 2018

Our new friend Joshua has got an ouchy on his foot that needs to be cleaned before his main surgery. But before he could even go to theatre for a wound cleaning, Amos the PT came to see how well he was able to walk on his foot that isn’t having surgery. In order to do that, Joshua did himself a little bit of hopping with his surgery foot raised in the air. What’s exciting is that soon, Joshua’s surgery foot will be healed and walking will be even easier for him than it has been (and he might be able to hop on his healed foot too -- just for fun!). Photo of Joshua

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