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Mwajuma's Story

Little Mwajuma is just 13 days old, and she is both alert and adorable! Her tiny curls are so sweet and she loves getting cuddles and kisses from her mama Sarah. Mwajuma was born with spina bifida, which is a birth defect where a baby's spinal colu… Read more

Little Mwajuma is just 13 days old, and she is both alert and adorable! Her tiny curls are so sweet and she loves getting cuddles and kisses from her mama Sarah. Mwajuma was born with spina bifida, which is a birth defect where a baby's spinal column and nerves don't form properly. Thankfully, the hospital in Mwajuma's hometown knew about us here at CURE Uganda, and were able to refer her to us!

Mwajuma has already done a lot of traveling for such a small baby, and we're thankful she and Sarah arrived safely at CURE. Our doctors, nurses, and surgeons have given her all the tests she needs to be ready for surgery, and she should be getting the neurosurgery she needs soon. The neurosurgeons at CURE Uganda see this type of birth defect frequently and are world-class experts in performing the type of surgery that Mwajuma needs to treat her spina bifida!

We let Sarah know that people from all around the world will be praying for little Mwajuma. We are praying for physical healing, and also that their family would experience the love of God while they are staying here with us. Thank you for being part of the team that is cheering for Mwajuma and praying for her family!

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Latest Updates

Jan 21, 2020

Baby Mwajuma has headed home! She's successfully completed all of her antibiotics and got the go-ahead from the medical team to be discharged. She'll come to a mobile clinic in a few weeks for her checkup with the doctors and physical therapist there. For now, we're so glad she gets to be home with the rest of her family. Thank you for the beautiful get-well messages and for praying for her!

Jan 20, 2020

Mwajuma is almost done with her antibiotics! She's feeling good and Sarah is continuing to do a great job taking care of her. They got some good cuddles and nap time in this morning, and then Sarah attended afternoon worship on the ward with the other moms. The CURE Uganda pastoral team lead worship and teaching for all the moms every afternoon and it's a special time to praise Jesus and learn about the Word. Sarah is looking forward to heading home soon! Photo of Mwajuma

Jan 17, 2020

*Thursday update Mwajuma had a lovely day today! She spent time sitting outside with her mom and grandmother in the morning, soaking up the sunshine. The afternoon brought worship in the ward with singing and teaching about God's word. Then later, it was bath time! Sarah carefully bathed Mwajuma and was so gentle, patting her with lotion and wrapping her in a soft blanket. Next, dinner time and then to bed! Photo of Mwajuma

Jan 15, 2020

Mwajuma has been spiking a bit of a fever recently, so the doctors prescribed a new antibiotic, which she'll take for the next few days. The CURE Uganda nurses are monitoring her temperature, and thankfully this morning her fever went down. She's continuing to get lots of cuddles from her mama as she heals! Photo of Mwajuma

Jan 14, 2020

Baby Mwajuma is blessed to have two strong and beautiful women looking after her at CURE Uganda - her mother, Sarah and her grandmother! Sarah speaks Swahili and told us today that "Nyanya" means grandmother in Swahili. It's wonderful to know that little Mwajuma is surrounded by so much love as she recovers. She's continuing to receive antibiotics as her surgical site heals, and is sleeping a lot, too! Photo of Mwajuma

Jan 13, 2020

Little Mwajuma is continuing to recover from her surgery. She and Sarah have moved back down to the main ward, and are resting together. Mwajuma's been fighting a bit of a fever, so the nurses are doing some tests to be sure that she doesn't have an infection. She's not even three weeks old yet, and has been through a lot for such a tiny baby! Sarah is doing a wonderful job caring for her as she recovers. Thank you for praying for this sweet little girl! Photo of Mwajuma

Jan 10, 2020

Baby Mwajuma had surgery today! CURE Uganda neurosurgeon Dr. Onen, assisted by the OR team, operated to close the defect on her back. She recovered very well in our post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), and PACU nurse Janet said that she is a really strong baby! She's resting now in the ICU and mama Sarah is right nearby. Thank you for praying for her as she recovers! Photo of Mwajuma

Jan 09, 2020

Those little baby cheeks are so kissable!! Mwajuma was getting some cuddles and kisses from her mama Sarah this morning as they spent time together on the ward. A mother's love for her baby is such an amazing thing and it's beautiful to see it in action! Mwajuma is ready for surgery and is just waiting for a spot to open up in the surgical schedule - she seems pretty content with waiting for now! Photo of Mwajuma

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