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Prisca's Story

"After she was born we were told to take her back to the hospital to start treatment for her legs but we did not take her," reports Winfridah, mother to Prisca.

Prisca comes from the northern part of the country and has severe clubfoot which… Read more

"After she was born we were told to take her back to the hospital to start treatment for her legs but we did not take her," reports Winfridah, mother to Prisca.

Prisca comes from the northern part of the country and has severe clubfoot which has been untreated because the family did not believe that her condition could be healed. Prisca is the sixth and last born in her family and her condition makes her different from the rest of her siblings, “We were surprised and disturbed because it’s the first time such a case was appearing in the family. We tried compressing her legs for some time but they were growing more bent as she was growing older, we even lost hope that she will forever be with this condition for life,” recounts Winfridah.
Our four year old girl manages to play with friends but she sometimes fails to keep with the pace of play with her peers and can't participate in some games because of her physical condition. Her family came visiting in Lusaka at a relative's place and a church elder who goes to the same church with a member of our spiritual ministry, Pastor Lubasi, saw her he told them that her condition could be treated at CURE Zambia. He then called Pastor Lubasi who advised them to come to CURE Zambia for treatment. Winfridah also shared how the prayers conducted here have been uplifting and that even as she was on here way to CURE Zambia she didn’t believe that her daughter would be healed but she now believes!

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Latest Updates

Nov 08, 2018

Prisca came in yesterday for her follow up review, her old casts were removed and fresh ones have been put on today! This time around she came with her father while her mother remained at home attending to a bereavement. We asked her father how he feels now that his daughter has been treated. "I am very happy that she has been worked on, we tried three hospitals but nothing was happening to her but now I can see the change. When I called my parents in the village to say that my daughter was worked on, she was looking different, they were unable to believe it because everyone thought nothing would be done to correct her legs. My sister saw Prisca when she was discharged from here, when she went to the village she also told my parents - that's when they believed." We're thankful that Prisca's good news of healing has extended to her family back at home - thank you for making that possible! Photo of Prisca

Sep 10, 2018

Prisca has gone home! After the dressing change this morning she was was discharged, they have gone back home and she will be back for her follow up review after a couple of months. Please continue praying for our girl! Photo of Prisca

Sep 06, 2018

Prisca had another dressing change today! The dressing change was done by Dr. Lastroni with the assistance of Dr. Sakala. A significant amount of correction has been achieved, so she will get to go home tomorrow and be back for her follow up review after a couple of months. Please continue praying for Prisca's healing! Photo of Prisca

Sep 05, 2018

Prisca is back for her dressing change! She was with her mother during the daily devotions where parents and guardians were praying. She is likely to have her dressing change tomorrow, continue praying with us for Prisca's healing! Photo of Prisca

Aug 31, 2018

Prisca and her mother Winfridah have left! After yesterday's dressing change, the doctor released them and they have gone to a relative's place within Lusaka close to CURE Zambia. They will be back next week for probably another dressing change!

Aug 30, 2018

Prisca had her first dressing change after surgery! She still has a couple of dressing changes to go before the entire healing process will be complete, Winfridah remains hopeful that Prisca will be healed, "after she came back from the operating room, it is different from the first time she went for surgery, she is not complaining and I am still hopeful that she will be healed." Continue walking with us on Prisca's healing journey by praying for her! Photo of Prisca

Aug 29, 2018

Friends joined Prisca on her bed today! Prisca's circle of friends is increasing and this is making her hospital stay enjoyable. She will be going in for an dressing change tomorrow, please be praying for her! Photo of Prisca

Aug 28, 2018

Thank you for your prayers! Winfridah, Prisca's mother feels much better today! They were outside with the other parents having a meal on the lawn. Prisca's post-op recovery continues to improve, please continue praying for her! Photo of Prisca

Aug 27, 2018

Over the past weekend Prisca has stabilized! She is no longer complaining and troubling her mother and she stays in bed with legs elevated. Her mother Winfridah is not feeling well so please pray for her and for Prisca! Photo of Prisca

Aug 24, 2018

Prisca had her surgery today! Dr. Lastroni did a bilateral postero-medial release (PMR) and she will need a few dressing changes here before she is allowed to go home. The first few days after surgery are tough for our kids, please be praying for Prisca! Photo of Prisca

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