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Patrick's Story

"I'm worried about my baby," said Patrick's mother, Lydia. Lydia and her husband live about one hour away from Mbale and CURE Uganda. She is a born again Christian and has two wonderful kids. The first born is a three-year old girl and the second b… Read more

"I'm worried about my baby," said Patrick's mother, Lydia. Lydia and her husband live about one hour away from Mbale and CURE Uganda. She is a born again Christian and has two wonderful kids. The first born is a three-year old girl and the second born is baby Patrick. Lydia told us that when she gave birth to baby Patrick he was in good health, but over time her baby's head started to increase in size. Three weeks ago, Lydia took baby Patrick to her local hospital, which referred her to CURE Uganda. Lydia and Patrick have been here with us for a few days now and are waiting for a spot on the surgical schedule. Thank you for praying with us as we put baby Patrick and his family in God's hands!

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Latest Updates

Oct 23, 2019

Patrick and mama Lydia were back at CURE Uganda for his review today, and we were so glad to see them. Patrick has been having a tough time - despite breastfeeding well, he's struggling to gain weight, stopped smiling, and has been having seizures and a lot of irritability. Dr. Noah made sure that he has all the anti-seizure medication he needs, and we will see them again next month for another checkup. Would you pray with us for healing (and weight gain!) for baby Patrick, and peace for mama Lydia? Thanks for being part of the team that is cheering for this little one. Photo of Patrick

Aug 13, 2019

Lydia and baby Patrick came back for a review today! Lydia told us Patrick is doing well - eating, laughing, and practicing standing up - while being held, of course! Patrick is still having some seizures, which can happen in kids with hydrocephalus, so Joshua, one of our clinical officers, helped to prescribe some medication to help with those. We loved seeing Lydia's bright pink dress and Patrick all cuddled up in his blanket - we are so happy that he's doing well and growing strong! Photo of Patrick

Jul 11, 2019

Patrick's slow and steady recovery continued through the night and he got discharged today! Mama Lydia is beyond excited to be returning home with a healthy son! The proud pair will be back in a month so we can check on Patrick's progress. Photo of Patrick

Jul 10, 2019

Patrick had a calm night in the ICU. He is stable with his mother Lydia by his side. "Patrick feeds well" said Lydia who is happy the surgery went so well yesterday. Lydia and Patrick will be transferred to the ward in the afternoon. Please keep praying for Patrick and also for Lydia who is feeling a bit under the weather herself.

Jul 09, 2019

Patrick had his surgery! Dr. Wegoye performed an ETV/CPC procedure. This means he used a very small flexible scope to create a tiny hole in Patrick's brain so the fluid can drain out properly, releasing the pressure inside Patrick's head! To finish off the procedure, Dr. Wegoye cauterized a small part of Patrick's brain so it will stop producing so much fluid. Patrick will spend the night in our ICU with his mother by his side. Please keep praying for Patrick. Photo of Patrick

Jun 10, 2019

Patrick recovered well from his irrigation procedure and he and mama Lydia went home on Saturday! Our pharmacy gave him some tylenol and some anti-seizure medication before they left. He will have his stitches taken out at a local health clinic later this week. Patrick will come back to see us for a checkup in July and the neurosurgeons will see then if his infection has cleared up so that he can have surgery. Please join us in praying that he will heal well in these next few weeks so he can have the surgery he needs!

Jun 07, 2019

Patrick is recovering from his surgery like a champ! He was a little groggy from the anesthesia when we visited him in the PACU yesterday, but he had a smooth night in the ICU and will be transferred back to the main ward with mama Lydia later today. They both are in good spirits and we're praying for a continued good recovery for this little guy! Photo of Patrick

Jun 06, 2019

Baby Patrick was in a pretty chill mood this morning! He was cuddled in Mama Lydia's lap as one of our OR team members went through his intake paperwork and checklist. Did you know that CURE Uganda uses the World Health Organization's Safe Surgery Checklist? This is a simple system that is incredibly effective in making sure all the most important steps are followed - before, during and after an operation! Today Patrick is having an irrigation operation done, which means the neurosurgeon will wash out the inside of his brain with clean fluid in order to help remove the infection. Mama Lydia is a little nervous, but we know the OR team will do an amazing job, and we'll catch up with Patrick when he's recovering! Photo of Patrick

Jun 05, 2019

We talked with mama Lydia today about her dreams for Patrick when he grows up - she said she would love for him to be a doctor! Patrick is doing ok today but may have had some small seizures - the nurse in charge of the hostel (overflow patient housing) is keeping an eye on him. We're hoping he can have surgery soon but after two government holidays this week, the surgery schedule is extra full! Thanks for praying for Lydia and Patrick as they wait! Photo of Patrick

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