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  • Conditiona spinal condition
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Ruth's Story

While on our tour to the ward, we met this cute, happy and shy girl, Ruth. She was covering herself in the bed to keep warm. Indeed, outside was extremely cold and foggy.

Ruth is a good girl to be with. Her smile will always attract your at… Read more

While on our tour to the ward, we met this cute, happy and shy girl, Ruth. She was covering herself in the bed to keep warm. Indeed, outside was extremely cold and foggy.

Ruth is a good girl to be with. Her smile will always attract your attention. Despite her condition, this cute girl is always playful. She is also a class one pupil and as her mother informed us, she is very bright and is loved by her teachers.

Ruth has a condition known as scoliosis. This is the abnormal lateral curvature of the spine, a condition which deters her from walking, but she keeps positive.

This cute girl was born normal but had a delayed milestone. Her mother told us that at a tender age she could not sit or stand. “I used to be worried of her, but as well prayed for every time,” Everlyn, explained to us.

At the age of four, Everlyn noticed an unusual ‘thing’ protruding from her back. She shared it with her husband, but he was reluctant to make any decision. “My husband did not take much interest with Ruth’s condition as he is a drunkard and said that it’s a normal condition as the child was still young,” she told us.

Since Ruth’s condition was deteriorating, Everlyn shared her problem with her church elders and pastor. They informed her of CURE doctors coming for mobile clinic in Eldoret and gave her date; they also went further and provided her with transport to make sure that her daughter received the help she needed.

On arrival to the hospital, Everlyn was happy to witness and interact with other mothers who also have children with disabilities. “While at home, I had given up on my daughter’s condition,” her mom shared. “I was in despair, but now I have hope - the hope to see my daughter walking, living a normal life. A life filled with opportunities.”

We asked her about how she feels about CURE and she had this to say, “I'm happy to be at CURE. Indeed, this is a mission hospital. The services I'm getting here since I entered the gate is excellent! Beyond that, am happy to get in touch with pastors who are giving words of encouragement and as well praying with us. God bless CURE.” Please pray for God to bless Ruth too as she has her surgery and as she heals!

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Latest Updates

Oct 09, 2019

Ruth came back today! She has occasional pain in her back and walking long distances is hard for her. Thankfully, the doctor recommended that she gets a spine jacket. This will help support her back and hopefully give her some relief from the pain. She’s also going to take some pain medicine for a bit. We’ll see her next on mobile clinic in a few weeks where she’ll receive her jacket!

Sep 02, 2019

We are excited about the steps Ruth has made towards complete recovery so far! This morning she practiced walking a bit using her walker. She made it all the way to the bathroom and back! Ruth is very excited that she is going home today and so are we. Please pray that she will have a safe journey home and that she will be completely healed! Photo of Ruth

Aug 30, 2019

Ruth’s mum is a very prayerful mum. We hung out this morning and she told us about how all her life she has seen God doing great things because of the prayers she has said. For example, she didn’t have any money when she was called to bring her daughter to CURE Kenya but she had faith and because of that she found someone who helped her and she was able to get to CURE Kenya. She told us about a dream she had before she got help for her daughter, “I saw the governor of my county in my grass thatched house. He had come with his golden utensils and he asked me to call all my kids to enjoy a meal with him. When I think about it now, I think God was just showing me Ruth’s healing journey.” This story is very encouraging to listen to and we thank God for blessing Mama Ruth and her daughter. We pray that this will help someone out there who is going through a lot as well. Photo of Ruth

Aug 29, 2019

Mama Ruth has her hands full back at home. She has five of her own children and takes care of two other family members. But for now, she can just focus on being mama to Ruth. It must feel a bit relaxing! We’re grateful for her joy as she serves and loves her daughter, and we can see where Ruth gets her joy from! Please pray for Ruth as she heals from having the rod in her spine removed and a bone graft done. Photo of Ruth

Aug 28, 2019

We caught up with Ruth before she went in for her surgery today. We asked her if she was scared as most kids usually are but to our surprise she said no. In fact her mum told us that Ruth was hoping she’d go to the OR earlier and be done with her procedure. Please pray that the operation goes well and Ruth will still have her pretty smile once it is done. Photo of Ruth

Aug 27, 2019

Oh hey there smiles! Ruth signature shyness and smile come with her even as she’s admitted to CURE Kenya once again. For her procedure this week, we may need to replace the rod that is currently in her back. But, X-rays taken today will tell us more and when we know more, we’ll tell you! Photo of Ruth

Mar 28, 2019

Ruth was seen during our last day at mobile clinic this week. As usual, she was in the company of her mum. Ruth needs another small procedure to remove the hardware that was placed in her spine. We are happy because this means she is healed! We can’t wait to spend time with her at the hospital when she comes in June for her operation. Photo of Ruth

Jan 31, 2019

Oh! Look who came to clinic today! It was none other than the embodiment of a smile named Ruth. We think she might get her smile from her mama. They’re both wonderful ladies with lots of joy! And they have reason for their joy - Ruth’s doing well and she’s healed! When we see her at the end of March, she’ll (hopefully) come with an x-ray and we’ll see exactly how her back is doing. In the meantime, she and her mama can just keep smiling! Photo of Ruth

Nov 23, 2018

Now you see her, now you don’t! That’s Ruth’s hospital story this time. And we’ll give a thumbs up to it! It means she’s going home and we’re grateful that her procedure went well enough for her to hit the road the very next day. We’ll see her next in January at clinic. Please join us in thanking Jesus for all of this! Photo of Ruth

Nov 22, 2018

We caught sight of someone familiar in the ward today! But -- that familiar someone didn’t stay there. She found her way to the playroom and was watching a movie. And what better way to spend your morning waiting for surgery than in the playroom watching a movie about JESUS! He is after all, the ultimate healer, both physically and spiritually. Ruth’s spine still needs some healing in the form of further stretching, so that’s the plan for her trip to theatre. Please pray that the Ultimate Healer will continue healing our sweet girl and that she’ll grow up to testify to His goodness! Photo of Ruth

Oct 23, 2018

“Sometimes Ruth says she is in pain after walking and when she tries to bend over and pick something up, her chest is painful as well. Other than that, she is doing very well,” Ruth’s mum noted when we asked her how Ruth was doing. Ruth and her mum came to CURE Kenya for review. Dr. Theuri examined Ruth and said that she was responding very positively to treatment and that her body is healing nicely. Our little friend was very happy to see us and she gave us a huge smile! Thank you for your continued prayers for her! Photo of Ruth

Jun 22, 2018

Look at that smile! That’s the kind of smile you get from someone who is no longer in pain and is recovering well. It is also the kind of smile you make when the doctor says you are doing well and the rehabilitation process is okay. We thank God for cute little people like Ruth, and for healing! Photo of Ruth

Apr 30, 2018

Oh, our sweet Ruth! She got to go home today, but it wasn’t without concern from her mother. “Pain,” she was telling us. Ruth was still suffering from some discomfort in her back and it made walking difficult. Julie, the physio, saw Ruth though and said she was okay to go home! She gave Ruth exercises to do to help in her healing and Pastor Phoebe even helped Ruth walk to her bed. It takes time for our bodies to heal from any surgery so, with time, Ruth’s body will heal too! We loved Ruth’s get-well messages and shared some with her mom. She even texted some to her brother! As you continue to think of our girl, please pray that her healing will happen swiftly! We’ll see her for a checkup on May 16th. Photo of Ruth

Apr 27, 2018

Mama Ruth told us this morning that Ruth had been asking about us. In spite of the fact that our sweet girl is stuck in bed, barely able to move, she’s still thoughtful and thinks of her friends! We’re happy to have Ruth as our friend because she’s a fabulous girl! And she’s on the mend, it’s just taking time. Her and her mom managed to get her turned over in bed when we were there, but it’s quite a challenge especially due to the fact that Ruth is still healing and movement can be difficult post-spine surgery. Please pray for Ruth as she continues to heal this weekend! Photo of Ruth

Apr 26, 2018

When we walked into the HDU (high dependency unit) this morning to check on Ruth, her mama sat beside her bed. Ruth’s eyes remained closed. But it wasn't too long before Mama Ruth said something to her and her eyes opened. Spine surgery isn’t for the faint of heart, and Ruth has a strong heart! Her back restricts her movement, but her tiny voice could still be heard as we talked to her. “Are you feeling pain?” we asked. We got a small reply of ‘yes.’ Then we told her in Swahili, “Utapona.” which means, “You will heal.” And she will. She will be strong and laughing again soon. In the meantime, pray for lots of rest for her and her mama in these next days of healing! Photo of Ruth

Apr 25, 2018

“24/7” we heard Mama Ruth say today to her bed neighbor and it made us laugh. As her bed neighbor went on to explain, Mama Ruth was saying that Ruth laughs 24/7! If Ruth sees something funny, she just laughs about it and this happens often. We tried to show Ruth how to make a heart with her hands, but this was a little difficult for her, so we got a diamond instead. This is perfect since Ruth sparkles with joy and laughter! Please pray for this sparkly lady since today is surgery day for her! Photo of Ruth

Apr 24, 2018

Shy. Smiley. Sweet. All these adjectives describe our new friend fabulously! We’re already in love with Ruth and so so thankful she’s come to CURE to get help for her spine. Please pray that her surgery only helps to give her more confidence to be her smiley and sweet self! Photo of Ruth

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