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Zauma's Story

“When I first visited CURE Hospital in July, my life was troubled and I used to cry a lot, but then I was ministered to by Pastor Winnie and I gave my life to Christ. Ever since then, Pastor Winnie has been counseling and encouraging me and I hav… Read more

“When I first visited CURE Hospital in July, my life was troubled and I used to cry a lot, but then I was ministered to by Pastor Winnie and I gave my life to Christ. Ever since then, Pastor Winnie has been counseling and encouraging me and I have learned how to pray. When I pray, I feel like the burdens have been lifted from my heart,” Mariam said. After giving birth to her youngest daughter Zauma, Mariam was very sickly and she wasn't able to nurse her baby, she was instead given cow milk and Mariam says that Zauma lost a lot of weight, became frail and sickly. She was taken to a hospital which referred her to CURE Uganda, however when she got here, our doctors noticed that she also had a heart condition so she was first referred to the heart institute and now she is back at CURE Hospital so her hydrocephalus can be treated. Mariam is a widow and she has eight children. Her children are being cared for by a neighbor while she and Zauma are at CURE Hospital. When she is at home, she works in people’s farms for money. Mariam is very grateful that she is at CURE Hospital and she has hope that Zauma will be healed. Please join us in praying for Zauma's healing and that Mariam will be encouraged and grow in her faith while here.

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Latest Updates

May 16, 2019

“God has helped her, and she is now walking but unfortunately she had climbed on a stool and she fell down. Her head got swollen on the left side like you can see and she is very irritable. Also, she still has convulsions,” Mariam told us. The good news is that after Dr. Michael’s assessment he believes that there was no serious damage after the fall and that the swelling will go down. He prescribed more anti-seizure medication for Zauma and sent them back home. Please continue to keep her in your prayers! Photo of Zauma

Jan 09, 2019

“The child’s condition is fair this time. The child is some how stabilized compared to Sunday,” said Mariam. During the morning ward rounds, Dr. Peter told them they would not need another operation and that they were being discharged from CURE. Zauma has been referred to a pediatrician in their area who will treat her non-neurological conditions. “I’m going to leave this place and go straight to that place,” said Mariam. We will see Zauma again in February when they return for a follow up appointment. Please keep her in your prayers that she will soon be walking again! Photo of Zauma

Jan 08, 2019

“Compared to how the baby came, the baby has improved. The only challenge we have is the seizures and poor appetite,” said Mariam and she continued, “I’m worried if she will walk like she use to.” Today Mariam is being taken to see Zauma’s CT-scan, her doctors are still making a plan if another operation is needed. Since returning from the ICU yesterday, Zauma has not had a seizure and she has spent a quiet day in the ward with her mother. Mariam has been attending the afternoon chapel services and praying for Zauma. “I got saved from here and I am still saved. I continue to pray for the kid and my whole family,” said Mariam. Please join Mariam in praying for Zauma to no longer have seizures and for her to keep improving! Photo of Zauma

Jan 07, 2019

From the time she was discharged from CURE Uganda Zauma had been doing well and had even learned how to walk. She was a happy child, always playing with her siblings. However, about a month ago, her health started to deteriorate. “One side of her body became very weak that she could no longer hold a cup of milk, was very irritable and eventually she even stopped walking.” This morning she was taken to ICU for a heavy dose of anti-convulsants but will thereafter be transferred back to the ward. Please be praying for Zauma and her mother. Photo of Zauma

Sep 14, 2017

Zauma returned to CURE today and he had a good check up! Mariam says he no longer has a problem with his head. However, he has had some problems with his breathing which he is getting looked at by the ENT doctor at the Mbale Main Hospital. After seeing his doctor, Zauma got his medication refilled and had a physical therapy session. Please be praying for Zauma to continue to recover well. Photo of Zauma

Sep 06, 2017

Zauma and Mariam’s housing has stabilized and their landlord is no longer threatening to evict them. Pastor Moses, who partners with CURE, visited Mariam and Zauma at their home and was able to explain their situation to their landlord and met with the local government to inform them of the treatment Zauma had received and their situation. During his time in Zauma’s village, he had the opportunity to share the Gospel and as a result, two women committed their lives to Christ and one person recommitted their life! We will see them later in the month for a check up, please continue to pray for Zauma and for his community to grow in faith!

Aug 17, 2017

Annet, from our Spiritual Department, is trying to connect Mariam to Robert, one of our outreach pastors, who works in her district. Please keep praying for Mariam for Zauma.

Aug 14, 2017

Zauma and Mariam went home on Saturday and she took over the responsibility of caring for her friend Aisha’s children in addition to her own. She also got news from her neighbor that the landlord is still pressuring her to pay up her rent or leave the house, but she is still trusting God for a miracle. Before she left CURE Hospital, the doctors wrote a letter referring Zauma back to the heart institute. Mariam will wait until Aisha returns so that she can take over responsibility of their children while she and Zauma travel to the heart institute in Kampala. Mariam was very excited when we told her that Ibra’s surgery (Aisha's son) was successful and she thanks God for that. Let us please pray for God to continue providing for these two families.

Aug 11, 2017

Mariam is relieved because the NG tube wasn’t inserted into Zauma. Back at home however, things aren’t good. She was informed that her children didn’t have lunch or supper yesterday. Mariam was also told that her landlord plans to evict her from her home. “He told neighbors that I am at a very expensive hospital yet I haven’t paid him up. He doesn’t know that I am just being helped by CURE,” Mariam told us. Zauma also tested positive for Malaria. She is now on IV drugs, but will switch to tablets tomorrow when she gets discharged. Mariam has been thinking about her children all night and can’t wait to be discharged from CURE Hospital. Please keep her and her family in your prayers! We will be calling her on Monday to follow up and encourage her. Photo of Zauma

Aug 10, 2017

Zauma had a fever last night, she is weak and hasn’t been feeding well for the last 12 hours. Our doctor is planning to insert an NG tube (nasogastric tube) to aid her in her feeding, but Mariam doesn’t want it to come to that because the last time Zauma had an NG tube she was so restless and cried a lot. She has been sent to the laboratory where different tests are going to be run. Pastor Winnie visited with Zauma and Mariam and prayed for them. We call upon all of you to keep her in prayer as well. Please pray that Zauma would start to have positive progress and for peace for Mariam. Photo of Zauma

Aug 09, 2017

“Yesterday I was nervous, but I prayed and fasted for the surgery to be successful and so today I am giving thanks and praising the Lord for answering my prayers. The doctors had told me that Zauma’s surgery would be complicated because she has a heart condition, but still I had faith that all would be well and it is well,”said Mariam. Zauma spent the night in ICU but Mariam is hoping that they will be discharged and sent to the general ward today. She is feeding well and all her vitals are stable. We give God the glory. Photo of Zauma

Aug 08, 2017

“I’ve prayed by faith, I believe things will get better. I want my baby to be fine,” said Mariam. Zauma had surgery today and he was Dr. Justin’s second case of the day. An ETV/CPC was performed, he is now in the PACU waking up from the operation. Please remember Zauma and Mariam in your prayers, for him to recover well and for strength for his mother. Photo of Zauma

Aug 07, 2017

“What I love most about being in this hospital is devotion time. I love the praise and worship,” said Mariam. Zauma was scheduled for surgery today, but was replaced by an emergency surgery that came up. Mariam however says that she has faith that the surgery will be successful. Please keep her in your prayers. Photo of Zauma

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