Giving FAQ


Why are there two different portals to log in to?

In June 2022, we changed our online giving forms to make the donation process easier and to provide additional giving methods (bank account, Paypal, Venmo, etc.). We realized that our old system was complicated, which caused many donors to give up before completing the donation process. We updated our giving platform to encourage more donations in order to heal more children. Unfortunately, our new platform does not link to previously created donor accounts. You can check to see if you have an account on each platform by logging in at the following links:

My giving history is missing some past donations. Why?

Our online portal shows the giving history for the current and previous calendar years. If you need a donation record for gifts made 3+ years ago, please contact our Donor Services team.

We also have two separate portal logins due to a website update. If you have been giving to CURE over multiple years, your older giving history may be recorded in a separate portal. Learn how to login to the either portal here. Alternatively, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to look at your account and direct you further.

Why are some donations not tax-deductible?

If you received a book, t-shirt, or another gift as an incentive for a donation, the market value of that gift is not deductible. If you give through a third party or donor-advised fund, you should receive a receipt directly from them rather than from CURE.

What is CURE International’s Federal Tax ID number?

Our EIN/tax ID number is 58-2248383.

How much does each surgery cost?

Surgeries range in cost due to many factors, including complexity, recovery time, assistive devices, and country of service. Surgeries with faster recovery time and fewer Operating Room hours can cost approximately $1,000. Other more complex surgeries can reach $2,000. Some patients do need multiple surgeries.

Can I give in honor/memory of someone?

Yes, you can! When giving online, select the “Dedicate this donation” box and follow the prompts to give in someone’s honor/memory. If you’re giving via check, please include a note with the person’s name and contact information (email or mailing address), and we will be sure to send them a letter letting them know about your donation.

What percentage of my donation is used for administrative and fundraising costs?

CURE is a top-rated nonprofit organization by all external accreditation agencies for its prudent use of funds. Please visit our Financial Accountability page to see our most recent financial numbers, including our Annual Report, administrative costs, and an Independent Financial Statement/Report filed by our auditors.

Are there any transaction fees associated with my donations?

Unfortunately, even non-profit organizations are charged fees by banks and credit cards to process donations. We don’t like it either! Checks are the least expensive to process. We recommend giving in whichever way is most convenient for you.

What is your refund policy?

Donations via electronic means (credit card, debit card, or EFT) may be refunded in the form of the original payment if the donor makes a request within 24 hours of the donation processing. Requests must be sent via email to [email protected]. Donations by any other means (cash, check, gift-in-kind, etc.) are final and will not be refunded.

I made a donation by mistake/I don’t recognize this donation. What should I do?

Please contact our Donor Services team rather than submitting a dispute with your bank or credit card company. CURE is charged a fee for every dispute filed against us, so we would prefer to help resolve any issues directly.

Is there a minimum donation amount?

There is a minimum donation amount of $10 if you give on our website. Implementing this minimum was necessary in order to reduce the number of fraudulent donation attempts on our website.


How long will my monthly donation last?

Monthly donations will continue to process until we receive a cancellation request. If you know you want to give for only one year, please indicate that in the comment box when signing up. You can also log in to your CURE account to cancel your monthly donation at any time. Our Donor Services team can help answer any questions as well.

Can I change the day my monthly donation is processed each month?

Yes. To do so, please contact our Donor Services team and let us know what date you would like it to be processed each month.

How do I change the amount of my monthly donation?

Please contact our Donor Services team to let us know what you would like your new monthly donation amount to be.

How do I cancel my monthly donation?

You can cancel your monthly donation by contacting our Donor Services team. You can also log in to your account and cancel at any time.

Can I pause my monthly donation?

Yes! Please contact our Donor Services team so we can help pause your donation. Having a date in mind for when you want it to start back up again is helpful.

Is my monthly donation a direct child sponsorship?

No. Your gift is pooled with other donors to sponsor a child’s surgery every month. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to manage a 1-1 direct sponsorship of a patient’s surgery with the relatively quick nature of surgery and recovery. Most patients are with CURE for less than one week, which is great!

If you would like to support a specific hospital, we are very much able to support that request. Please include that request in the comments or give directly on the hospital page.

At the same time, through CUREkids you can choose to follow a child who is in one of our hospitals when you make your donation. By following a child you are able to connect with someone who is impacted by your support, follow their healing journey, and even send them get-well messages.


How do I give via wire transfer or ACH?

Please fill out and return the form to ensure we attribute your gift correctly. You may also reach out to our Donor Services team for further instructions.

Can I make a stock gift to CURE?

To donate stock, learn more here.

NOTE: To donate stock from Charles Schwab, you must use this form.

Can I make a crypto gift to CURE?

To donate crypto, click here.

Can my employer make a matching gift to CURE on my behalf?

To find out if your employer will match your gift to CURE, click here.

How do I include CURE International in my will, life insurance policy, or retirement plans?

For more information on planned and legacy giving, contact us here.

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