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  • Age1
  • Conditionhydrocephalus and spina bifida
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Wahaba's Story

“My husband changed when I gave birth to Wahaba. He said that I had given birth to a child of problems,” Sunday said. Sunday decided to travel to Mulago Hospital seeking treatment for Wahaba and after staying there for two weeks he had surgery … Read more

“My husband changed when I gave birth to Wahaba. He said that I had given birth to a child of problems,” Sunday said. Sunday decided to travel to Mulago Hospital seeking treatment for Wahaba and after staying there for two weeks he had surgery for spina bifida and was discharged. Unfortunately when they returned home after their two weeks stay at Mulago Hospital, Sunday found that her husband Todii had brought another woman to the home to be his wife. Sunday was devastated and she pleaded with Todii to let her back as his wife but he refused so Sunday and her three children moved to her mom’s place where they currently live. Todii has refused to support Sunday with finances for feeding, school fees, and Wahaba’s treatment so Sunday plaits people’s hair from home as she saves money to open up her own salon. Her mother supports her financially when she has the money. One year ago, Sunday gave her life to Christ and she says that it is her faith that has kept her going through this trying time. One day at a government hospital as Wahab awaited immunization he was identified by a mother whose child had had surgery at CURE Uganda and so she advised Sunday to bring Wahaba to CURE Hospital as soon as possible which she has done. Please join us in praying for Wahaba's healing and continued strength of faith for his mom Sunday!

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Latest Updates

Feb 01, 2019

Sunday’s prayer was answered and Wahaba was discharged today! On February 11th Wahaba will have his stitches removed from a health center near his home and then he will be reviewed by the end of March. We didn’t manage to get their photo as they left hastily! Please be praying for them!

Jan 31, 2019

“After his surgery Wahaba was calm for a while but then he got hungry and very irritable. When I put him to breastfeed he took so much milk and became happy once again. He has started to smile as usual and we have been playing with a balloon all morning. His forehead has reduced in size, so I know that the water has started to reduce in size. I have high hope that he will be transferred back to the ward and that we shall be discharged tomorrow,” Sunday said with joy. Her family heard about the successful surgery and they are relieved that it went well. We give God the glory! Photo of Wahaba

Jan 30, 2019

“The first time Wahaba had surgery I wasn’t shaken so much because I didn’t think that he would survive to this age, but today I feel so frightened and shaken. I am very anxious and don’t even have appetite for food. I informed my people at home that Wahaba is going in for surgery and they are praying for him,” Sunday said. Wahaba went to surgery where he had an ETV/CPC redo and a shunt placement by our surgeon Dr. Justin. The procedure was successful, and he is now recovering in PACU (Post anesthesia care unit) and will be transferred to ICU later. Please be praying for his recovery! Photo of Wahaba

Jan 29, 2019

“Wahaba will have surgery tomorrow! I am really glad that we are not going to take long in hospital. I want the size of his head to reduce like for the other babies who I have seen in CURE. Those babies encourage me that Wahaba will be fine too,” Sunday said with a bright smile on her face. Sunday has been by his side trying to feed him more often because he has been vomiting. She also brought with her diapers which she sells to other mothers in the ward to try and get some money and she told us that many mothers are buying from her. As for today, Wahaba will continue with antibiotics. Please be praying for him! Photo of Wahaba

Jan 28, 2019

“For the last two months Wahaba’s head has been increasing in size and unfortunately his mother Sunday didn’t have the money to transport him back to CURE Uganda which is 450 kilometers away from their home. Fortunately, she managed to get some money last week and they are now here. We have done a brain CT scan on Wahaba and he is now awaiting surgery. On the positive side, Wahaba is always smiling and according to Sunday he has learned how to dance! Please be praying for him and Sunday. Photo of Wahaba

Jun 26, 2018

“I’m going home!” joyfully proclaimed Wahaba to a group of mothers washing clothes. She moved with swiftness this morning to leave as soon as possible for she has been forward to today - discharge day! We will see Sunday and Wahaba at the end of July at a follow up clinic in the capital of Uganda. Please remember the two of them in your prayers! Photo of Wahaba

Jun 25, 2018

”My weekend was kind of boring because, my friend left on Friday so I had no one to hang out with. All that kept me busy was doing the laundry, attending prayers, and taking Wahaba to the activity room. My baby will be finishing his treatment today so we will be able to leave tomorrow,” says Sunday. Sunday adds that she is praying to God to keep Wahaba away from any complications again. Please join her in that prayer! Photo of Wahaba

Jun 22, 2018

Wahaba will finish his treatment this coming Monday, and because their home village is quite far from Mbale, Wahaba and his mother will be leaving on Tuesday very early in the morning in order to reach home on time. Wahaba received a toy cat from the International Aid team that was here last week, Sunday was so thankful for that simple gift because her current financial situation doesn't allow such luxuries. We're thankful for our partners and compassionate supporters! Photo of Wahaba

Jun 21, 2018

On Tuesday, Wahaba will be discharged from the hospital, and Sunday is happy to finally be able to have a precise date that they will be able to go home. Today Sunday and Wahaba sat outside the ward with their friend Winnie who played with Wahaba and held him. Please remember Wahaba in your prayers that he will continue to recover well! Photo of Wahaba

Jun 20, 2018

Wahaba is doing well Sunday told us this morning, and both can not wait to go back home next week. Sunday said that she will forever be grateful to CURE for the work they did to save her child and also to save other children. Thank you for making that possible with your prayers and support! Photo of Wahaba

Jun 18, 2018

Wahaba is responding very well to the treatment, his head has even started to reduce! Sunday spent the weekend watching movies, doing laundry, and going for prayers which kept her busy. This week he'll continue with his antibiotic regiment. Please continue to pray for him! Photo of Wahaba

Jun 14, 2018

Sunday is missing her daughter Caro who left for her father’s home because she was not able to cater for all her needs such as her school fees. After Wahaba and Sunday are discharged from the hospital, she wants to pay her a visit and spend some time with her daughter that she has not been able to see for the last three years now. Apart from the fact that Wahaba has developed a cough, his procedure site is doing fine. Please continue to pray for Wahaba's complete healing! Photo of Wahaba

Jun 13, 2018

“I had a counseling session with Pastor Simon and it went on very well. He encouraged me saying that everything that occurs in our lives comes with a reason and only God knows why, and he also told me that we should never stop thanking Him for whatever He does in our lives however hard it might seem to be to us,” Sunday said. She added that, “after listening to the pastor, I decided to accept Jesus as my personal Savior.” Wahaba is doing well, he is now in the ward where he will be staying for two weeks. Please continue to pray for healing and praise Jesus with us for Sunday's new faith! Photo of Wahaba

Jun 12, 2018

Wahaba's irrigation and CSF leak repair went on well! He was kept in the ICU for observation and since he didn't show any signs of complication, he will be transferred back to the ward where he will be getting his treatment for the next two weeks. Although the loss of her child back home has been so difficult, Sunday is doing her best to stay strong for Wahaba, she had a counseling session today with Pastor Simon Peter. We pray that God continues strengthening her and that she would experience the presence and love of Jesus today! Photo of Wahaba

Jun 11, 2018

“It has been tough. When I left here I found that one of my kids back at home had passed away and I wasn’t even able to bury him as I was here at CURE Hospital. My family said they didn’t tell me because they didn’t want me to get worried. After mourning my son, the site of Wahaba’s last surgery started to leak so we are back,” said Sunday. Wahaba was scheduled for surgery today for an irrigation and CSF leak repair. During devotions this afternoon Pastor Simon shared his testimony with the mothers and he says that Sunday was encouraged. He will be having a counseling session with her tomorrow. Please be praying for Wahaba to be healed, for mama Suday and for comfort for his family as they mourn. Photo of Wahaba

Jun 04, 2018

Wahaba was discharged over the weekend! Our doctors at a satellite clinic in Kampala will review him at the end of this month, please keep praying for this family!

Jun 01, 2018

“I have noticed a change in the size of his head, it is reducing,” Sunday reported. Wahaba ran a fever last night so this morning our doctors decided to send his to the labs to have his urine and blood tested then we’ll treat him accordingly. Sunday was disappointed because she expected to be discharged today. Please keep praying for Wahaba and his mom Sunday. Photo of Wahaba

May 31, 2018

“I had the most fun during yesterday’s devotions, it was really nice. Wahaba is recovering well, he even notices when I'm around him and he starts laughing,” an encouraged Sunday said. She called her mom and informed her that the surgery was successful and she told us that her mom screamed with joy! Wahaba is still in ICU, but will be transferred to the ward later on today. We give God the glory and we want to thank you for your support and prayers for Wahaba! Photo of Wahaba

May 30, 2018

At 12:00PM East African time, Wahaba was taken to OR for surgery. Dr. Onen performed an ETV/CPC and a shunt placement. The surgery was successful and baby Wahaba is now recovering in ICU. Sunday said she is so relieved that the surgery is finally done. Let us keep praying for a steady recovery and strength for Sunday. Photo of Wahaba

May 29, 2018

After Wahaba got his cerebrospinal fluid tapped, his mother took him to the playroom to relax and play with some toys which he enjoyed! Our doctors told Sunday that he might have his surgery scheduled for this week. For now, all the necessary preparations for his brain surgery are underway. Sunday has been involved in the devotions in the ward, which is encouraging to her. Please be praying for Wahaba's healing and his mother Sunday! Photo of Wahaba

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