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Gabriella's Story

Baby Gabriella was not born like other babies. She was born with a condition called spina bifida, where a bundle of nerves stick out of her back in a spinal fluid filled sack. Annet, Gabriella's mother, said that she was very scared when she saw Ga… Read more

Baby Gabriella was not born like other babies. She was born with a condition called spina bifida, where a bundle of nerves stick out of her back in a spinal fluid filled sack. Annet, Gabriella's mother, said that she was very scared when she saw Gabriella for the first time as she had never seen this condition before. Annet rushed Gabriella to the nearest health center where the doctors were unfortunately unable to treat Gabriella, but were able to tell her about us here at CURE Uganda and our speciality in treating this condition. While hope was on the horizon, the family still had many difficulties to deal with - the main of which was Annet's husband and Gabriella's dad. To put it mildly, he did not react well after learning about Gabriella's condition and soon abandoned the family. Thankfully, his parents, Gabriella's grandparents, have stuck by Annet and Gabriella, offering what support they can in place of their son. We are thankful both Annet and Gabriella have finally made it here to us at CURE Uganda where we will sort out Gabriella's spina bifida and do our best to make both of them feel extra loved and cared for!
Please join us in praying for them.

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Latest Updates

Sep 30, 2019

Ever since Gabriella was discharged from CURE Uganda, her general health has been improving. She is slowly but steadily learning to sit, and she moves her legs too! Annet says that her only concern is that Gabriella doesn't move her feet much, so she was advised to continue with physical therapy. Photo of Gabriella

Aug 28, 2019

Gabriella and Annet are heading home! At morning rounds, Dr. Emmanuel gave the approval for them to head out, and our pharmacy made sure they have the medications they need. Mama Annet is excited to get back, and to see how her son Jonathan is doing! We'll see them again at our mobile clinic near their home next month. Thank you for praying for them as they start the long journey home! Photo of Gabriella

Aug 27, 2019

Gabriella is continuing with her antibiotics today and Annet says she sees a difference. Annet has also been taught how to clean Gabriella’s surgical site and how to bandage it up nicely. This morning they both had a nice, peaceful nap and they got some much needed rest! Please be praying for the both of them. Photo of Gabriella

Aug 26, 2019

"I just want to sleep, and she just wants to play!" - taking care of a tiny baby can be exhausting, and mama Annet is tired, but baby Gabriella was full of energy this morning! She's been receiving antibiotics to help with the infection on her back, and hopefully these two should get to go home tomorrow or Wednesday. Annet is eager to get home, especially to see her two-and-a-half year old son, Jonathan, who is also full of energy. Two rambunctious kiddos is a lot to manage, but we're sure Annet will continue to do a wonderful job, and we're glad that Gabriella's energy means she is feeling better! Photo of Gabriella

Aug 23, 2019

Gabriella and Annet were both feeling pretty cheerful this morning! It looks like Gabriella has a little infection on her back, but the doctors are able to prescribe some antibiotics that should take care of it. Annet is really happy that the problem isn't more serious, and they're hoping to go home soon! She's hoping that in a few weeks, after Gabriella's back is totally healed, she can take her in for her eye surgery, too - what a happy day that will be! Photo of Gabriella

Aug 22, 2019

Gabriella and Annet have come back to CURE Uganda to check with our doctors - Gabriella's incision has been bleeding a little bit, and Annet was worried, so she called our Outpatient Department and they said to come on in. After meeting with one of the doctors, they were admitted back to the ward, and the doctors are doing some tests to figure out what's happening. While we love seeing these two, of course we're sorry they had to come back so soon! Thank you for praying for them as the doctors decide how to best help Gabriella's back heal. Photo of Gabriella

Jul 29, 2019

Baby Gabriella and mama Annet headed home this morning! They'll have a five hour bus ride back home, but they’re excited nonetheless! Because it looks like Gabriella has a cataract in one eye, Dr. Peter reminded Annet this morning that in a few weeks she can take Gabriella to another hospital for cataract surgery. We're praying that Gabriella would continue to heal from her surgery here, and that she would be able to have the surgery she needs for her eye, too! We'll see this sweet duo again at our mobile clinic near their home next month. We look forward to catching up with them. Thank you so much for all your get-well messages and prayers! Photo of Gabriella

Jul 26, 2019

"God is good!" Mama Annet was very happy this morning and baby Gabriella was too! We caught them holding hands in the ICU before morning rounds - they clearly love each other a lot! Gabriella is recovering really well from her surgery and they will be moving back to the main ward today. Yesterday we were able to share your get-well messages with Annet - thank you so much for praying for them both! Photo of Gabriella

Jul 25, 2019

Gabriella's went well. It was quite a long surgery, and since she was one of the last surgeries of the day, she was pretty hungry by the time it started. The babies have to stop breastfeeding several hours before surgery, so they can get pretty cranky, but Gabriella remained her sweet self! She contented herself by resting on mama Annet's lap and sucking her thumb. Neurosurgeon Dr. Peter Ssenyonga and visiting neurosurgeon Dr. Jason Hauptman performed her surgery, and although it was a long one, it went well. We visited with mama Annet this morning and she let us know that she's very happy about the results! Photo of Gabriella

Jul 24, 2019

Gabriella is having her surgery today! Her mama Annet is understandably a little worried, but Dr. Peter answered her questions during morning rounds and we know our neurosurgeons and surgical team will give her the very best care. Gabriella slept through rounds, so she didn't seem a bit concerned! We thought it was so sweet how her mama has her little baby socks all lined up drying on her bed - those little socks are so cute! Photo of Gabriella

Jul 23, 2019

Gabriella was her sweet and cuddly self this morning! Dr. Peter, one of our CURE Uganda neurosurgeons, checked on her during morning rounds and let mama Annet know that Gabriella can hopefully have her surgery either tomorrow or Thursday! We're excited that this precious little one can have the surgery she needs so soon. Photo of Gabriella

Jul 22, 2019

Baby Gabriella is in a cuddly mood today! When we visited with her and her mom after lunch she was having a good time breastfeeding and snuggling. Gabriella definitely is a sweet baby with a calm personality! Gabriella hasn't been scheduled for surgery just yet, so she and mama Annet are just enjoying some sweet time together for now. Thanks for praying for this sweet little girl! Photo of Gabriella

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