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Raymond's Story

"My children are like flowers in a garden, that I've been given to take care of," explains Racheal, laughing. Racheal's youngest child, Raymond, has developed hydrocephalus as a result of an infection when he was a very young baby. He had been feel… Read more

"My children are like flowers in a garden, that I've been given to take care of," explains Racheal, laughing. Racheal's youngest child, Raymond, has developed hydrocephalus as a result of an infection when he was a very young baby. He had been feeling pretty well until a couple of months ago when he began vomiting and last week became very irritable. The doctors at CURE Uganda were able to diagnose Raymond with post-infectious hydrocephalus.

Racheal and her family have two older daughters and little Raymond. His big sisters were very happy to have a baby brother! Racheal is a Christian and has a strong faith in Jesus. As a young child, her father had many wives, and she was often transferred from household to household. However, God was calling her to himself in a beautiful way. She would take herself to church, even at a very young age, and in those Christian churches, she felt peace. As she says, "I thank God that He knew me; God protected me." Racheal's family lives in a big city, and it's been a challenge for her to find work. So, she's praying hard and trusting God to provide for her family.

As she talks with us, Racheal completes her gardening analogy by saying, "This hydrocephalus is like an annoying caterpillar bothering Raymond, who is a little plant. I need the Master Gardener to come in and get rid of the caterpillars!" Racheal's faith is beautiful to see, and we're honored to have the chance to provide care for her and Raymond while they're here with us at CURE Uganda.

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Latest Updates

Nov 25, 2019

Thank you for all the beautiful get-well messages for Raymond and Mama Racheal. We're happy to share that they were able to go home over the weekend! Raymond will get his stitches out next week, and we will see him again in about a month for a checkup at one of our mobile clinics. CURE Uganda runs 5 mobile clinics which provide a wonderful opportunity for patients to get their checkups at a location closer to their home. Thank you for continuing to pray for this sweet little guy and his family!

Nov 22, 2019

Raymond is feeling a bit sleepy today! Some of the medicine he's taking is making him a bit groggy, but mama Racheal is taking wonderful care of him, along with the CURE Uganda nurses and doctors. He's continuing to recover in the main ward, and Racheal has been faithfully praying for each of the other moms and babies on the ward. Racheal also has been helping the spiritual department by translating for the afternoon worship services for patients and their families! We're really inspired by her love for God and her faithfulness in prayer. Photo of Raymond

Nov 21, 2019

Raymond had his surgery yesterday! The neurosurgeons performed the ETV/CPC procedure, which creates a new pathway for the cerebrospinal fluid to flow, and also helps the brain stop making too much fluid. His surgery went well, and after recovering in the post-anesthesia care unit, he spent the night in the ICU with mama Racheal near by. Unfortunately, last night he had a seizure, which was pretty scary for Racheal, but the doctors and nurses are taking great care of him and giving him the anti-seizure medication he needs. He's feeling much better this morning and is moving back to the main ward! Thank you for praying for him as he continues to recover from his surgery. Photo of Raymond

Nov 20, 2019

Neurosurgeon Dr. Wegoye took some time this morning to have a little chat with Raymond before his surgery - it looks like they had a good conversation! Today, Raymond will have his ETV/CPC surgery to treat his hydrocephalus. Mama Racheal let us know that she's been fasting and praying for him, and not only for Raymond but for all the babies at CURE Uganda. Wow! We're so touched by her love for all the children here, and her faith in trusting Jesus for healing. We talked together about how Jesus is the ultimate healer, and Racheal said that most of all, she wants her children to know God and know they are loved by Him. She is an amazing mother! Photo of Raymond

Nov 18, 2019

Little Raymond had a pretty calm day today! His big sister is also at CURE Uganda, and they, along with mama Racheal, are staying together in the main patient ward. We're hopeful that he can have his surgery soon, but overall he's doing pretty well. Racheal told us today that his big sisters were so excited about having a little brother, and there was a big debate in the family about his name. So, he ended up with three names! One of his names actually means "trustworthy before God," which is so beautiful! Racheal has been looking for work in the big city where they live. She asked if we could join her in prayer that she would find a good job soon. We're glad to pray for this special request! Photo of Raymond

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