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Patience's Story

“I gave birth to a very healthy baby, everything was okay until her first month, she developed some flu and when I took her to Atapara Health Center the doctor noticed that her head was expending so I was advised to take Patience at CURE Uganda. … Read more

“I gave birth to a very healthy baby, everything was okay until her first month, she developed some flu and when I took her to Atapara Health Center the doctor noticed that her head was expending so I was advised to take Patience at CURE Uganda. A few years ago, I lost one of my kids and since that time I don’t like neglecting any slight thing when it comes to my children's health so I immediately came with her to the hospital,” shared Harriet, Patience's mother. She continued, “my husband and I use to do farming and sell the crops so that we could be able to take care of our family but since he had an accident and developed a chest problem, I am the only one supporting the family now and with my sick baby it’s a little bit difficult for me. I pray that God strengthens me during this hard time and for both my husband and Patience to soon be fine." Would you join us in praying for God's healing over Patience and her family? We are thankful for your prayers and support!

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Latest Updates

May 09, 2019

“My only worry is that her neck is still weak, so she cannot sit," Harriet said. The good news is that her seizures have been controlled and her shunt is functioning well so Dr. Michael recommended that Patience continues with intensive physiotherapy. Douglas, CURE Uganda's physiotherapist, taught Harriet a few more exercises that she will be taking Patience through while at home. Please be praying for her! Photo of Patience

Nov 15, 2018

We saw Patience today at clinic and found that she has an eye infection. While they were at CURE Uganda our medical team gave her medicine and her eye improved, but while she was at home, she ran out of the eye ointment, so Harriet brought her to our satellite clinic with that as her major concern. Back at home however, Harriet and her husband are living in harmony. He provides for Patience and herself and she says that she is still firm in Christ, in fact she is an usher in her church! Our doctors have treated her but also have referred her to visit an ophthalmologist. Please continue to pray for her health. We hope to see her at our next satellite clinic in 2019! Photo of Patience

Sep 24, 2018

On Saturday, Patience got to go home! In about a week she will get her stitches removed and then she will have some time away from doctors before her follow up appointment in November. Thank you for your continued prayers for Patience for her recovery!

Sep 21, 2018

“I am happy because I am seeing a big change in the baby. The change I have seen - before she had tears in the eyes, the tears have stopped rolling. The baby’s head was hot and it looked like much pressure, now the pressure is reducing and the head isn’t hot anymore. I am praying that the change will be permanent,” said Harriet, she continued, “I am okay. I am now at peace, I have been watching praise and worship on TV.” Harriet along with a couple other mothers went up to the out patient department’s waiting area and watched a few worship videos this morning before returning to the ICU. “They told me that I would be transferred to the ward today and there is a high likelihood that we will go home tomorrow,” said Harriet. Please be praying for Patience that she will continue to recover well from her surgery and that this will be the last operation she needs. Photo of Patience

Sep 20, 2018

“I have no problem, everything I am leaving in the hands of God,” said Harriet, she continued, “I am praying. I am praying a lot, really praying God may heal the child.” This morning before taking Patience to surgery, nurse Elizabeth prayed for Patience to have a successful operation. Every child who goes into theatre at CURE Uganda is prayed for at least twice by the staff, first by the nurse taking them to the operating room and then by the surgical team before they make the first incision. In addition to the medical team praying for the children, the spiritual team meets with the families who have children going into surgery that day. Patience is currently in surgery and her doctors are placing a shunt, please join Harriet and the staff of CURE Uganda in praying for Patience! Photo of Patience

Sep 19, 2018

“The doctors said they will take (Patience) for a scan and then depending on the scan, they will plan accordingly,” said Harriet. Patience and she are both doing fine, Patience has been eating well and they have no concerns now that they are at the hospital. “I have made many friends who have made my life easy, also the staff who know my language,” said Harriet. What Harriet does with her friends is, “Mainly we welcome the new patients, we seek them out and show them the hospital - where to find things and the programs at the hospital,” said Harriet. “If my child ever becomes okay I don’t know what kind of thanks I can give to God and the hospital,” said Harriet. Photo of Patience

Sep 18, 2018

“My prayer is that Patience gets well soon because I don’t want to lose another child,” Harriet says. She shares that the pastors at CURE Uganda keep encouraging her and that restores her hope. This evening she gave Patience a nice warm bath and spent most of the time lying with her in bed. Please keep Harriet and Patience in your prayers! Photo of Patience

Sep 17, 2018

“The baby is now breathing well, a positive change, but the head is still worrying me," said Harriet. She noticed Patience’s head increasing and that she was vomiting and knew she needed to bring her back to CURE Uganda so she sold some of her household items to pay for transport and headed back to the hospital. On the way Patience was breathing well but as they approached the hospital, she started breathing quickly. She was admitted to the ICU for respiratory distress where she was kept on oxygen Saturday. She improved on Sunday and today she will go back to the ward. Patience is now stable. Over the weekend, she was feeding through an NG tube but that has been taken out and she is now feeding orally. Please be praying for Patience that her upcoming operation will be successful. Photo of Patience

Aug 28, 2018

Patience is being discharged this morning and they are traveling over 200 miles back home today. Patience operation was successful, our doctors washed out two pockets of pus and the plan is to have Patience return to CURE Uganda where her doctors will place a shunt. Please be praying for Harriet and her family during Patience's healing process. Photo of Patience

Aug 27, 2018

Patience went into surgery today where Dr. Peter performed a ventriculoscopy fenestration of membranes. Patience has since been transferred to the ICU where she will spend the night. Harriet seems relaxed since Patience has come out of surgery, she spent the afternoon outside the ICU and in the chapel service for mothers. Please be praying for Patience to make a swift recovery! Photo of Patience

Aug 24, 2018

Today Harriet and her daughter Patience had a photoshoot around the hospital. She said that she needed some photos to show to Patience when she is older and that she needed to remember CURE Uganda too. Patience is still awaiting surgery and they received some get-well messages which was encouraging, please continue to pray for them! Photo of Patience

Aug 23, 2018

Harriet spends most of her time at her baby’s bedside. She says she prays but is worried because baby Patience’s head is increasing in size. Nurse Jane however encouraged her that the baby will have surgery soon. She is still on malnutrition formula which will get her strong enough for surgery, please keep her in your prayers!

Aug 22, 2018

“I am still strong in my faith and I know that Patience will be fine. It is God who took care of her the first time we were here, and it is Him who is taking care of her now,” Harriet said. She is still on malnutrition formula and our doctors are making a plan for her surgery. She hopes to spend some time today in the activity room painting her nails or knitting with the other moms. Please be praying for her! Photo of Patience

Aug 20, 2018

“(Patience) was doing well but then for three days the child started vomiting from nowhere, then the temperature came. Yesterday they drained water - that is what made the child to vomit the pressure,” said Harriet. They arrived at the hospital yesterday and this morning they finished their admission. Her doctors have put her on malnutrition formula and are making a plan for surgery. Please be praying for Patience that she will soon be healthy. Photo of Patience

Jul 17, 2018

“I’m going with great joy in my heart. I give thanks to the Lord for what He has done for my child. There is great change in the life of the child,” said Harriet. She is especially happy that Patience is opening her eyes and that she is feeding better. Prior to leaving this morning she received many get well messages encouraging her and telling her she and Patience are being prayed for. Patience and Harriet will return to the hospital in August for a follow up appointment. Please be praying for Patience that her operation will have been successful. Photo of Patience

Jul 16, 2018

“I only want prayer for the child to grow up… and prayers for my family,” said Harriet. Patience had a good weekend and is being transferred out of the ICU today, she had no seizures over the weekend and her temperature has improved greatly. “Patience is now fine, only observing the feeding,” said Dr. Agatha. Harriet was able to talk to Samuel which encouraged her he has been praying for Patience. Please join Samuel in praying for Patience that she will soon get to go home. Photo of Patience

Jul 13, 2018

Patience continues to be in the ICU, she is no longer receiving oxygen support and she hasn’t had a seizure since yesterday morning which is a good improvement! Nurse David’s concerns today are hypothermia, low sodium, and that Patience is sleeping a lot. He is investigating the cause of her drowsiness and has put her under a bair hugger to keep her warm. Harriet has spent the morning with some of her friends that she has made at the hospital and seems to be doing better than yesterday. Patience and Harriet received a handful of get well messages which encouraged Harriet. Please continue to pray for Patience that she will improve! Photo of Patience

Jul 12, 2018

Mama Harriet shared with us that she's enjoying the prayers in the ward even though it's in a language she doesn't understand and that later, she made a decision to follow Jesus! This morning has been concerning to her though regarding Patience. Patience will spend today in the ICU where she is under observation for seizures, she has had a couple of seizures since her operation. Patience is also having a little oxygen support, there is a mask placed near her face. Yesterday Harriet was able to borrow a phone to call her neighbors to tell her husband Samuel that Patience was having surgery and she's hoping to talk to Samuel later today. Please be praying for Patience that her seizures will soon be under control and for strength for her mother. Photo of Patience

Jul 11, 2018

“I am glad that Patience was referred to this hospital. Even though it is far from home (180 miles) away, CURE Hospital Uganda has the best care that Patience needs”, says Harriet. Harriet says that ever since Patience came under the care of the medical team here, she doesn’t cry much and sleeps well in the night. She has been involved in devotions and says that she is praying for her baby's healing. Today Patience went in for surgery where Dr. Justin performed an ETV and irrigation of the ventricles. Please be praying for Patience that this will be the only operation she will need! Photo of Patience

Jul 09, 2018

“CURE Hospital is a great environment, care is at it's climax here. And the spiritual ministry around reminds all of us that we are not alone in this battle, God is watching and at His right time He will do a miracle upon the lives of every patient within the hospital,” says Harriet. Patience will be having her surgery this week, please pray with us that everything goes well. Photo of Patience

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