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Viola's Story

“My daily prayer is that God heals my child,” says Namubiru. Baby Viola was born at home with spina bifida, and just after her birth both mother and child were very ill and frail. They were taken to a hospital by Viola’s dad and it was from t… Read more

“My daily prayer is that God heals my child,” says Namubiru. Baby Viola was born at home with spina bifida, and just after her birth both mother and child were very ill and frail. They were taken to a hospital by Viola’s dad and it was from there that baby Viola was referred to CURE for surgery. Gerald, baby Viola’s father has been very supportive all this while and although he doesn’t earn much as a carpenter, he managed to borrow some money to facilitate transport for Viola and her mom Namubiru to CURE. Namubiru who is the first of five children dropped out of school when she got pregnant and went to live with Gerald but when she was about to deliver the baby, she moved back to her father’s house. She isn’t sure if she will resume school anytime soon because her father, who was paying her school fees isn’t willing to continue supporting her education so she says that she plans to start selling charcoal so that she can earn an income to take care of her baby. “It is a joy to have my first grandchild and although she is sick, I am still overjoyed,” said Fausta, Viola’s grandmother who is also with her here at CURE Hospital. Fausta is planning to stay with Viola and Namubiru and take care of them until Namubiru is back on her feet because she is still frail. She says, “I think they need me now.” Please join us in praying for Viola and her family!

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Viola and Namubiru have had a somewhat uneventful day. Namubiru and Viola spent the morning outside the ward with their friends, then in the afternoon, Namubiru was taught how to dress Viola’s back which is still a little infected. Namubiru seemed a little fatigued today and is looking forward to going home. Viola and Namubiru received a get well message telling them they were being prayed for, please join them in praying for Viola's back to heal well! Photo of Viola

2 days ago

“I want my baby to get well and for us to be able to go home. I also want to be able to be able to take care of the baby and to be able to go back to school,” said Namubiru about her prayer requests. Viola had a seizure yesterday and has been put on anticonvulsants. She is continuing her antibiotics and, besides the seizure, she seems to be improving. Namubiru hopes she will be able to go back to school and become an elementary school teacher. Namubiru and Viola have had a quiet day. Nambiru did laundry early in the morning and spent the day with Viola and some of her friends in the hospital. Please be praying for Viola to stop having convulsions and for her infection to be cured. Photo of Viola

3 days ago

“Viola has been crying all night. I think she feels pain from the incision site,” said Namubiru. Viola continues to be on antibiotics today and this marks her seventh day of 14 on them. Over the weekend, there was pus discharge from her incision site which was cleaned and redressed. Her doctors seem confident that the antibiotics will clear up the infection. Overall though, Nambiru, Viola, and Fausta had a quiet weekend. Their highlight was the church service. “I learned a lot from the sermon and praying to God for help. We also thanked Him for making these days,” said Namubiru. Namubiru is now healthy and able to take care of Viola on her own again. Because of this, Fausta is going home today. After her mother left, Nambiru spent some time with the other families in the ward and read a couple get well messages they received. Please continue to pray for Viola that her infection will go away and she won’t develop hydrocephalus. Photo of Viola

Jan 12, 2018

“Viola is good going to ward,” said her nurse, Ruth. “There is some difference compared to yesterday. Yesterday she couldn’t nurse, today has tried,” said Namubiru and she continued, “I have been praying that my baby will be better and they will discharge us when the baby is healthy.“ Viola is now off oxygen, yesterday she was on and off oxygen as her nurses weaned her off and closely monitored her saturation levels. If there is room in the ward Viola will be transferred out of the ICU which Namubiru is very excited about. Please join Namubiru in praying for Viola to become healthy. Photo of Viola

Jan 11, 2018

“Baby is still sick, I hope baby will be okay,” said Fausta. Viola is still in the ICU and slowly being weaned off oxygen. Once she is off oxygen, she will be able to go back to the ward. “I’m happy because my daughter is okay, better each day,” said Fausta about Namubiru. Fausta and Namubiru talked with nurse Caren today, they had questions about Viola’s future - if she would be able to walk and what her quality of life would be like. Caren explained the different impacts spina bifida can have on a child due to nerve damage and the increased chance of developing hydrocephalus, she also shared stories of former patients with spina bifida who are now in school. Fausta's prayer request is, “I want God to give us strength and courage to take care of the baby.” Please be praying for Viola and her mother Namubiru to both continue to improve. Photo of Viola

Jan 10, 2018

“It was very comforting when Pastor Annet prayed with us in the morning. She also told me not to worry, to have faith in God, and to read the Bible. I'm also praying for Viola’s surgery. I pray that it goes well,” Namubiru said. Last evening, Namubiru was found to be anemic so she was given a blood transfusion. Her mother Fausta is very helpful, she does the laundry and feeds Viola through her NG tube. Viola had surgery today and Dr. Justin performed a myelomeningocele closure. The operation was successful and she is now awake in the PACU and will soon be transferred to the ICU. Please join Annet and our community in praying for Viola that she will recover well from surgery and not develop hydrocephalus. Photo of Viola

Jan 09, 2018

Viola, her mother Namubiru and her grandmother Fausta arrived at CURE last evening from Kampala. Our doctors have commenced with Viola's treatment and assured Namubiru this morning during ward rounds that Viola will have surgery this week. They have settled in and are getting acquainted with the other moms in the ward. Please be praying and sending in your support for this family. Photo of Viola

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