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About Antony

When a baby is born, one of the most relieving phrases to hear has to be, “Yes, they’re healthy!” Monicah, Antony’s mom, had that benefit, but little did she know, those words would only apply for 7 months. Antony started missing the mark with his developmental milestones, so out of concern, Monicah took him to the hospital where they advised her to take him for physiotherapy sessions. But even after a handful of appointments, there wasn’t any noticeable improvement. That’s when Joytown came into the picture.

Joytown is a school for disabled children located in Central Kenya, and it’s one of the sites of our mobile clinics. The school was founded in 1962 by a Salvation Army missionary officer, Colonel Cyril Woods, as the Church's expression of loving care to children who are handicapped. Their objective has been to provide rehabilitation to the physically disabled, helping enable them to walk and gain skills that make them more self-reliant. Antony, who’s now in second grade, has been one of Joytown’s beneficiaries for almost 9 years.

When I first asked to speak to him during our clinic, it took almost an hour for him to be summoned. Why? Because after learning of my request, he wanted to look presentable, so he went back to his dorm as fast as he could to freshen up & bathe. As he finally made his way to me, he kept apologizing for keeping me waiting, but there was absolutely no need to. Having been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, his limbs don’t exactly function with speed. On top of that, his left leg seemed to have a mind of its own. During our chat, it would rise up anytime he got excited about something, and then he would have to use his hands to push it back down. Despite that little issue, he’s actually coming to us to have his hip deformity treated. Even with all that Joytown has taught him about living a fairly independent life, his hip seems to be keeping him from progressing any further. So hopefully May will mark the continuation of his journey to reaching his full potential as we aim to get this obstacle out of his way.



  1. 10/31/2013 Anthony was not amongst those kids who were brought by the school physiotherapists for review, and that often happens when the physiotherapists are content with a child's progress. So for now, lets pray that he continues well and that we will see him again soon.
  2. 07/31/2013 Anthony and some of his school mates just fooling around. We visited his school last week but his physiotherapists thought he was doing well so did not need a review. We hope that the doctors can review him in October and confirm that.
  3. 05/24/2013 Its so good to see Anthony sited on his wheelchair without having to think too much about it. Its a clear indication that the surgery went well. He will continue with physiotherapy and be reviewed in three months.
  4. 03/01/2013 We expected to see him first in his school, then when he missed that appointment, we figured that he would show up in his home town, but he missed that appointment as well. God willing though, we will see him in May, when we go back to his school.
  5. 10/05/2012 Antony's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 02/28/2013
  6. 10/05/2012 A photo of Anthony at the follow clinic in Thika yesterday, he is doing well, his wounds are healing well and we thank God for that. He is now in the safe hands of his school physiotherapists and we hope to see him again in February next year.
  7. 07/12/2012 Antony's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 10/04/2012 - Not yet back :-(
  8. 06/11/2012 Congratulations! Antony's funding goal is met!
  9. 06/07/2012 Antony's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 07/10/2012 - Apparently, Anthony has not yet reported back to school, so we did not see him today. But it is totally understandable, lets be praying for him as he continues to go through the healing process. God willing, we shall see him in July.
  10. 05/29/2012 Antony's follow up appointment has been scheduled for 06/07/2012
  11. 05/29/2012 Antony is leaving us today! He is all smiles and so happy to be out of that contraption doctors have had him in for the last two weeks : ) ! It hasnt been an easy recovery, but well worth all the work! Doctors are pleased with the progress made on his right leg. We will see him again for a review at our mobile clinic in Thika in June! Keep praying for Antony!
  12. 05/29/2012 Antony is scheduled for followup at CURE Kenya
  13. 05/18/2012 Antony will be with us for the next two weeks, he is currently undergoing traction in the ward on his right leg. Which simply means doctor's are pulling on the bone to correct fractured or dislocated bones, overcome muscle spasms, or relieve pressure. More updates to come !!!
  14. 05/14/2012 Antony is in recovery at CURE Kenya
  15. 05/14/2012 Antony had a dislocated hip so doctors went in and removed the ball of the femur, giving our little guy range of motion!! Be in prayer as he is now in recovery!
  16. 05/14/2012 Antony is receiving treatment at CURE Kenya
  17. 05/14/2012 Antony is on his way back to the OR to get prepped for surgery! Pictures to come!!
  18. 05/14/2012 Antony has arrived at CURE Kenya - Antony is here and we are so excited!!!!! i'll let you know when he gets back to the OR!!
  19. 03/14/2012 A new photo for Antony Gathogo
  20. 03/14/2012 Meet Antony Gathogo


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