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Maureen's Case is Complete!

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Maureen's journey of healing is complete! We invite you to read Maureen's story. Click Here to provide the same life-changing chance to another child just like Maureen.

About Maureen

Rose had heard of hydrocephalus before, but she never thought it would happen to her own daughter. Sure enough, only two weeks after her daughter Maureen was born, Rose noticed a gradual increase in the size of her newborn baby’s head. When the swelling didn’t quit, she knew what had to be done, so she traveled to our mobile clinic in Lira where doctors confirmed her suspicion. Maureen did in fact have hydrocephalus.

Now that Rose has arrived at CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda, she is beginning to feel a real sense of hope for her daughter. She sees the other children here, some with even bigger heads than Maureen’s, and she knows that her daughter is going to be ok. Her faith in the Lord has kept her strong during this difficult time, and she hopes one day Maureen attributes her healing to God’s grace and love.



  1. 01/18/2013 Maureen Ageno's case is complete! Learn more at
  2. 01/16/2013 Maureen Ageno is scheduled for a future follow up appointment. Learn more at
  3. 01/16/2013 Maureen Ageno had a successful surgery yesterday and is set to be discharged any day from now, thank you for keeping her in your prayers as it has been a long journey since she first checked in with infections that delayed her surgery date. please do continue praying for her recovery as she starts the challenge of fully recovering her normal health. Learn more at
  4. 01/08/2013 Maureen arrived safely at CURE Uganda and will be scheduled for surgery any day from now. We shall keep you posted, meanwhile please remember to mention her name in your prayers thank you.
  5. 11/28/2012 We received some unfortunate news from our medical lab this morning, Maureen has an infection in her brain that will need to be cleared up before we can safely proceed with the surgery she needs. Infections are not uncommon among children suffering from hydrocephalus. In order for our surgeons to preform an ETV (endoscopy of the third ventricle) the cerebral spinal fluid needs to be clear (infection free) so our cameras can give us an accurate picture of what is going on inside the patient's brain. Our doctors expect to see Maureen, infection free and ready for surgery, on January 7th. Until then keep little Maureen in your prayers as she begins her treatment.
  6. 11/20/2012 Maureen's treatment date has been changed to 11/21/2012
  7. 11/16/2012 A new photo for Maureen Ageno
  8. 11/16/2012 A new photo for Maureen Ageno


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