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Edirisa's Story

“I have really enjoyed the devotions that we have at this hospital because they remind me of my days in Christianity,” said Hajara. Five years ago, Hajara got married to her husband Iddi as his second wife. She eventually converted to Islam and… Read more

“I have really enjoyed the devotions that we have at this hospital because they remind me of my days in Christianity,” said Hajara. Five years ago, Hajara got married to her husband Iddi as his second wife. She eventually converted to Islam and her name was changed from Esther to Hajara. They had their first child Shakira who is a healthy child. Their second born Edirisa however has been sickly from the time he was three months old. Hajara and Iddi were advised by their sheik take Edirisa to Katalemwa, an organization that partners with CURE Uganda. When they arrived there, Edirisa was examined and diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, however she was told to return with Edirisa a month later for further review and examinations, but she encountered problems at home. Her husband lost his job and decided to abandon her and the kids and move back in with his first wife. “He was also scared of Edirisa’s condition,” Hajara says. She added that, “If he (Iddi) doesn’t come back to me, then I will continue to live with mom and will convert back to Christianity. I only changed to Islam because of marriage.” Since Hajara had no job and couldn’t afford paying rent, she moved back home with her mother. After a couple of months, Edirisa was taken to a government hospital which referred him to CURE Hospital and fortunately there was an NGO which was ready to provide Hajara with transport to get her here. As a means of getting income, Hajara now works at peoples’ farms and also does domestic work in peoples’ homes. Her mother is taking care of her firstborn Shakira while she and Edirisa are at CURE. Please join us in prayers and support for baby Edirisa’s surgery!

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Latest Updates

Mar 13, 2018

“The hospital was good the way we praised God here, the way they gave treatment, working on the baby,” said Hajara. This morning, Edirisa finished ten days of antibiotics and was discharged home, which put a huge smile on Hajara’s face! Prior to leaving they received a get well message which made Hajara very happy. Please continue praying for Edirisa that he will recover well from surgery! Photo of Edirisa

Mar 12, 2018

“Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light,” said Hajara about who Jesus is. On Saturday, Hajara attended church and Pastor Simon Peter taught, “We read the story of Jesus, ‘Who do people say I am?” said Hajara. On Sunday, she was unable to attend because Edrisa was having high fevers so she was cooling him down with a wet cloth. Last night he was having an upset stomach and this morning he was showing signs of dehydration so he was given IV fluid. He continues to be on antibiotics and watched closely for fevers. Although Edrisa is struggling in the recovery process, Hajara seems joyful and optimistic, she is smiling much more than when she first arrived. Please be praying for Edrisa’s fever to break and for Hajara to find a job to support them. Photo of Edirisa

Mar 09, 2018

“It was so nice what they preached about. They said, 'tell God whatever problems you are having',” said Hajara. Last night Edirisa was having fevers, so this morning blood work was run to determine the cause. Hajara says she is happy and has made several friends in the ward. Her prayer request is for her to be able to support her child. Photo of Edirisa

Mar 07, 2018

“I will spend some time praying for him while he is in the theatre,” said Hajara. She was happy when she was told that he would be in for surgery today, so she called her relatives and informed them too and her father assured her that he would be praying for Edirisa. Please stand with this family in prayer today for Edirisa's healing! Photo of Edirisa

Mar 06, 2018

“During yesterday’s devotion we were encouraged to trust in God and to respect one another,” said Hajara. This morning, Hajara had a chat with Pastor Winnie from our Spiritual Department. They spoke about her marriage and family, how she feels about turning back to Christ and at the end of the chat, Hajara recommitted her life to Christ! During ward rounds, the surgeon's told Hajara that Edirisa will be scheduled for surgery tomorrow and she says she has mixed feelings. She is happy that the surgery is going to happen and she is also nervous about it at the same time because it is the first time in her family for someone to have surgery. Please keep praying for Edirisa's upcoming surgery and for Hajara's renewed faith! Photo of Edirisa

Mar 05, 2018

Edirisa's name was cancelled from today’s surgery list because he has developed a chest infection and is on antibiotics. He will be in the labs this afternoon for further tests. Hajara is looking forward to having a chat with our pastors during or after devotions today. Please keep praying for Edirisa and his family! Photo of Edirisa

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