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CURE has a comprehensive approach to providing surgical care for children with disabilities. We support their families and strengthen the capacity of local church and healthcare systems in the countries we serve.

CURE Children’s Hospitals

CURE International is a global nonprofit network of children’s hospitals providing surgical care in a compassionate, gospel-centered environment. Services are provided at no cost to families because of the generosity of donors and partners like you.

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Motivated by our Christian identity, CURE operates a global network of children’s hospitals that provides life-changing surgical care to children living with disabilities.

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CURE International is a global nonprofit network of children’s hospitals providing surgical care in a compassionate, gospel-centered environment. Services are provided at no cost to families because of the generosity of donors and partners like you.


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Announcing the Opening of CURE Zimbabwe’s New Children’s Ward!

News | 13 September 2023


Big news! CURE Zimbabwe’s new, expanded children’s ward is now open and equipped to help more kids heal. 

The added space will allow Zimbabwe’s only charitable pediatric orthopedic hospital to serve twice as many kids each year—providing them surgical care and demonstrating the love of Jesus. 

In a country where an estimated 300,000 children live with treatable disabilities like clubfoot, cleft lip and palate, knock knees, and burn contractures—this expansion means more families can get the help their children need.

New Ward Doubles CURE Zimbabwe’s Capacity to Serve Kids ​

Celebrating Zimbabwe’s new children’s ward, which will serve as a safe and fun place for kids to experience long-awaited healing.


Children like 10-year-old Lethubuhle are immediately benefitting from the expanded children’s ward.

The 10,677 square foot addition has 42 beds (each with its own oxygen line and two beds dedicated for high-dependency patients), play spaces, a procedure room, workrooms, and central heating and cooling. The old children’s ward, with 18 beds, will now become a hostel where children needing longer-term stays and rehabilitation can recover comfortably.

“Our hospital is known across Zimbabwe as a place of hope and healing for children regardless of their religion, where they live, or how much money their parents have,” said Jonathan Simpson, Executive Director of CURE Zimbabwe. “Our partnership with the Zimbabwean government and the generosity of donors has allowed us to invest in our facilities to better meet the demand for the services we provide to children suffering from treatable disabilities.”

Little Ishan tests out toys in the newly opened children’s ward. He’s back for a checkup after his surgery earlier this year to correct his bowed legs—a condition that limited his mobility and drew ridicule from other kids on the playground. His mom, Molline, says, “I am happy with the hospitality we have received and I am truly grateful to the donors. Now my son will have an opportunity to play with other children!”


Built to Multiply Impact

The celebration is about more than the opening of a new building with modern equipment—it’s about helping more kids in desperate need of surgical care like Yaniza.

When Yaniza began to develop bowed legs, it prevented her from walking long distances, running, and playing with friends. Without surgery, Yaniza would lose her mobility and be forced to use a wheelchair for the rest of her life. 

Grethel, her mom, recalls, “I worried if she would walk as an adult and take care of herself.” 

Learning that CURE Zimbabwe could provide surgery her daughter needed at no cost to the family changed everything. Grethel brought her daughter to CURE, and after four successful surgeries, Yaniza’s legs are straight! 

Generous donors to CURE make life-changing surgeries like Yaniza’s possible. 

Her mom says, “We are very grateful to God for Yaniza’s treatment. Thank you for all you’ve done for her!”`

In Zimbabwe and around the world, the upgrade and expansion of CUREs hospitals will help end the wait for surgeries for the thousands of children currently on our waiting lists. 

CURE Zimbabwe’s expanded children’s ward means more children like Yaniza can receive the life-changing surgeries they need to walk, run, and play!

This new ward will unlock CURE’s potential to be a major resource for the vulnerable children in Zimbabwe and across Southern Africa,” said Justin Narducci, President and CEO of CURE International. “And because all CURE hospitals are teaching hospitals—when we expand and upgrade facilities, it means we can train more healthcare workers in the countries where we serve. We’re grateful for the Tim Tebow Foundation, the Festus and Helen Stacy Foundation, and other key partners who’ve made this possible.” 

Learn more about CURE’s approach to providing surgical care and the love of Jesus to children in need across our hospital network. 

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