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  • Age13
  • Conditiona limb deformity
  • Currently In Hospital

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Lucy's Story

Meet Lucy, a twelve year old girl with a bone deformity. Lucy is very bright from our short interaction with her! She knows how to express herself and is very well-spoken. She was born without any complications, and she brought so much joy to her p… Read more

Meet Lucy, a twelve year old girl with a bone deformity. Lucy is very bright from our short interaction with her! She knows how to express herself and is very well-spoken. She was born without any complications, and she brought so much joy to her parents and family when she was born.

One day at school, she was playing soccer with the other kids when someone accidentally hit her leg. She fell down in pain, not sure why it hurt so much. At that time, she was eight years old and lived with her aunt who was a teacher at the school she went to. Her aunt took her home and took care of her a bit before taking her to her parents’ home in the morning so that they would go to hospital. At the hospital, she was casted and was supposed to stay with the cast for six weeks. When the six weeks were over and she was taken back to hospital for review, the doctor who saw her said she was well and that she needed to be observed for a year.

Her leg started bending and her dad became concerned. He took her back to the hospital and was told that this was not a major problem and that it would go back to normal after a while. Of course Lucy's dad was not satisfied by this opinion so he sought a second one. They ended up visiting approximately five hospitals without any improvement. The last place they visited, they met someone who knew about CURE and were advised to come to the hospital. Lucy was scheduled for surgery and the correction was done.

However, Lucy hadn't healed completely before starting to walk using both legs so unfortunately, the condition recurred because the bone wasn’t strong enough. So, she is here for a repeat surgery and we are asking you to please join us as we pray for Lucy’s healing. “We have prayed for Lucy and we believe that God will lead the doctors to do what is needed,” Lucy’s dad told us. “We believe that she will be well in Jesus’ name!”

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Latest Updates

Mar 22, 2019

For a while this week Lucy had been asking for a doll that she can use to learn how to plait hair. She got one this morning from the playroom and guess which style she plaited first? The one on her head! Lucy is having so much fun today with her doll. She is still under observation to make sure she doesn’t get an infection and that her leg starts healing the proper way. Please keep her in your prayers and thank you for all your encouraging messages you're sending her way! Photo of Lucy

Mar 21, 2019

Yesterday we took some time to read Lucy her Get Well Messages. She was so overwhelmed by the kind of love she could see through all your sweet messages! She would say things like “Aaaaw!” and “Amen!” as she read them and when she was done reading she asked us to take a picture of her sharing her love with you and saying thank you. Today we learned that she went back to theatre the same day the doctors realized they needed to do the frame adjustment surgically. She is now recovering in the ward and enjoying the company of other kids in her cube! Photo of Lucy

Mar 20, 2019

Remember yesterday’s photo of Lucy? The one where she was quite bummed out? We showed Lucy that photo today and she didn’t want to admit that that was her. She asked us to take a photo of her today when she is wide awake and smiling and we said yes to that brilliant idea! Lucy is waiting to go to the OR and is doing a few things like playing games on her dad’s phone and hanging out with her friends in the ward in the meantime. Photo of Lucy

Mar 19, 2019

The original plan was for Lucy to go to the OR today to have hardware on her leg adjusted. It was just going to be a quick procedure that she wouldn't even need to be asleep for, but the doctors unfortunately ran into some complications. The doctors made the call that they need to actually put her asleep in order to get in and fix everything properly. We had to check with Lucy's father who is on board as he only has his daughter's best interests at heart. All this to say, not much happened today, but Lucy will be going into surgery sometime this week! Please pray for this lovely girl as she goes through all these procedures and for the doctors treating her. Photo of Lucy

Mar 18, 2019

Our long time friend Lucy, came back to CURE Kenya last week! The reason is because her deformity has come back a little bit and she'll need another surgery. Despite remembering the pain she felt the last time, Lucy still affords to smile and brightens everyone around her. Please pray that her surgery will be successful and that she won’t need another procedure in future! Photo of Lucy

Jul 11, 2018

Lucy sat, holding a baby this morning while waiting in clinic. The baby had also come for clinic. Although Lucy is busy growing up and becoming an adult, it would be so fun to see her in ten or twenty years when she has her own little one! Along with Lucy’s growing up and becoming an adult, she’s also busy healing! She’s making progress according to her x-ray. She worked with our physio team, and she might also eventually have a shoe raise to help her leg that’s been operated on be the same length as her other leg. We’ll catch her at mobile clinic on October 2nd and hopefully find out more then! Photo of Lucy

Apr 25, 2018

“Have you prayed?” Lucy’s dad asked her as her lunch sat before her in the CURE cafeteria. She quickly bowed her head, thanked Jesus for her food, and that was that. Lunch was soup, rice, and veggies. CURE food is pretty delicious ‘hospital food’ and we hope Lucy thought so too! Lucy saw one of our doctors and got the okay for a new cast, so she had a cast applied, and we’ll see her again on June 27th. Thank Jesus with us that Lucy’s healing is going so well! Photo of Lucy

Mar 16, 2018

Lucy is finally going home! She will see her siblings today and she couldn’t hide her joy about this. “This time around the cast is very heavy but we are here for Lucy!” Lucy’s dad said. Before they left for home, we took this picture. We pray for Lucy’s healing and that she is able to keep her smile forever. Photo of Lucy

Mar 15, 2018

“When I grow up I want to be a lawyer,” Lucy told us. We asked her why she didn’t want to become a teacher but she told us that she didn’t like how teachers are treated despite being the ones who educate people to achieve their dreams. Lucy is doing well today, and she slept well. She has missed her little sisters and can’t wait to go home and be with them. Yesterday when we were speaking with Lucy’s mum, she told us that Lucy feels bad most of the time when she can’t play outside with her sisters so this healing will bring back Lucy’s joy and we are happy about that! Photo of Lucy

Mar 14, 2018

When Lucy came out of theatre yesterday, she didn’t smile much maybe because she felt different after the surgery. We are very happy that she was smiling this morning and when we asked if she felt pain through the night, she said that it was very little. The surgery was successful and Lucy can’t wait to be taken through walking exercises, of course using crutches. Thank you for praying for this sweet girl, please pray for complete healing and that God can shine His light to her and through her! Photo of Lucy

Mar 13, 2018

Yesterday in the playroom, there were three lovely ladies playing together, and one of them was our new friend Lucy. Her friend Maureen started reading a book, so Lucy took one too and started reading out loud! Grace, the third friend, also took a book for a little bit but then found a giant teddy bear more interesting. Today we didn’t get to see Lucy since she went to theatre for an osteotomy to help correct her curved bone. But, we’re glad she’s got pals around the hospital for her post-surgery days when there will be a lot of hours to pass. Please pray that this surgery she has today will fix her bone permanently! Photo of Lucy

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