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Boniface's Story

Boniface is the fourth born in a family of five kids and is six years old. He lives with his siblings and his mum who is a single mother. Boni was born with a bone deformity in both his legs and left hand. After he was born, his father came to see … Read more

Boniface is the fourth born in a family of five kids and is six years old. He lives with his siblings and his mum who is a single mother. Boni was born with a bone deformity in both his legs and left hand. After he was born, his father came to see them at the hospital and immediately after his dad saw him, he rejected his son. He told his wife that he was leaving her because disability was not in his family and that he would not be the first to bring it. Some of her family members advised her to dispose of the baby by either killing him or taking him to the streets and abandoning him.

You can see clearly that her family did not accept Boniface. However, Evelyne, Boniface’s mum, decided that she was going to keep her baby and that she was going to love him like all the other children. This meant that she was on her own for good. She is struggling to bring up all her five kids alone, and Boni adds a whole new dynamic to this. She told us that she can’t leave her son with someone else because he is so fragile and no one else would know how to care for him. Evelyne has a small business selling vegetables to help her make money but when her son gets sick, she has to stop for a while and take care of him. “Some days we all sleep hungry but we thank God for at least giving us life,” Evelyne told us.

“God is good because He cannot bring you something without a reason,” Evelyne said. “I decided I will keep my son because it is God who gave him to me, and so I have a responsibility to take care of him. I know that God will continue providing for us.” We know that God is doing just this by bringing Boniface to CURE. Please pray that God will use him as a testament to His goodness and please pray that He will continue to provide for Boniface’s family beyond their wildest imagination!

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Latest Updates

May 08, 2018

Along with us sharing get well messages with Boniface, he also shared good news with us. “Today!” he told us when we asked him when he was going home. He went to the OR yesterday and got a new cast put on. His incision site has healed on the bottom but not on the top, so that was probably the source of the funny smell. Thankfully with time, it will hopefully just heal up and when we see him on May 30th, he’ll be very much healed! Please pray this will be so! Photo of Boniface

May 07, 2018

Our sweet boy had to be readmitted over the weekend because his surgery site has started smelling not so nice. When we saw him this morning, he had a lot of joy though despite this fact! He spent the morning chilling in bed, finding entertainment in his toy and a balloon that someone gave him. He’s going to theatre today to have his cast changed and as he does, please keep him in your prayers that his wound would heal as it should! Photo of Boniface

Apr 19, 2018

This is the day that Boniface gets to go home! His heart’s desire will finally be fulfilled as he had really missed being home. Our prayer is that he will recover quickly without complications. His mum was very appreciative of all that was done for her and her son. She mentioned that she liked everyone and most importantly how she felt during devotions - she felt a lot of peace and reassurance. Please pray for Boniface and his mum as they travel home today. We will see him again soon but for now please wave Boni bye! Photo of Boniface

Apr 18, 2018

“Mum, I want to go home. Before we came here I was okay, I didn’t have a plaster and I didn’t have a problem. Please let’s go home!” Boniface pleaded with his mum. Evelyne had a conversation with her son this morning and he wasn’t shy in mentioning that he missed the comfort of their home. His pain has gone down and he was able to sleep better last night. Evelyne told us that they might get to go home tomorrow and that was some good news to hear! Photo of Boniface

Apr 17, 2018

Boniface’s mum was very exhausted this morning. This is because she did not sleep at all last night as Boni was in a lot of pain. By the time it was morning today, Boniface was too tired and still in pain. He couldn’t help fighting the sleep so he gave in. This gave Evelyne a few hours to rest. Hopefully today will be better and the healing progress will go on smoothly! Photo of Boniface

Apr 16, 2018

We got our scrubs on and went in search of Boniface in the OR only to discover that he wasn’t there! They had wanted to take him for surgery, but they needed to wait for some blood work. After this, we caught sight of him through the playroom window enjoying some Zootopia as he waited to go to theatre. Boniface has a hard story and his face shows this. But when you can catch a smile, it’ll warm your heart like nothing else. Please pray for Boniface as he heals from this surgery. His condition is a hard one because his bones are weak and they break more than usual. Photo of Boniface

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