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Richard's Story

In June, Richard was born a healthy baby at his village's health center. His healthy infancy however was short lived as he developed seizures and started crying continuously. His mother Benna decided to take him to the government hospital of her di… Read more

In June, Richard was born a healthy baby at his village's health center. His healthy infancy however was short lived as he developed seizures and started crying continuously. His mother Benna decided to take him to the government hospital of her district and there Richard was given medication to manage his seizures. A month later, Benna noticed that Richard’s head was rapidly increasing in size. She had seen children with hydrocephalus before in her village and immediately sensed that Richard might have the same condition. Benna approached some of the parents of the children with hydrocephalus in her village and they told her that she needed to immediately come to CURE Uganda. Benna and her husband Moses prepared and traveled to CURE. Indeed, Richard was diagnosed with hydrocephalus upon his arrival at CURE. A brain CT scan was done, and he has been admitted for surgery. Richard is Bena’s fifth child and all his siblings are healthy. Benna told us that she wants to have more children so that Richard has many siblings to take care of him and play with him.

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Latest Updates

Jan 15, 2020

Benna and Richard are back at CURE Uganda for his checkup appointment! Benna shared that he's doing really well, and she's really happy about that. His shunt is working well and the doctors let her know that they don't need to come back for several months - great news! Richard will visit with physiotherapist Issac this afternoon so that Benna can learn more exercises to help Richard develop more strength. Thank you for praying for them!

Nov 12, 2019

Richard came by for his review appointment today - right on time! Benna says that he's doing well, breastfeeding quite a lot, and even has two teeth! One of the doctors met with them and gave Richard his checkup. Since Richard is still having some seizures, the doctor prescribed some additional anti-seizure medication which should help decrease the seizures. We'll see Richard again in just two months, which means in the new year! Photo of Richard

Oct 10, 2019

“After all these weeks, we are finally going home!”, Benna exclaimed with joy. She says she cannot wait to see her other children. She had some questions for nurse Tony like why Richard is still irritable. He explained to her that Richard is most likely irritable because of post-surgery discomfort but that Richard should calm down soon. We still need to keep a close eye on Richard so we will be reviewing him early next month. Photo of Richard

Oct 08, 2019

This morning Richard was finally taken in for his surgery! It was a successful shunt placement performed by Dr. Emma, the CURE Uganda Medical Director. As he was having his surgery, Benna transferred their belongings to ICU where she and Richard will spend the night so our medical staff can keep a close eye on him post-op. When she set up her bed in ICU, she first spent some time in prayer then she came out to the pavement by the OR to chat with her friends. Please be praying that Richard has a calm and stable night in ICU! Photo of Richard

Oct 07, 2019

Richard is still on antibiotics but is awaiting surgery. “This morning the doctors told me he will have surgery tomorrow. I am so happy that finally this is going to happen because I have been here at CURE Uganda for a long time now and would like to get done with the operation and go home. Mothers have come and gone but am still here”, Benna said. She says that she wasn't feel too well over the weekend, but is much better now and we thank God for that. Let us be praying for Richard’s surgery which is scheduled for tomorrow. Photo of Richard

Oct 04, 2019

It looked like Richard was smiling in his sleep this morning! The doctors checked on him during morning rounds, and he's doing much better. Unfortunately, today it's mama Benna who isn't feeling very well. Our nursing team is helping to take care of her - would you pray that she gets better and that both mama and baby can have a restful weekend? Thank you so much for all the lovely get-well messages, too! Photo of Richard

Oct 03, 2019

Earlier today, we were laughing with Richard's nurse about how he was cropped out of a previous photo! So today, he was determined to be part of the picture. We so appreciate how wonderful our CURE Uganda nurses are, and how faithful they are in the kindness and excellent nursing care they give to each and every patient! Mama Benna let us know that the doctors are hoping that Richard can have surgery on Monday. He was definitely feeling better today, so we're praying that he'll continue to feel better each day and be ready for the surgery he needs! Photo of Richard

Oct 02, 2019

Richard had kinda a tough day today! His hemoglobin was low, so he needed to get a blood transfusion, which thankfully he was able to receive while snuggling with his mama. This little guy has been on a long road towards the surgery he needs, so would you pray with us that God would be at work to heal him? We know that Jesus is the true Doctor and healer! Photo of Richard

Oct 01, 2019

Richard was having a pretty chill day today, that is until he had to get some blood drawn! Lab scientist David was able to draw Richard's blood quickly, and Richard cried a lot but mama Benna was there to hold him the whole time. The doctors are checking on his electrolytes and complete blood count - we're hoping the results show that the antibiotics are working to fight his infection! Thank you for praying for Richard and his family today! Photo of Richard

Sep 30, 2019

During morning rounds today, Doctor Michael and Doctor Emmanuel had some news about Richard's infection. Thanks to some testing done on-site by our CURE Uganda laboratory, our scientists were able to determine more information about the type of infection Richard has, and they realized it's not responsive to the antibiotics he was originally on. So, the doctors are switching him to a different, more powerful antibiotic, and we're really hoping that it will be effective in getting rid of this nasty infection! It can be hard to stay in the hospital for such a long time, so please pray with us for patience for mama Benna and healing for Richard as they wait. Photo of Richard

Sep 27, 2019

Richard is feeling better today! We talked with Nurse Sylvia and she let us know that the antibiotics are helping tackle his ear infection, and he's doing much better. He's looking pretty cosy in his jammies, and is taking it easy today. Thank you for praying for him - we're so encouraged that he's feeling better and hope that he can have his surgery next week! Photo of Richard

Sep 26, 2019

Richard is having a pretty chill day today! Our nursing team is keeping a close eye on him and making sure that he's getting the medicine he needs for his ear infection. He needs to recover fully before he can be cleared for surgery, so we're hoping he feels a lot better soon! For now, he's hanging out with mama Benna - and sporting some pretty cute socks! Photo of Richard

Sep 25, 2019

During this morning’s ward rounds, Benna was told that Richard’s surgery will be next week! She managed to call and talk to her neighbor who is back home taking care of Benna's other children and was told that they are all well. As for now, Richard is continuing with his antibiotics regiment. Please be praying for him! Photo of Richard

Sep 24, 2019

Things are still a bit tough for Richard. Last night, he had two episodes of convulsions and we also found he has an ear infection. We've started him on antibiotics for the infections and we're working on the convulsions. Unfortunately, Richard won't be able to have surgery until both of these issues are under control. Benna is keeping good spirits though and told us she is glad because Richard hasn’t convulsed this morning and he isn’t as irritable as he was yesterday. Please be praying for the pair of them and us as we journey forward with them! Photo of Richard

Sep 23, 2019

Since he was admitted, our doctors are working tirelessly to control Richard’s convulsions. Bena says that there is a great improvement and our clinician Stewart told us this morning that Richard’s prognosis looks good and he may have surgery this week. Please be praying for him. Photo of Richard

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