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  • Age9
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Maryanne's Story

Maryanne is seven and has a limb deformity that she was not born with. At around the age of two and some months, her legs began bending awkwardly around the knees. This gave her mum, Maureen, so much stress because she couldn’t wrap her head arou… Read more

Maryanne is seven and has a limb deformity that she was not born with. At around the age of two and some months, her legs began bending awkwardly around the knees. This gave her mum, Maureen, so much stress because she couldn’t wrap her head around all that was happening to her daughter.

Maureen took her daughter to a hospital that wasn’t very close to her home but it was the closest place where Maryanne could get help. When they got to hospital, Maureen was told her little girl would need surgery. She did not know where she would get the money. Well wishers helped her to raise the amount and her daughter got surgery. Unfortunately, that surgery wasn’t enough. Maureen lives with very high expectations that her daughter will no longer struggle with her condition and that she will be like other kids.

“Sometimes Maryanne will come home and tell me how other kids called her names in school and that would really break my heart,” Maureen told us. Maryanne goes to school but she cannot walk or stand for very long. She is also subjected to some abuse by other kids because she is different.

Maureen met a team of doctors at the hospital she used to take her daughter to and was told about CURE. She was asked to provide her contact information and to wait for a phone call. She was eventually called to bring her daughter to CURE, and Maryanne is going to have surgery this week. Maureen is very excited because she believes that this is the turning point for her daughter and that she’ll receive healing!

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Latest Updates

Oct 29, 2019

We saw Maryann today at our mobile clinic near her home! She is doing well and feeling well too. Maryann might need another procedure at some point in the future and we would like to invite you to pray about this as the doctors keep an eye on her. Photo of Maryanne

Jul 09, 2019

We had a phone call today telling us that Maryanne wanted us to come see her artwork. She was at it again, coloring away at a coloring book. Maryanne really deserves to have all of the colors because her healing deserves all of the celebration! She showed up at our mobile clinic near her home and got her casts off today! She needs to get an x-ray to double check the correction, but the radiologist at the hospital where we were conducting our mobile clinic couldn't fit her in today so she will get one in a few weeks. She'll then bring that x-ray with her to her next appointment with us in October! Pray that all goes well as she walks cast-free for the next few months! Photo of Maryanne

May 27, 2019

“I have seen a very big picture of myself out there!” Maryanne said the first time she saw Storyteller Elvis during mobile clinic. “Who put it there?” Elvis asked her. “I don’t know!” She innocently replied. After she had seen the doctor, the physical therapist, had her pins removed, and her leg recasted, we went outside to see exactly where she had seen her picture. Maryanne’s before and after photos were on a roll up banner and Maryanne was amazed to see how she looked before surgery and after surgery. Her second procedure is almost coming to an end and we are very excited to see her complete transformation! Photo of Maryanne

Apr 11, 2019

Kids enjoy arts and crafts a lot! Maryann is a huge fan of art and is quite talented. We spent some more time doing arts and crafts in the playroom today and Maryann drew a house, a bus and a lion. “I know how to draw better than you!” she told us. As this was happening, Maryann’s mum packed their stuff so they could go home as they have been discharged from hospital. Please thank God with us for Maryann and her mum, the journey before them and Maryann’s recovery! Photo of Maryanne

Apr 09, 2019

Just yesterday, one day after a trip to theatre, Maryanne had already found herself in the playroom. Apparently this surgery didn’t slow her down too much! She was excited for her name to be written on her cast -- maybe it helps her feel that the cast is her very own. After cast painting, she and her mom watched a video that included Maryanne in it! Can you see that smile? We can only imagine what smiles can do to help aid in the healing of our kiddos! Photo of Maryanne

Apr 09, 2019

Maryann went to the OR yesterday and had her surgery. She needed this surgery as her leg was bent inwards around the knee. Her surgery was successful and we thank God for blessing our doctors and enabling them to do this procedure for her. Maryann now needs your prayers as she recovers in the ward and we will be there to cheer her up and play with her, and read her your get well messages! Photo of Maryanne

Apr 08, 2019

Part of a Storyteller’s job involves walking around with a pen and notebook. Maryann saw Storyteller Elvis’ pen and took it and asked for somewhere to write. She wrote her name, her friend’s name and her teacher’s name. Maryann is here because she needs one more surgery to make her right leg straight. We will tell you about her surgery in tomorrow’s update. Please pray for her stay at CURE Kenya! Photo of Maryanne

Jan 28, 2019

Maryanne is in the first grade now and as we talked about her being in school, she started counting in Swahili: “Moja, mbili, tatu, nne, tano…” Our girl is learning and now that she’s on her road to healing, going to school must be easier now! As she waited to see the doctor at clinic, she colored. A pastor had given her a coloring page, and it was of Peter healing a crippled man. And that’s what God did to Maryanne. Just as God worked through Peter to heal the crippled man, so he worked through CURE Kenya to heal Maryanne. We’re waiting to see when Maryanne’s next surgery will be to heal her even more, but in the meantime, we’re excited that she can go to school as she waits! Photo of Maryanne

Dec 11, 2018

Cheers to the fact that our sweet girl is doing so fantastic! She runs, she plays, and she smiles -- a lot. Maryanne lives on a compound with her mom and lots of other family members, so she’s got her own cheering squad right at home! Although her healing journey may not be over yet, it’s well on its way and already the improvement is fabulous. We’re grateful for the chance to visit Maryanne at her house and we’re looking forward to seeing her next month somewhere close to her home while on clinic to see how much more of a healing journey she needs to go on. But thankfully, regardless of the news, she’ll have her squad cheering her along the whole way! Photo of Maryanne

Nov 12, 2018

“She likes the singing,” Maryanne’s mom told us. At the beginning of every mobile clinic, we have a time of praise and worship and preaching. There’s no better way to start our day than with Jesus! Maryanne looks to be doing so well in her walking and we’re grateful. Unfortunately, there is a ‘but’ in that statement. Maryanne needs another surgery. Because of the severity of her condition, her legs got corrected but not totally, so at least her right leg needs another operation. We’re super thankful for her healing so far though! We’ll see her in January at clinic and hopefully will find out more about when her next surgery will be. Please pray that Maryanne will just sing her way through the next months as she awaits her next surgery! Photo of Maryanne

Sep 26, 2018

We are super excited that Maryann is back on her feet! When her mum told us that she could walk, we didn’t believe it. We made Maryann walk just so we could see and share this milestone with you too! Maryann had an X-ray taken and the doctor who reviewed her X-ray said that her bones were well joined and that she was ready to start exercise. Amos, our physiotherapist said that it was too soon after cast removal to start stretching exercises so he showed her mum what to do when they got home. We will see Maryann again in two months at a clinic near her home. Thank you for your continued prayers for her! Photo of Maryanne

Aug 15, 2018

Maryanne passed her waiting time this morning by eating chapati (Kenyan flatbread) and then went for a cast removal. She found the pin removal process and post-cast removal to be a pain, but she was rewarded with a new kind of cast after this. This new kind of cast allows her little feet to peek out which means now she can walk on those feet that are peeking out. God is so good to our girl -- she’s making progress! We will see her next on September 26. Photo of Maryanne

Jul 09, 2018

Friday's hope turned into Saturday's reality for Maryanne! She left the hospital and doesn't have to come back until August 15th for a cast change! Thank Jesus with us for this and pray she heals fast and strong.

Jul 06, 2018

Today Maryanne was moving her wheelchair inside the hospital with no help at all from anyone. She was buzzing around all morning like a cute little bee, less concerned about what everyone else was doing around her. She went to the playroom for a little while and had a good time in there. We pray that Maryanne and her mum can finally go home and as it stands, it is very likely that they could go tomorrow! We showed these two lovely ladies Maryanne’s profile on our website and Maryanne had fun remembering where the photos were taken and what she was doing then. Maureen, Maryanne's mum told us, “I have started forgetting how my little girl looked when we first came to CURE because now her legs look straight!” Such statements are made possible by you very kind people who are praying for our kiddos and contributing in your own ways to help them! Photo of Maryanne

Jul 05, 2018

“I need a dolly!” Maryanne told us this morning. We were happy to see her up and smiling and even talking. This means that she has come up with a way to shake off the pain and we are very grateful to God. “I am going home tomorrow and I’d like to go with a dolly!” she said. We do not know so much about her leaving for home tomorrow but we sure are going to find a doll for her to play with! Photo of Maryanne

Jul 04, 2018

Maryanne had some pain through the night but that was managed by the nurses on shift. She was not able to sleep very well and she kept waking up because of it. This morning, she was able to at least take some breakfast and then went back to bed after taking her pain medication. We thank God for a successful surgery and we pray that she has a smooth recovery. Friends could you please take a moment and pray for Maryanne? Photo of Maryanne

Jul 03, 2018

Maryanne’s wait is finally over as she had her second surgery today. She was a bit scared of the OR because it was her second time in not very long and she remembered the pain she felt the first time. Her mum was there with her even in the waiting area and gave her a lot of courage and motivation. Maryanne seemed to relax every time she heard her mum speak. When mama left and Maryanne was taken to the room, she was afraid and the pain from her leg made her cry a little but our OR staff in the room sang her some songs to cheer her up. Please pray that she recovers quickly and smoothly and that God will bring her healing! Photo of Maryanne

Jul 02, 2018

Maryanne had a stuffed bunny hanging on a hook above her bed and when we asked what it’s name was, she told us, “Sungura,” which in Swahili means rabbit. At least that’s easy to remember! Our girl is mostly just hanging out for now, waiting for her next surgery that will hopefully be sometime this week. Please pray she doesn’t find herself too bored as she waits! Photo of Maryanne

Jun 29, 2018

“Chum!” we told Maryanne this morning. We were trying to get Maryanne to give her mom a smooch and ‘chum’ is usually what Kenyans tell kiddos when it’s time to give kisses. Maryanne’s mama never seemed to receive any kisses, but we sure received this cute face from Maryanne! Our little lady will be camping out around CURE this weekend because, Lord-willing, she’ll be getting another surgery on her other leg next week. Please pray for her that her healing journey will continue to be swift! Photo of Maryanne

Jun 28, 2018

Although Maryanne’s day has been laced with some tears and some pain, it has also been laced with candy and get well messages! CURE Storyteller Christopher from Uganda sent Maryanne a message that included a hint for us to give her candy, so it was our job to deliver. Storyteller Elvis gave her the candy and the messages, and they brought a bit of brightness to her today. We’re trusting Jesus that soon Maryanne’s ‘todays’ will be filled with more smiles and less pain and tears! Photo of Maryanne

Jun 27, 2018

Today has been a painful one for our sweet girl. “High five,” we heard from her ward cube and we thought it might be Maryanne! We may have also seen a couple of smiles from Maryanne, but we also saw tears as she cried in pain. Thankfully the nurses gave her medicine and you know what else they gave her? Cake! We celebrated spiritual birthdays in our chapel today and our operations manager had given a nurse his cake to give to the kiddos in the ward! Can you see the evidence crumbs on Maryanne’s face? Please pray that she won’t hurt for very much longer and that when she leaves CURE, she’ll remember the cake and not the pain! Photo of Maryanne

Jun 26, 2018

Maryanne had her surgery today. She will need all of us to be praying for her especially tonight when she needs to be strong and fight off the pain. Maryanne is a strong girl and we hope that this surgery is the first step to making her life better. Hopefully we can see her smile again tomorrow when she will have fully recovered from the anesthetic. Photo of Maryanne

Jun 25, 2018

As the saying goes, like mother like daughter. Do you see what Maryanne is doing? It’s almost like her mother! Maryanne has a silly personality that involves lots of smiles and we’re so happy to know her! Let’s see as the week goes on if she and her mom are alike in their silliness! Photo of Maryanne

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