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Living Her Dreams: New Milestones, New Beginnings, and Abundant Blessings

Featured Patients | 10 August 2022
After her clubfoot was surgically corrected, Lucy gained the confidence to interact with people and pursue her dreams. Today, if you met 22-year-old Lucy from Kenya, you might not believe…
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Eda’s Dream: A Young Girl’s Journey to Healing and Her Goal of Becoming a Nurse

Featured Patients | 6 June 2022
In places where medical resources are scarce, simple childhood accidents can turn into lifelong disabilities. This could have been the case for Eda, a charming and resilient 14-year-old girl from…
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Daniel is his new name, and he is not going back!

Featured | 2 June 2021
A name shapes who you are. It is often the first introduction you have to others and shapes their first impression of you. Names are important, and Daniel knew this…
  • clubfoot
  • CURE Ethiopia
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From Cursed to Blessed: Three Sisters are Treated for Brittle Bone Disease in Niger

Featured | 25 May 2021
“Cursed! Cursed!” is usually yelled or whispered around the corners of African rural areas about someone who is visibly sick. It is common for a child who has an obvious…
  • brittle bones
  • CURE Niger
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Twins get reconstructive surgery after suffering severe facial burns

Featured | 19 May 2021
One sunny day in July, Jemimah and her twin brother Jedidah were home with their mother while their father was away at work. Their mother took the twins to a…
  • burns
  • CURE Niger
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Burned and Abandoned, a Little Girl Finds Healing From an Unlikely Source.

Featured Patients | 7 May 2021
Gifti started off being shy, but that quickly changed. She is such a friendly girl! She loves playing with the other children and running around the ward. Gifti came to…
  • burn contracture
  • burns
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