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James's Story

“It is painful seeing him like this,” shares James father to our patient James.

James is a seven year boy named after his father, he is the second born son in the family of four. He was born different from his older brother and his two … Read more

“It is painful seeing him like this,” shares James father to our patient James.

James is a seven year boy named after his father, he is the second born son in the family of four. He was born different from his older brother and his two other siblings, he has severe clubfoot. James was born at a local clinic and after he was born it was noticed that he had clubfoot. His mother and father were advised to take him to a bigger hospital in the the neighboring district and they took the advise. When James turned a month old, they took him to the hospital were he started ponseti serial casting, however, he did not go beyond one month with the treatment because his mother fell ill and the in process they had to go back home.

Since that time, James has never been taken to the hospital again to seek treatment for his clubfoot for the past seven years. As a result of this, James’s father has been the subject of condemnation from the mother’s side of the family. They accuse him of been the reason behind his son’s disability because in their family the condition does not exist. They have gone further to demand that he should ensure that the son gets healed. In his words, ”Family on the mother’s side blame me that I am the reason why the child is like this. They tell me that I need to make sure he gets healed. I do try to explain that I am not he reason for his disability, but then I do not understand,” shares James.

Thankfully, we held a mobile clinic in their locality where James was brought to the clinic and was booked to come for surgery at CURE Zambia. He came through for surgery late last year with his uncle but surgery did not take place because he was troubling his uncle and his uncle assumed that he will trouble him more after surgery so he opted to take him back home without surgery taking place. We are happy that he is back again with his father and he is now cooperative! Please join us in praying for James' complete healing!

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Latest Updates

Jul 03, 2019

When James first came to CURE Zambia, he told us he dreamed of wearing shoes and now he is! He recently had his casts taken off and was able to put on a pair of shoes for the first time in his life! He is walking with a pair of crutches at the moment, but will soon lose them as his feet strengthen up. He's now going home with an achieved goal and a change life. We thank you for partnering with us to bring healing to James and also join us in thanking Jesus for this young man's healing! Photo of James

Jun 28, 2019

James is back! His casts have been removed and his legs look good! He's now starting physical therapy and our physical therapist Conrad has prescribed special shoes for him and they be arranged in the course of the next week. Join us in thanking Jesus for healing of this young man! Photo of James

Feb 27, 2019

James got himself discharged, he will continue with his healing from home! He will be back in a couple of months for his follow up review, please remember to keep James in your prayers! Photo of James

Feb 21, 2019

Healthcare assistant Samuel taking vital signs of James when he came back from the OT. James went in for another dressing change today. His leg is healing up well, but he still needs another cast change in a couple of days. Kindly pray that, as he recovers from today's procedures, he experiences comfort! Photo of James

Feb 20, 2019

James is happy because some neighbors of his brought him some new clothes. This excited the him and he immediately changed! He will be going for a dressing change soon and, after, he is likely to be discharged. We thank God for the generosity James is receiving from you through your prayers and get well messages, as well as from people here! Photo of James

Feb 19, 2019

James continues coping well and showing signs of improvements! He was in reviewed in the ward today by the doctor and he will be going for a dressing change this coming Thursday, depending on the state of correction of the leg thats what will determine the next step. Please be praying for James! Photo of James

Feb 18, 2019

The post-op discomfort our boy experienced only lasted for a day! He is back to his usual jovial ways. It's evident that he couldn't wait to be in the playroom as today he pushed himself to the playroom on the wheel chair and he was the first one to arrive. Please remember to be praying for our sweet boy! Photo of James

Feb 15, 2019

James is having a rough day. He has been occasionally crying. We pray that over the the weekend, he gains some comfort. Please join us in praying for James! Photo of James

Feb 14, 2019

"I am happy that the problem is reducing," says James, James' father, after James the son came back from surgery. Dr. Lastroni did a procedure called a Post Medial Release on James' right leg and he'll have to have a bandage change in one week. James seemed to be unbothered with the idea of going in for surgery. He was all relaxed and jovial before he was taken to the OR. Please pray for comfort for our little man as he recovers from the surgery! Photo of James

Feb 13, 2019

James is enjoying some temporal freedom of movements today because his casts have been removed in the clinic to get him ready for surgery tomorrow. He will be having surgery for both feet, please pray for the surgery and also pray for his comfort post-op! Photo of James

Feb 12, 2019

James and his father attended our daily ward fellowship which is led by co-workers from our spiritual department and today it was facilitated by Pastor Lubasi. James participated in the singing and followed what was happening during the fellowship. He will be reviewed in clinic tomorrow by the doctor to determine what will be next in his treatment, please keep praying for James! Photo of James

Feb 11, 2019

The playroom is becoming James' favorite place! In his earlier days with us, James was reserved and isolated, which is somewhat a reflection of the isolation he faces at home because of his condition. Thankfully, he has come out of isolation and he is freely playing with friends, be for praying for more emotional healing for our boy! Photo of James

Feb 08, 2019

James and his friend George were pushing each other in a wheelchair today! He keeps on making new friends and is now finding it easy to join them in play. James will be going into the OR on Monday so please pray for the success of his surgery! Photo of James

Feb 07, 2019

Not only do we ensure that we provide an excellent service for our kids, we also ensure that their stay with us is as comfortable and child friendly as much as possible! Sydney had to get in the wheelchair to move closer to the TV near his bed to enjoy the cartoons on the TV. It gives as much pleasure and a sense of gratitude that we are able to provide not only the healing but also the comfort to kids like Sydney through your generous partnership in prayer and support! Photo of James

Feb 06, 2019

James went all out to play! He is been on an adventure exploring the different types of toys we have in the our playroom. This was all after they first had their daily lessons. It has been decided that another cast won't be applied this week because our boy will have surgery on Monday next week. Please remember to be praying James! Photo of James

Feb 05, 2019

James is becoming happier and free! Because of his explorations, he got his cast wet today when he was with his father but not to worry! We will apply a different one soon so that the correction of his legs can carry on, please be praying for James! Photo of James

Feb 04, 2019

During his first days with us James was more on the quiet side, he would be in bed and spending more time with with his dad James! Excitingly, he is loosening up and becoming more familiar with the hospital and he has started interacting with other CUREkids! Today we spotted him in the playroom participating in learning and play, something he hasn't done in the past few days. Please be praying for James, for his healing and for his friendships to keep growing! Photo of James

Feb 01, 2019

James had another cast change today! This time around it hasn't made him as uncomfortable as the first cast he had, he's gotten used to them! We were happy to see him smiling a few minutes after he got his new casts on, be praying for James! Photo of James

Jan 30, 2019

Meet our sweet boy James, named after his father who is also James! Young James has severe clubfoot but happily, his treatment has now begun! We have first started his treatment with serial casting, after that he will have surgery to correct his clubfoot. He has just begun his treatment and still has a long way to go, please be remembering him in your prayers! Photo of James

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