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From Pain to Peace Because of You

Patient Stories | 2 February 2023
No child should have to drop out of school because of a painful, debilitating condition that is treatable. Yet, that is the decision Mgwayisi in Malawi was forced to make.…
  • bone condition
  • CUREkid
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Send a message to a child in a CURE hospital

Featured | 27 May 2021
Have you ever felt unsure and nervous about starting something new? Our CUREkids have those unsettling feelings many times throughout their stay at the hospital as they face many new…
  • CURE Malawi
  • curekids
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The Unbelievable Love of God

Patient Stories | 31 March 2021
Takondwa is an incredibly quiet boy who still somehow manages to make friends with almost every one of our co-workers here at CURE Malawi! His quietness is deceiving because Takondwa…
  • broken bones
  • CURE Malawi
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She can be healed! She can do things!

Featured | 18 March 2021
Rahamou waited to speak until the other women had left the room. “My daughter got pregnant in the 7th grade,” she began. “It was with someone from her class, and…
  • burns
  • CURE Niger
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Finding Joy Amidst Struggle: Abel and Amos have the answer!

Featured | 5 March 2021
Abel and Amorth (Amos) have a strong and unique bond. They are brothers, and they both were born with brittle bone disease. With this condition, their bones break easily, which…
  • brittle bone
  • brittle bone disease
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Making friends and finding healing: Meet Swabra!

Featured | 15 February 2021
Pictured above: Swabra, her mother, and her brother at CURE Kenya Swabra is an 8-year-old happy, enthusiastic, and inquisitive girl. Unfortunately, when she was four years old, Swabra contracted malaria.…
  • CURE Kenya
  • curekids
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