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  • Conditionhydrocephalus
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Collet's Story

“Collet was born on September 13th 2011 and after three months we noticed that her head was becoming big. I took her to a government hospital where she was diagnosed with hydrocephalus but because they couldn’t treat her there they referred us … Read more

“Collet was born on September 13th 2011 and after three months we noticed that her head was becoming big. I took her to a government hospital where she was diagnosed with hydrocephalus but because they couldn’t treat her there they referred us to Mulago hospital. We were told that we needed 2.3 million Uganda shillings for the surgery to be performed but we didn’t have the money because of other needs for the family, her brothers go to school. We however kept looking for the money. One day, I met with Joyce, our local councilor and as I shared with her about Collet, she told me about CURE Hospital. A short while after she had told me about CURE, a group of missionaries called Youth with a Mission came to minister to my home and their leader Adam also told me about CURE Hospital and even offered to bring us here. I arrived on Saturday and after seeing the service that Collet has gotten so far and the care that the doctors are giving her, I regret not bringing her here earlier. If only I knew about CURE Hospital earlier, Collet would not be like this, but I am hopeful that slowly she will recover. I think I know two other children with hydrocephalus back at home and one is still young, about eight months, so I will tell them too about CURE Hospital," says Jacob. Both he and his wife Christine are here at CURE. Collet is their fifth child and the other children are healthy and in school. Jacob is a Christian and he says he is very comfortable being in a Christian environment (CURE Hospital). Please join us in praying for this family!

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Latest Updates

Feb 22, 2018

“I am studying her head, the pressure is now low and there is a slight depression meaning that the water is reducing in her head. She no longer cries of headaches, me and my wife have noticed that,” Jacob said. Our doctors have decided to discharge Collet today. They will be traveling to first to Kampala where they will board a bus to Arua town and will be home by 1:00pm tomorrow. “Her brothers and her sister Sharon are aware that she is coming back home and they can’t wait to see her. God has heard our prayers and the during my first Sunday in church I will testify!” Collet did some physiotherapy this morning before they embarked on their two-day journey back home. We give God the glory and are thankful for your prayers and support! Photo of Collet

Feb 21, 2018

“I thank God that the surgery went well. If anything is to happen, it will not be because of poor treatment because she is back to normal and is eating normally. She has been talking about her brothers and sisters, mostly about her brother Felix. She asked how they are and also told me that Felix teases her,” said Jacob. Back at home, her brothers and sisters are excited that the surgery was successful. Jacob says that Collet’s sister Sharon said Collet would have died if she was not taken to CURE Hospital and she is thankful to God that they came early. Jacob says that his experience at CURE Hospital has been good and that he plans to tell as many people as possible about the good work being done here! Collet was transferred from ICU back to the general ward and Jacob spent some time playing with her. We thank God for your prayers and for a successful surgery! Photo of Collet

Feb 20, 2018

“I feel very happy,” said Jacob. Christine has very similar views towards the surgery, “I feel happy this operation will be done so Collet can become better,” said Christine. She has been praying for Collet that she would get better and be able to sit. After six years of waiting, Collet is getting her surgery. Dr. Justin is currently performing an OPM/ETV/CPC with the assistance of visiting Dr. Joyce. Prior to the operation, Collet played with her finger puppets. She has a frog and a deer, the deer is her favorite. She would take breaks from the puppets to greet all her “uncles and aunties” who would come to her bed. “Uncle” Sam the physiotherapist taught Collet how to fist bump and prior to his lesson she would give high fives and handshakes. Please keep Collet in your prayers that she will recover well and that the operation will be successful. Photo of Collet

Feb 19, 2018

“Before we set off on our journey to CURE Hospital, we had our pastor and church elders come home and pray for us. They haven’t forgotten us because last Sunday pastor called and said that in church they were praying for Collet. That was very encouraging,” said Jacob. Collet had a brain CT scan which will be reviewed by the surgeon today and she will have other blood tests in preparation for her surgery. Please be praying for this family! Photo of Collet

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