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William's Story

"I'm not tired, only worried", William's mother Hadija explained to us. Her two-week old son was recently admitted to CURE Uganda with a type of spina bifida called a myelomeningocele. In this condition, part of a baby's back and spinal cord do not… Read more

"I'm not tired, only worried", William's mother Hadija explained to us. Her two-week old son was recently admitted to CURE Uganda with a type of spina bifida called a myelomeningocele. In this condition, part of a baby's back and spinal cord do not close completely allowing both fluid and parts of the spinal cord stick out of the back in like a little water balloon. William was born while his mother was traveling far away from their home town on business. His father is an engineer, and Hadija runs a vegetable supply business, which requires her to travel often. Hadija didn't notice the problem with William's back right away, but discovered it while bathing him at home. Her friend also has a baby with spina bifida and encouraged her to come to us here at CURE Uganda very quickly. Hadija had a lot of questions for us about William's long-term needs. She is feeling worried about being able to care for him and still run her business, which requires a lot of travel. We'll connect her with our spina bifida coordinator to help answer her fears about the future and reassure her. We are so glad Hadija and William were able to come to CURE Uganda right away! Please pray for peace for Hadija as she anticipates William's surgery and learns about how to care for him.

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Latest Updates

Sep 26, 2019

We were so delighted to see William stop by for a visit this morning!! He's doing so well! Mama Hadija said that he's sitting up by himself, and reaching for and grabbing objects on his own - such good news. She wanted to get some more catheters from our nursing team, so we were glad to supply her with them. It's wonderful to see her faithful care for William, and to see how grown up he's getting! Photo of William

Jun 24, 2019

Guess who came for a visit this morning? Our little buddy William! Only he's not so little anymore - he's looking strong and chubby!! Mama Hadija told us she's been having some trouble with the CIC (clean intermittent catheterization) so our nurses are going to give her some additional training today. This will help William go to the bathroom, since he needs some extra help with that due to his condition. We were so glad to see our friends today - such a nice surprise! Photo of William

Jun 20, 2019

Today, when Hadija brought William for his review, she met with Pastor Simon and the ward clerk Sam to discuss a strategy of finding for her a church in her area. She is a new Christian and it's important to get plugged into a Christian community. They came to the conclusion that she will connect with Sam who stays close to her home and he will introduce her to his church. The doctor confirmed that William is doing well and recommended that William continues with his physical therapy to help him catch up on a few milestones. We're already looking forward to seeing William again in two months! Photo of William

May 20, 2019

William and his mom were discharged this morning! They headed for home quickly, so we weren't able to grab a photo, but we're so happy they were able to go home. Hadija was eager to get home, since Ugandan schoolchildren return to school next Monday after their term break, and she needs to prepare her oldest son for school. Our CURE Uganda pharmacy gave Hadija some antibiotics and paracetamol (Tylenol) for William, and he'll get his stitches out this weekend at a local health clinic. They'll be back at CURE for a checkup in June and we're excited to see them then! Thank you for your prayers for William and his family. Photo of William

May 19, 2019

William has been a bit of a sleepy head today! But that's a good thing, babies need a lot of sleep! Mama Hadija has had a good day as well. She was visiting with friends in the ward and attended ward worship this afternoon. The doctors haven't told her yet when she and William can go home, but she was able to talk with her husband yesterday on the phone and give him an update. We're so glad she and William are both enjoying their stay at CURE Uganda and feel comfortable and cared for here! Photo of William

May 16, 2019

We visited with Hadjia and William this morning in the ICU and they are doing well. They were both able to sleep last night, and should be discharged to the ward later today. Hadjia told us that William is nursing well, and is a real champion at breastfeeding! Hadija asked us to take a photo of all the wires that William is hooked up to - our ICU nurses are carefully monitoring his heart rate, breathing and the level of oxygen in his blood. It can look like a lot of wires for a small baby, but it's important to measure all those things - and William's doing really well! Photo of William

May 15, 2019

CURE Uganda neurosurgeon Dr. Peter Ssenyonga and visiting neurosurgeon Dr. Jessica Lane operated on William this afternoon to repair the leak of fluid from his back. We spoke with Dr. Lane and she let us know the surgery went smoothly - "it went well, we were able to identify a leak and fix it." William is recovering now in the ICU and we are praying that he and mama Hadija will rest well tonight! Photo of William

May 14, 2019

Baby William was looking fat and happy this afternoon! There's a nice spot outside the ward where some of the mamas and babies like to sit together, and Hadija was having a good time chatting and resting with some friends. She was laughing about how much William likes to eat! Hadija is still waiting on final instructions from the doctors, but it looks like William may receive another surgery tomorrow to fix the leak in his back. Hadija is feeling sad that he has to have a third surgery, but at least he is bigger and stronger now, and we know that our CURE Uganda neurosurgeons will do a wonderful job. Photo of William

May 13, 2019

William and his mom came back to CURE Uganda this morning because his back is leaking some fluid and mama Hadija is very concerned. After being checked in, William got some blood drawn to test his complete blood count (CBC), electrolytes and to be sure he doesn't have malaria. Then he had a CT scan to check on his brain. It was a busy morning for our little guy! Hadjia says he has been doing well and is nursing a lot, and we could tell he's chubbier than last time we saw him. He and Hadija were admitted to the ward and hope to receive more instructions from our doctors tomorrow. Thank you for praying! Photo of William

Apr 29, 2019

"His back is dry!" Hadija was glad to share with us that the repair to William's CSF leak was healing very well. She and William were discharged this past Saturday, and will be back next week to get his stitches removed. Please pray that his healing continues to go well and that Hadija and William enjoy being home with the rest of the family.

Apr 25, 2019

During the doctors rounds today, Dr. Peter decided that William's bandage could come off tomorrow! Hadija was very excited about the good news. William, on the other hand, kept sleeping peacefully. Hadija is happy that William is eating well and growing bigger and stronger every day. We're so glad this little fighter is doing so well! https://youtu.be/xKDIK4BoDog

Apr 24, 2019

William and Hadija were in good spirits today! William was discharged from the ICU this morning and it looks like his second surgery went very well. Hadija called her husband today to let him know that William had another surgery, and he was surprised, but hoping to come and see them soon. She is missing her other children but knows they are being well looked after, and enjoyed ward worship and time with the other moms today. Thank you for your continued prayers for this family! Photo of William

Apr 23, 2019

Dr. Emmanuel performed surgery on William today to repair the leak from his previous surgery. William is recovering in the ICU now and Hadija is keeping close watch on him. We asked Hadija how she would like people to pray, and she said "pray that he would heal well". Thank you for your continued prayers for Hadija and William! Photo of William

Apr 22, 2019

"His back is still leaking," Hadija told us about William. Unfortunately, some of William's cerebrospinal fluid is leaking out from his surgery site. The doctors here at CURE Uganda have been monitoring the incision carefully, but have decided that he will need a second surgery to repair the leak tomorrow. This morning William had a dressing change, which made him cry a lot! For Easter weekend, the moms and babies in the ward watched a movie about Jesus's life and resurrection in their own language. Please pray that Hadija will know the peace that comes from knowing Jesus, and that William's surgery tomorrow would be successful. Photo of William

Apr 18, 2019

William is resting today in the ward with his mom, Hadija. We talked with her this afternoon, and she's concerned because he has developed a small cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak. CSF is the fluid that is in the brain and spinal cord, and it helps to protect the brain, among many other jobs! Our CURE Uganda doctors have put a special pressure bandage on his back at the surgical site to help. We are praying that the leak will heal, and that William won't have to have another surgery to repair it. Hadija attended ward worship this afternoon which she enjoyed. She is missing her husband and other children, so please be praying for her and baby William! Photo of William

Apr 17, 2019

After spending the night in our ICU after surgery, William was transferred back to the ward this morning. His mom is pleased with the results of the surgery and happy to be back in the ward! We delivered a get well message to her, which she was glad to read. Now they are waiting for William's incision to heal more before they can head home. Photo of William

Apr 16, 2019

Dr. Emmanuel performed William's spina bifida surgery today. William will stay in the ICU with his mom tonight so our nurses can keep a close eye on him as he recovers from surgery. Thank you for your continued prayers for healing and peace! Photo of William

Apr 16, 2019

William is here at CURE Uganda and will be heading into surgery soon! We talked with his mother Hadija and she is nervous, but we reassured her the surgeons will do a wonderful job. Please pray for peace for Hadija and a successful surgery for William! Photo of William

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