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Blessed's Story

When you meet Blessed, you’re the one who gets blessed! He’s got a fabulous giggle that comes often, and a personality to match the giggle. “He’s always happy, ever happy,” his mom, Gladys, told us.

Blessed isn’t a stranger to h… Read more

When you meet Blessed, you’re the one who gets blessed! He’s got a fabulous giggle that comes often, and a personality to match the giggle. “He’s always happy, ever happy,” his mom, Gladys, told us.

Blessed isn’t a stranger to hospitals. He was born with spina bifida which sent him to our neighboring hospital that treats spina bifida and hydrocephalus. He was only about a week old. He was also born with clubfoot, and he wore casts for a while to treat his clubfoot. Unfortunately, his clubfoot recurred, so now he’s come to CURE for surgery.

“Pray for Daktari (doctor),” Gladys told Blessed of us even though we are not a doctors. She shared with us that he prays at bedtime and in the morning. “God bless us as we sleep,” he says at night. “God bless us as we wake,” he says in the morning. Blessed is a blessing. Please pray that the doctors' able hands will be Blessed’s blessing this week as he goes for surgery!

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Latest Updates

Jul 03, 2019

Blessed is just a happy kid and we always enjoy his company when he comes to our mobile clinic! His dad came with a tiny concern that one of Blessed's legs is not completely corrected, but he was reassured that Blessed's special shoes will help correct this. Blessed's braces needed some repairs, which were done, and he was allowed to go home shortly after. We will see him during the next mobile clinic! Photo of Blessed

Apr 03, 2019

We were thrilled today when Blessed arrived at clinic because he didn’t come alone. He brought his new little sister! She’s six months old now and we finally got to meet her. It was glorious (her name is Glory). Glory seemed to have a fascination with touching and eating our camera. Maybe she gets it from her brother. Although he isn’t as interesting in eating it as he is in seeing photos. He got inserts put into his brace to help his feet position themselves properly. We’ll catch him again in July for clinic when hopefully we’ll get to see how much Glory has grown! Photo of Blessed

Oct 24, 2018

“You see!” Blessed’s dad told us today. Blessed’s mom recently gave birth to a sweet baby girl named Glory, so his dad brought him to mobile clinic for a checkup. He’s not yet where he can walk well without support, but his dad told us that they want him to practice and gain confidence. “When we come for the clinic, he’ll be walking well!” He told us something like this in reference to when they come for clinic next February. Hopefully he’ll not only be walking well, but also come walking with his new sister Glory so we can meet her! Photo of Blessed

Aug 08, 2018

Blessed’s parents are so dedicated and take such good care of their son. They came early and Blessed was one of the first to have his cast removed. Although he’s standing with his casts in his photo, his days of cast-standing are over because he picked up his orthotics today so now he’ll be standing in shoes! We’ll see them at our next mobile clinic on August 30th. Photo of Blessed

Jun 29, 2018

Progress is the name of the game for our guy! He came yesterday for his usual theatre cast change and since it’s spiritual emphasis week at CURE Kenya, he got to sit in with mom and dad during our chapel service. By the time he made it through his trip to theatre, it was too late for him and mom and dad to travel back home, so they stuck around CURE Kenya and this morning, got Blessed’s cast reinforced in our outpatient clinic. The progress for Blessed is that he’s been measured for orthotics and he doesn’t come back again until the 8th of August to pick them up! Please pray that the next six weeks will be smooth with no cast breaks for our Blessed! Photo of Blessed

Jun 13, 2018

In this moment, Blessed’s parents were being told that they would have to come back for his cast change due to logistical issues in the OR. Thankfully -- those logistical issues were resolved and our boy went to OR again for another cast change with a little footwork (manipulation) done too. Blessed will come back in another two weeks but on Thursday this time. Please pray that soon, all this ‘footwork’ will pay off and Blessed won’t have to come back so often! Photo of Blessed

May 30, 2018

Blessed brought both of his parents with him to his appointment today and then went to theatre for a cast change. “I thought they stopped when we left,” Gladys told us today when we mentioned we had more get well messages for Blessed. Oh but they didn’t -- thanks to you all! Gladys is thankful for the messages that you’ve all sent. Keep them coming! We can deliver them to Blessed when he comes again in a couple of weeks! Photo of Blessed

May 14, 2018

Because you had blessed Blessed with more Get Well messages, sooo many, we had the chance to share the joy with not only Blessed and his mom, but his dad too! He came because Blessed gets to go home! Blessed won’t be gone for too long though so keep the get well messages coming. Blessed will come back on May 30 to get a cast change in theatre. Please pray that, although Blessed’s casts aren’t ideal for him (or any kiddo) to wear, he’ll still enjoy life and see it’s blessings as he waits for the next step of his treatment! Photo of Blessed

May 11, 2018

“Wow! Amen! Thank you so much!” Gladys said as she read through Blessed’s get well messages today. You all have blessed Blessed and his mom with your messages! “I’m grateful,” Gladys told us. “Your prayers have worked.” Blessed had his casts reinforced a bit today cause Gladys told us they had broken, but Blessed is well on his way to being healed and the biggest part -- going to surgery -- is OVER! Thank Jesus with us for this fact and for the smile on Blessed's face! Photo of Blessed

May 10, 2018

We had some time with one of the doctors before Blessed’s surgery to find out just how complex the procedure was and we learned that it wasn’t very complex and the doctor told us that it would take not more than two hours. Blessed’s surgery was successful and we pray that his recovery process will be smooth too. Please pray that he is able to sleep tonight and that the pain won’t be too much! Photo of Blessed

May 09, 2018

Can you see the joy there? If only we’d counted the number of times Blessed giggled today. We played balloon, we took his photos, and we looked at his photos too! Blessed shouldn’t have to wait too long for surgery. Tomorrow should be his day! As he heads for surgery, please pray that he’ll remain his joyful self! Photo of Blessed

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