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Rose's Story

“I felt bad after she was born with bent legs, I cried thinking that my friends will be laughing at me when they see her,” Ireen disclosed.

Rose is four year old girl, second born in her family. Rose has younger sister who two years old.… Read more

“I felt bad after she was born with bent legs, I cried thinking that my friends will be laughing at me when they see her,” Ireen disclosed.

Rose is four year old girl, second born in her family. Rose has younger sister who two years old. Unfortunately this family has already been through trials, their first born passed when she was still young. Rose was born with bilateral clubfoot, a condition which Ireen reports somehow led to the break down of her marriage with Rose's father, “We divorced with the father when she was six months, he went on to marry another woman and I strongly suspect her disability to his decision,” shares Ireen.

Several traditional medications were explored in search for healing for Rose’s condition. “We first took her to a traditional healer. According to the remedy, the traditional healer put sticks with herbs on her foot but she use to cry because the sticks were paining, they were removed,” recalls Irreen.

Ireen became a subject of laughter from people but luckily others were encouraging her to take Rose to the hospital. “I took her to the hospital, they put several casts on her legs over a period of time but I failed to continue with the treatment because the distance was very far to the hospital therefore I could not mange finding transport money to go to the hospital.”

Rose’s condition is the first time such a condition has appeared in Ireen's family but it is present in the father’s family. CURE Zambia conducted a mobile clinic in their area and they got word about it through a local church when an announcement was made. After examination at the mobile clinic, they were advised to bring her to CURE Zambia for surgery. She here with us now and her healing journey has just begun! Please join us in praying for her through this journey!

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Latest Updates

Dec 12, 2018

Rose is back and is all smiles! She has come through for her follow up review, her cast has been removed and the leg which had the cast is all healed up! She continue wearing an AFO on her left foot to help maintain the correct position. We are filled with joy to see our girl has come this far - thank you for partnering with us to to make this possible! Photo of Rose

Nov 02, 2018

We were having our 'good bye hang out' with Rose! She came to our desk today and she has been right by our side, it feels like seating next to a co-worker who has no idea what you are working on, but we are all enjoying each other's company. We have taken advantage of her visit to share with her your get well messages before she leaves. They will be going back tomorrow and she will be back next month for her follow up review, pray for their safe travel back home and her continued healing! Photo of Rose

Nov 01, 2018

Rose's time spent on the floor have carried on today, she even had company joining her! To make it more fun, she grabbed some toy cars from the playroom and her drove her way around the ward and in and out of the playroom. We are enjoying her playful antics though there is a high possibility of them leaving over the weekend! Photo of Rose

Oct 31, 2018

Rose likes to be on the floor and moving around the ward, she is an active girl! To the delight of the mother, Rose has been discharged. They will be going back home soon, we are working on transport arrangements for them. Please be praying for continued healing! Photo of Rose

Oct 30, 2018

Rose had her cast change today and this development has been received well by her mother because she knows that when the cast change happens, they are closer to going home! We will hear what the doctor says during the ward round tomorrow on whether she will be discharged or if she still needs to stay with us! Photo of Rose

Oct 29, 2018

Rose is having some play park fun! Her wound is healing and she no longer troubles her mother like she use to, she now spends more time playing with her friends around the hospital. Thank you for your prayers and support for Rose, kindly continue as her healing journey is near completion! Photo of Rose

Oct 19, 2018

Rose wanted to show everyone her healed leg! Rose's healed foot is an encouragement our other parents who have brought kids in with similar conditions. She will have another dressing change next week and possibly will be able to go home soon, please keep her in prayers this weekend! Photo of Rose

Oct 17, 2018

Rose kept on peeking at us during the ward rounds with the doctors! She went for another dressing change today and she will need to stay with us in the hospital for another week where she will probably have another dressing change before she can leave for home, remember to be praying for Rose! Photo of Rose

Oct 16, 2018

The playroom is Rose's favorite place! When she got the word that her dressing change had been rescheduled to tomorrow, she had her meal and she was on her the way to the playroom! This came as a relief to her mother whom she had be troubling as she was waiting for her turn to go to the OT, please be praying for Rose and her mother Ireen! Photo of Rose

Oct 15, 2018

Today Rose is all joy and happiness! She has been all over the hospital with friends - in the ward, in the walkway, and in the playroom, where Else was sharing a Bible story of how God created the world! Rose will be going for dressing change tomorrow, please keep her in your prayers! Photo of Rose

Oct 12, 2018

Rose has had a rough day today. She hasn't been happy and has been troubling her mother by crying. We think she misses home. She will be going in for a dressing change next week, please be praying that their weekend will be restful and that their joy will return!

Oct 11, 2018

Rose was playing hide and seek with us today, she would pass by our desk really fast and then dared us to try and take a photo of her in motion as she was moving! We managed to capture it but she felt like she won because she managed to dodge the camera on a number of attempts. Medically she is doing very well, just waiting for the dressing change and her mother is no longer upset with idea of not being able to go home yesterday thanks to your prayers and encouragement! Photo of Rose

Oct 10, 2018

Our visitor Matt from Crossroads Bible Church was putting stickers on our kids in the ward today! When he reached Rose's bed she grabbed the entire bunch from him and hid making everyone around laugh. Her mother really hoped that she could go home today but Dr. Moyo insisted that our girl stick around for more observation and another dressing change. Ireen was not pleased with the idea of not going home today but eventually she accepted, please pray for Ireen's patience and for Rose's healing! Photo of Rose

Oct 09, 2018

Rose was supposed to go home today but the doctor decided that she needs to stay in the hospital for two more weeks for observation. This decision means the fun continues for our girl, we found her in the playroom focused on painting! The playroom turns out to be one of Rose's favorite places and we'll probably be finding her there often! Photo of Rose

Oct 08, 2018

Rose has been discharged and will likely get to go home tomorrow, but she will back after a few weeks! Today she joined the rest of our kids in the playroom as she was having her good bye fun with our visitors from the USA that are here for a couple of days! Photo of Rose

Oct 05, 2018

Rose has had her second surgery today! Dr. Moyo did a PMR on her left foot and the operation went on well. She is currently recovering post-op, kindly pray that she doesn’t experience much pain during the weekend as she recovers! Photo of Rose

Oct 04, 2018

Rose was crying and troubling her mother, so she brought her by our desk to help calm her down. We gave her bubble gum and she eventually stopped crying and when we tried to take photos of her, she was feeling shy and covered her face. She will be going for surgery tomorrow, kindly pray that all goes smoothly! Photo of Rose

Oct 03, 2018

Another day, another ride! We have a blue toy motorbike which Rose really enjoys riding, we found her with the other kids taking turns and riding it in our walkways. Her network of friends keeps on expanding! Photo of Rose

Oct 02, 2018

Rose is making some new friends! When she came back she found Happiness and Wezzy in the ward and in no time they were playing together. Today they came to play near our desk and it's funny witnessing how they try to communicate to each other because they do not speak the same language, they are from different regions of Zambia, but they still play together anyway! Photo of Rose

Oct 01, 2018

Rose has come back for her follow up review! Her cast came back damaged which is evidence of how playful and active she was at home. It has now been removed and we were able to see that her foot has had good correction and that she is able to walk. Thank you for your prayers and support for Rose, please continue as she has now moved to the next stage of her healing process. She is due to have another surgery on her left foot this week!

Aug 30, 2018

Rose and her mother came by our desk to say good bye! She has been discharged and they are going back home. She will be reviewed at the local hospital where our doctor is scheduled to have a mobile clinic in a couple of weeks, then she will come back for surgery of the left leg. Pray for their safe travel back home and we will see her soon! Photo of Rose

Aug 29, 2018

Rose is getting along so easily with Elizabeth! They were being pushed by Elizabeth's mother and joined Rose's mother and other guardians for the daily ward devotions. Please continue your part in her healing by praying for Rose! Photo of Rose

Aug 28, 2018

Rose had a dressing change today! Rose's mother Ireen was happy after she saw a photo of how her leg has transformed, "I am happy to see the leg like this, I am now waiting for the next leg to be worked on." Please continue praying for Rose's healing! Photo of Rose

Aug 27, 2018

The family is getting bigger for Rose! She was at the playground playing on the swings with her friends today. They get together and get lost in play, their interactions and how easily they play together is is always wonderful to witness! Continue praying for Rose! Photo of Rose

Aug 24, 2018

Rose is getting more comfortable and getting used to our friendly environment! She has been touring the pathways around CURE Zambia using the wheel chair and has also spent some time playing on the lawn with other CUREkids. She is likely to have an operation on her other foot next week so please pray for the success of her next surgery as we go into the weekend! Photo of Rose

Aug 23, 2018

Rose went to the playroom and came back with some things to keep her busy in bed! Her bed is full of crayons in different colors and she is busy creating! The good that comes with having a playroom is that enables our kids to get to know each other, interact and learn the word of God. We are glad Rose is a part of it, continue to be a part of her healing journey by praying for her! Photo of Rose

Aug 22, 2018

There is a group of three ladies who had their birthdays today and they decided to come and share their birthdays with our kids! They brought with them different food items which they shared with everyone: our kids, parents and guardians and Rose was one of the beneficiaries! Photo of Rose

Aug 21, 2018

We joined the parents and guardians during their everyday ward fellowship which was happening near Rose's bed today. Her mother stood by rest of the of the mothers in during worship and Rose was listening closely from her bed. Please continue joining us in prayer for her healing! Photo of Rose

Aug 20, 2018

Rose continues recovering well post-op! Next to her bed is Joseph's bed and they both had surgeries on one leg so they are both in bed with their legs elevated. We found Rose reminding Joseph on how to properly put the leg on the pillow! Kindly remember Rose and Joseph in your prayers, we're thankful they can experience healing together! Photo of Rose

Aug 17, 2018

The discomfort that Rose experienced after surgery has gone away! She really troubled her mother after surgery but now she is calm and mama Ireen is able to rest. She is in bed with her leg elevated, please remember Rose and Ireen in your prayers! Photo of Rose

Aug 16, 2018

Rose is slowly stabilizing post-op! Today her mother was among the parents and guardians that received a Bible donation in different local languages from our spiritual department. This will go a long way in helping her and the other parents and guardians to have a deeper understanding of the word of God! Photo of Rose

Aug 15, 2018

Rose had her first surgery on her right foot! The operation went on very well and she is fairing well but still complaining which is normal. The first few days after surgery are usually challenging to our patients. Please remember Rose in your prayers! Photo of Rose

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