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  • Conditionbowed legs
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Gerald's Story

“I had lost hope. I never thought of taking him to the hospital again, but it’s him who insisted we try going to the hospital again,” Gerald's mother Jovine shares with us.

Since childhood, Gerald has not known any life but one marked … Read more

“I had lost hope. I never thought of taking him to the hospital again, but it’s him who insisted we try going to the hospital again,” Gerald's mother Jovine shares with us.

Since childhood, Gerald has not known any life but one marked by disability. He was born with a condition called bow legs where both his legs bend outwards. He's lived and struggled with this for the past 17 years. Jovine tells us she knew something was wrong with his legs when he was born, but it wasn't until he started walking that it became obvious just how disabling his legs were. They sought out medial treatment for Gerald when he was four years old, but it ultimately did not work and his legs kept bending. Gerald's legs hurt him when he has to walk long distances or stand for any extended period of time. They also limit how he can help around the house and makes it hard for him to get to school. Since he can't walk the long distance, he uses a bicycle, but dreams of being able to walk and run with his friends.

Thankfully, Gerald heard about CURE Zambia through their church and he insisted they at least give us a shot. Now that Gerald is here our surgical staff will straighten Gerald's legs and send him home standing tall and walking proud!

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Latest Updates

Sep 03, 2020

Conrad, our physical therapist, is happy with the progress Gerald has made in his physical therapy sessions. Gerald is able to support himself and although he tried out some crutches, he's not quite there yet. Gerald was discharged with a walker which provides a bit more stability than crutches. He's been given some exercises to practice and will come back in a few days. Assuming he's progressed well, he'll be able to exchange his walker for some crutches then. The next step after that will be to walk with no support whatsoever! Photo of Gerald

Sep 01, 2020

It was an emotional moment for Gerald. He watched in disbelief as his straight legs emerged from his casts in our outpatient clinic. An x-ray has was taken confirming Gerald's legs have been healed! He is beginning physical therapy to relearn how to walk. He will be admitted to the hospital for a few days so he has regular, supervised physical therapy for a bit before he leaves to continue it at home. Photo of Gerald

Jul 10, 2020

Gerald has gotten himself discharged! Since he has surgeries on both legs, what has remained now is to wait for his legs to get healed post-op. He has long leg casts, which he will be in for a couple of weeks. We will see him when he comes back for the doctor's review, kindly remember to be praying for him as he will be healing from home! Photo of Gerald

Jul 08, 2020

Dr. Moyo checked how Gerald was doing in the ward and we are glad to say that he is doing well. Our physical therapist did an assessment to see how he can be mobilized best. Gerald may be discharged some time this week! Photo of Gerald

Jul 03, 2020

The best messages one can receive after surgery are the Get Well messages and prayers. It's comforting to know that there are people out there wishing you well and praying for you. Today, we shared your messages and prayers to Gerald. He was very thankful! Please keep sending them! Photo of Gerald

Jul 02, 2020

As planned, Gerald had another surgery today on his second leg. We must admit that it wasn’t an easy process, but, like the previous surgery, Dr. Moyo worked with the team to achieve the best for our boy. The surgery was successful! Gerald is currently recovering from surgery. Kindly pray for comfort as he recovers! Photo of Gerald

Jun 29, 2020

What looked like would be a long healing journey has been shortened because Gerald will have his second surgery on his right leg tomorrow! Since both of Gerald's legs will be healing at the same time, the overall process will be shortened, but he won't be able to walk at all. Shorter, but a few more logistical difficulties. Please pray for Gerald's surgery tomorrow! Photo of Gerald

Jun 26, 2020

Amazingly Gerald is responding well post-op! We asked him how is doing his response was, " I am doing fine now and not feeling pain in my leg, but it does feel heavy." He's hanging out in bed and keeping his leg elevated as instructed to minimize swelling. Photo of Gerald

Jun 25, 2020

Gerald's surgery was not an easy one, but Dr. Moyo and Dr. Chintu were determined to correct the young man's leg! Thankfully, the surgery was a success. The doctors begun with Gerald's left leg and, in a few weeks time, they will operate on his right leg. Gerald will be using the wheelchair to get around as he heals up since the severity of his deformity would make crutches difficult. Photo of Gerald

Jun 23, 2020

Meet the Gerald. He has severely bowed legs, but thankfully he and his mother have made it here to CURE Zambia. He was seen and has been scheduled for surgery! Please be praying for Gerald as he begins his treatment. Photo of Gerald

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