Ruth Wangui

Human Resource Director / Kenya

Ruth serves as the Human Resource Director for the CURE Children’s Hospital of Kenya. She oversees the hospital’s employment system, compensation system, and performance evaluation system and also monitors the hospital’s overall compliance with laws and regulations. Throughout her career, she has been an administrative officer, a human resource practitioner, and a university lecturer. She has enjoyed interacting with people from different nationalities, and it is her greatest desire to impact lives for positive change. 

Ruth is a certified human resource professional (CHRP-K) with a master’s degree in business administration, specializing in human resource management. Her bachelor’s degree was in commerce and business administration. Additionally, she is a Certified International Law Analyst at Law Pundits.

Ruth loves what she does at the hospital, and her greatest desire is to impact the life of the patients we serve through the quality of workers she brings on board.

When she is not at the hospital, she enjoys a good dance and working out. She is married and a proud mother of two lovely boys.