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Ronti's Story

“People in our community laugh at my daughter because of her feet and I take it as indirectly laughing at me because I am the one who gave birth to her,” shares Liness, Ronti's mother.

When Ronti was born, something felt off to Liness wh… Read more

“People in our community laugh at my daughter because of her feet and I take it as indirectly laughing at me because I am the one who gave birth to her,” shares Liness, Ronti's mother.

When Ronti was born, something felt off to Liness who had already had experience giving birth to Ronti's two older siblings. Then she received the news that Ronti had clubfoot. “When I discovered that her feet were bent, I felt bad. I was convinced it was power of the devil.” Liness remembers. Then, when Ronti was about a year old, Liness tried searching for help, but came back empty handed as all the treatments were more than their small family could afford. The experience soured Liness and Ronti and they set out to live with Ronti's disability the best they could. While they've done well, Ronti's life has not been easy. It hurts to walk on her feet the way they are and the long distance to school is nearly unbearable. Ronti tries to wear shoes to make things a little easier, but she can only wear big rainboots as all other shoes don't work with the curves of her feet.

But despite Ronti and Liness' challenges and fear, their lives are on the verge of transformation now that they've found us here at CURE Zambia! Join us in praying as Ronti starts her healing journey where she will receive the surgery she needs to straighten our her clubfoot and stand proudly on her own two feet!

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Latest Updates

Sep 23, 2020

Exciting news for Ronti––she is finally going home! Ronti has been staying at the hospital for over a month which was necessary so we could do surgery on both legs. One of the reasons of her staying long was to minimize transport costs of traveling to the hospital. Roti lives so far away and would need to come back often for a follow-up. During the dressing change on his left leg yesterday, they decided put another cast on the right leg to maintain the correction as it heals. Pray for her safe travel back home and pray for her healing as well! Photo of Ronti

Sep 22, 2020

We asked Ronti to promise us not to cry when she comes back from the OR, but she burst into laughter instead. Our girl has really gotten comfortable with her treatment over time and it no longer bothers her even when she is going to the OR. Today, she went to the OR again for another dressing change and it was a breeze! Photo of Ronti

Sep 18, 2020

Ronti is getting stronger day by day! She is slowly getting comfortable to walking with crutches on her newly healed leg. The doctor is encouraging her to walk as often as possible. Depending on how her progress in physical therapy, she may be discharged next week! Photo of Ronti

Sep 17, 2020

Dr. Maweja was in the operating room today for Ronti's dressing change. As far as her healing is concerned, Ronti is doing well! Dr. Maweja is happy with Ronti's progress. Ronti is currently in recovery after the OR visit. Please keep praying for her! Photo of Ronti

Sep 16, 2020

The cast on Ronti's foot which earlier had surgery has been removed! This has been done to make it easy for Ronti to move about when she is back home. Thankfully the foot is healed although she is still feeling a little uncomfortable walking on it. The good part is that our physical therapists are on top things! Today healthcare assistant Susan spent some time encouraging Ronti after she finished taking Ronti's vital signs. Photo of Ronti

Sep 15, 2020

Child mentor Lillian sat with Ronti in our playroom. They read and interpreted all your get well messages! Ronti was happy to hear all your messages and prayers. Please keep sending them as they are a great source of encouragement! Photo of Ronti

Sep 14, 2020

Ronti had her second surgery and both her feet are healing up at once! In this surgery, Dr. Moyo achieved a significant amount of correction on her right foot. Now all that is left are a few cast changes before she is discharged! Photo of Ronti

Sep 09, 2020

As part of preparing for life immediately after surgery, Ronti has to start getting used to walking with crutches. Seeing that the second surgery is so near, this morning Ronti decided to get out of her comfort zone, grabbed the crutches, and started practicing. When she got outside, one of the other parents in the ward gave her some support and advice about how to continue! Photo of Ronti

Sep 07, 2020

Ronti's big discovery today is that our playroom is not only fun filled, but also educational and spiritually enriching! It's proving to be one of her favorite places in our hospital. The playroom ministry is working best for Ronti as she is waiting for her surgery later this week! Photo of Ronti

Sep 04, 2020

Some amazing news has come through for Ronti. She has been scheduled to have another surgery next week! This is exciting because it allows her to work on healing both her feet at once and shorten her overall healing time! Please join us in offering up both praises and prayers! Photo of Ronti

Sep 01, 2020

Nurse Luyando was comforting Ronti who was rather uncomfortable by the vibration and sound of the cast cutter when her cast was been removed in preparation for her cast change in the OR. It is always amazing to see to the extent our coworkers go to in order to comfort the children. Soon it was over and Ronti was on her way to the OR to finish off the cast change! Photo of Ronti

Aug 25, 2020

We asked Ronti what she is enjoying about being in the hospital and she told us "I like that I am given food. I like that I get to play and they even bring things to my bed for me to paint!" Both our kitchen and our spiritual staff do a great job engaging the kids and helping make their stay at CURE Zambia an enjoyable experience! Photo of Ronti

Aug 24, 2020

We are admitting only a limited number of patients to the ward in order to maintain social distancing, hence some of the beds are deliberately empty. Ronti decided to explore and test out some of these empty beds temporarily. She is quite adventurous! Medically speaking, Ronti will be having another cast change this week! Photo of Ronti

Aug 24, 2020

Our new CURE Zambia Executive Director Frida was familiarizing herself with the children's ward and greeting all the kids there. She also passed by Ronti's bed to encourage her. Ronti is recovering steadily and she has been scheduled to have a cast change later this week. Photo of Ronti

Aug 19, 2020

During the surgery, Dr. Moyo aimed to get maximum correction on Ronti's right foot. Thankfully, this was achieved! Ronti's surgery was successful and she is currently recovering back in the ward. Please pray for her comfort during this period of healing. Photo of Ronti

Aug 18, 2020

Meet Ronti! She was born with clubfoot. She's managed to learn to walk, but it's been difficult. Thankfully, she has made it is to CURE Zambia and she is about to begin treatment to correct her feet through surgery. Please pray for Ronti's healing as she begins her healing journey! Photo of Ronti

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