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  • Age7
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Trevor's Story

Meet Trevor- a five-year-old boy who was born with clubfoot. He was also born with a knee problem that has made it difficult for him to walk. He has a twin brother and lives with his mum, Winnie. Winnie absolutely loves her sons! She does everythin… Read more

Meet Trevor- a five-year-old boy who was born with clubfoot. He was also born with a knee problem that has made it difficult for him to walk. He has a twin brother and lives with his mum, Winnie. Winnie absolutely loves her sons! She does everything in her power to make sure they are comfortable, especially because she is a single parent.

Trevor and his brother, Tevez, were born prematurely at six months. They were both tiny babies weighing under three pounds. Winnie was shocked that Trevor had a visible disability. Her husband left her because, according to his culture, having twins is considered a curse. Despite all of this, Winnie has learned how to make ends meet on her own, and she seems happy because she can see all the progress she is making.

Winnie’s sons are her source of strength, and she hopes that the corrective surgery Trevor is going to have will enable him to walk so she can at least stop worrying about which school to take him to. She says sometimes Trevor shares his dreams with her, and she can’t believe that it’s possible because he is disabled. This is why she is doing everything in her power to help her son be better and chase his dreams on an equal platform with every other kid. Please, dear friends, we ask you to pray that Trevor’s surgery is successful and that Winnie gets the desires of her heart.

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Latest Updates

Jul 31, 2018

We got a little excited today. Last week, in celebration of CURE Kenya’s 20th Anniversary, we opened our new outpatient department. This week, we moved our offices to the new OPD. And today, our first patients arrived to be treated in the new OPD. Trevor was our very FIRST patient to have his cast removed in our new cast removal room. “Trevor will have his first bath,” his mama told us. He’s apparently not had a proper bath in months due to wearing casts. Thankfully, that ends today since he got measured and fitted for his new orthotics which means no more casts! We’ll see him again next Thursday when he comes for a shoe raise. Thank Jesus with us that Trevor is FINALLY out of his casts! Photo of Trevor

Jul 11, 2018

“He made a promise today: no crying!” Trevor’s mama told us today, and he almost kept that promise. But then his cast was being taken off and something was stuck to his skin and got pulled and a few tears just couldn’t help but slip out. Trevor had such wonderful joy today, and his face lit up a lot! We’re glad our boy was happy. He got another cast put on but pretty soon, he’ll be measured for his orthotics. Thanks for continuing to shower him with your love through his get wells (insert heart emoji here). We’ll see our boy in a few weeks again for an orthotic measurement. Photo of Trevor

Jun 25, 2018

Oh our Trevor boy… he’s had a long journey of treatment and it continues for him. He had to come for casting again today, and we can only pray God continues to use the casting process to heal his feet. He’ll be back on July 11th for another cast. Please be praying that God gives the doctors wisdom for whatever is next and patience for Trevor! Photo of Trevor

Jun 13, 2018

Somebody wasn’t feeling so well today. Trevor was having issues on the inside of him that involved toilet runs, so when he saw the doctor, the doctor suggested that his mama keep him hydrated. Hopefully it’s a simple bug that will pass soon. Having to travel back to Nairobi with a sick kiddo isn’t a fun thing for anyone, but hopefully they made it okay! We’re not sure if the doctor asked Trevor to stick his tongue out or if that was original Trevor, but regardless -- please pray he’ll feel better soon. He had another cast put on today, and he’ll come back for more casting on the 25th. Photo of Trevor

May 30, 2018

“It’s a good message,” Trevor’s mom told us of all the get well messages we shared with her and Trevor today. You all bring so much encouragement to our kiddos and their parents and we thank you for that! Trevor was being a bit shy today. We finally told him - “We haven’t seen you smile all day.” He then looked at his mom and bam! A smile came. Trevor’s feet are still in need of some correction, so Lord willing, after some serial casting (he’ll come every two weeks for new casts) he’ll finally get measured for his orthotics. Please pray his feet will correct the rest of the way with just casting. We’ll see him in two weeks! Photo of Trevor

Apr 23, 2018

Trevor's note from his mama worked -- he went home yesterday! We'll see him again in six weeks, but in the meantime, pray he enjoys life with his mama and brothers!

Apr 20, 2018

As Trevor recovers, we wanted to show you this sweet note of encouragement from his mama. Try not to cry! Photo of Trevor

Apr 19, 2018 When Trevor first came to CURE, he couldn’t walk at all. His hands and his knees were in very bad shape because that’s what he used to crawl everywhere with. “Look at my son now! He is able to run around and play just like other kids. When he started walking he was too excited, those were his very first steps and it was amazing for me to see!” Trevor’s mum told us. Isn’t this just a miracle? It is just amazing to watch Trevor move around and we are very grateful to God for this. He is here because he needs surgery for both his feet and he will be going to theatre today. Please thank God with us for the transformation we can already see and success for the procedure Trevor is going to have.

Feb 02, 2018

As promised, someone a lot like Trevor came with him and his mama today for Trevor’s physio appointment. It was his twin brother Tevez! We saw their mom and then a little later when we saw Tevez, we figured he was Trevor’s brother. They may not be identical, but they’re still twins! Trevor sometimes wears a very serious face, but when we took him and Tevez to the playground to play, Trevor found himself very happy! He and Tevez got to play for quite a while as they waited for their mom to sort some things. And Trevor got crutches today! “They were the smallest they had!” She told us when we commented on their size. They aren’t the perfect size for him and he’s still learning how to make them work, but real soon, we hope he’ll be a pro at using them. Tevez likes to use them too! Maybe he can help Trevor get used to them. Trevor needs surgery on both his feet, so hopefully in March, he’ll come back for that surgery. Please pray for God’s continued healing in Trevor’s life. Photo of Trevor

Jan 17, 2018

Somebody wore a very serious face today when we saw them. Somebody brought the car they’d been given the last time they were here. Somebody made friends with people who had phones in their hands. Can you guess the somebody? Yes, yes, of course you can - it’s Trevor! He’s doing just fine but needs physio to help him stretch his knees. He did some of that physio today, and he’ll come back again on February 2nd for more. He might even bring his twin brother next time which we would love! Photo of Trevor

Jan 03, 2018

“That is the most peaceful cast cutting I’ve ever had,” Henry, the orthotech, said after cutting Trevor’s cast. Before leaving for Christmas, we promised to give Trevor a car the next time we saw him. The next time happened to be today when he came back for review. We think the car helped his cast removal go a bit smoother. And he DID get to go home for Christmas. We’re super thankful! Trevor had some physio today and gained some motion in his leg. He’ll come back again in a couple of weeks for more physio. Please pray that he’ll gain even more motion in his leg between now and then. Photo of Trevor

Dec 22, 2017

This morning as we waited to jet off to our annual Christmas party, we caught up with Trevor and his mom. “Are you going home today?” we asked. Trevor had a cast on his foot which seemed hopeful. “Tomorrow,” Trevor’s Mom told us. She also told us that they’ll cut a bit of his cast in order to clean the wound. Please pray that these two DO get to go home and that they have a VERY Merry Christmas! Photo of Trevor

Dec 21, 2017

Trevor hid his eyes from us as we walked around the ward this morning. It wasn’t too long before we were talking though. His mom would tell us things that he said. “He still wants a car,” she told us. When he was here for his surgery, he’d requested a toy car, but we weren’t able to get him one. Now we’re wondering how we can get him one this time. It’s Christmastime after all! He went to theatre today to have his wound cleaned. We’re taking a break for Christmas to spend time with friends and family, so we’re not sure when Trevor’s next update will be. As you eat your turkey, hug your family, and open your gifts, pray for Trevor. Pray that he will still have a special Christmas and that his healing would be quick! Photo of Trevor

Dec 20, 2017

“He wants to watch,” Trevor’s mom told us. He watched for a bit as George cut his cast, but then he wasn’t thrilled about it, so he had to resort to being upset. Our poor little man has had more than a rough day. He has a wound that needs some TLC, so he and his mama are going to stick around CURE for a little bit to get his wound cared for. We’re really sorry for this because of all the times, it’s CHRISTMAS!!! Please pray for very swift recovery for Trevor so he gets to go home SOON! Photo of Trevor

Nov 13, 2017

“12th Nov. 2017 - Sunday - Welcome grandma feel at home am getting well soon very fast. Hi, brothers Gerald and Tevez. I missed you big guys. I am coming home soon.” These were the words Trevor’s mom had written on his balloon. His grandma and brothers had visited yesterday. “He cried and he cried!” Winnie told us of Trevor’s brother Tevez. He didn’t want to have to leave the hospital. He must be missing Trevor terribly, but he won’t have to miss him anymore because Trevor is going home today! Thank Jesus with us that Trevor is well enough to go home. Also, we discovered today that Tevez and Trevor were born about an hour apart - not the three months that we had thought! Please pray for these twins to enjoy each other’s company while they wait for Trevor to return for his check-up in a few weeks. Photo of Trevor

Nov 10, 2017

Trevor had been asking where we were, so we’re happy we got to see him this morning. He had a tiny toy in his hand that he’d been given, and his mom showed it to us. “He wants a bigger one,” she told us. We went to our office and grabbed some homemade get-well messages made by some fantastic kiddos from the United States, and shared them with Trevor and the rest of the patients at the ward. It brought us so much joy to be able to share them! Trevor was in a small state of misery today due to pain, but his mom helped distract him. Please pray for his pain to subside and to be replaced with calm and joy! Photo of Trevor

Nov 09, 2017

We got a smile first thing from Trevor when we caught him in the surgery waiting area this morning. “He’s worried,” his mom told us. He was so calm, though, that you wouldn’t have known. He had to wait until today for surgery. Before his surgery, one of our doctors had a teaching moment with one of our residents. He was talking about the condition that Trevor has, and he told the resident, “If you want to scrub in, you have to know what it is!” So, what did the resident do? He Googled it! Due to the nature of Trevor’s condition, they had to shorten his bone and therefore one of his legs will be shorter than the other. The good news is that once he heals, we’ll decide what option is best to help him function well. Please pray he stays as calm through his healing process as he was this morning! Photo of Trevor

Nov 08, 2017

We went to the ward yesterday, and we met someone. He was sitting next to a little girl named Juliet. Juliet was feeling a bit shy, but this little guy wasn’t feeling as such. His name is Trevor, and he is now our friend now. He’s scheduled for surgery today, but he didn’t let that stop him from squeezing in some playroom time. We find him amazing! Why? Do you see him driving his car? Due to the nature of his condition, he has to hop on one leg to move around. This doesn’t stop him, however, from doing at least some of the things he wants, including driving the giant car in the playroom. We’re so thankful that God sent Trevor to us! Please pray that his surgery will allow him to walk with ease after he recovers! Photo of Trevor

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