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Providing Support On The Frontlines

Global Outreach – Medical | 29 October 2021
“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” – Chinese philosopher Lao…
  • CURE Ethiopia
  • medical
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Bringing the Story of Jesus to Kids through Partnerships

In The Field | 22 July 2021
Amorth, age 4, treated for a bone condition at CURE Children’s Hospital of Niger    CURE International and Praise Works Inc. have partnered together to bring the story of Jesus…
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The Need for Children’s Medical Care in Zimbabwe

In The Field | 14 June 2021
Zimbabwe is one of the pillar nations of southern Africa. Zimbabwe is named after the imposing fortress Great Zimbabwe, which is the largest ancient structure south of the Sahara Desert.…
  • CURE Zimbabwe
  • the need
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Finding neglected child health conditions with mobile clinics

In The Field | 12 June 2021
Most of the children that CURE Children’s Hospitals treat come from rural villages and do not have access to specialized medical care. Because of this, conditions that should be treated…
  • broken bones
  • clubfoot
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How Disabilities Affect Education

Featured | 19 February 2021
In most developing countries, education is a high priority for parents to give to their children. In Kenya, people used to leave their land, livestock, and other material possessions to…
  • CURE Kenya
  • education
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New X-ray Equipment and Network-Wide Bio-Tech Training

Featured | 13 January 2021
CURE Kenya hosted a training session for biomedical technicians from across the CURE network. Mark Heydenberg, CURE’s biomedical trainer and technical advisor, came to Kenya to provide the training and…
  • biomed tech
  • CURE Kenya
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