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Viola's Story

“My daily prayer is that God heals my child,” says Namubiru. Baby Viola was born at home with spina bifida, and just after her birth both mother and child were very ill and frail. They were taken to a hospital by Viola’s dad and it was from t… Read more

“My daily prayer is that God heals my child,” says Namubiru. Baby Viola was born at home with spina bifida, and just after her birth both mother and child were very ill and frail. They were taken to a hospital by Viola’s dad and it was from there that baby Viola was referred to CURE for surgery. Gerald, baby Viola’s father has been very supportive all this while and although he doesn’t earn much as a carpenter, he managed to borrow some money to facilitate transport for Viola and her mom Namubiru to CURE. Namubiru who is the first of five children dropped out of school when she got pregnant and went to live with Gerald but when she was about to deliver the baby, she moved back to her father’s house. She isn’t sure if she will resume school anytime soon because her father, who was paying her school fees isn’t willing to continue supporting her education so she says that she plans to start selling charcoal so that she can earn an income to take care of her baby. “It is a joy to have my first grandchild and although she is sick, I am still overjoyed,” said Fausta, Viola’s grandmother who is also with her here at CURE Hospital. Fausta is planning to stay with Viola and Namubiru and take care of them until Namubiru is back on her feet because she is still frail. She says, “I think they need me now.” Please join us in praying for Viola and her family!

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Latest Updates

Apr 16, 2018

Namubiru was all smiles this morning as she packed up to leave CURE. Naumubiru was told they were being discharged this morning. They are being referred to a malnutrition clinic near their home for Viola to get to a healthy weight, we will see them again at the end of May at a follow up clinic. Please remember Viola in your prayers, that she will gain the weight she needs to be healthy and that this will be the last operation she will need. Photo of Viola

Apr 13, 2018

“I am not feeling bad,” said Namubiru. Early this morning Naumubiru held Viola bouncing her up and down while kissing her to keep her from crying. Later, Viola went in to surgery Dr. Peter performed and ventriculostomy and septostomy, Viola is currently in the PACU and once she is stable, they will transfer her to the ICU. Please keep Viola in your prayers that she will recover swiftly from her operation. Photo of Viola

Apr 12, 2018

“Pray for me, pray for my baby to be well soon,” said Namubiru. Viola has been scheduled for surgery tomorrow and Namubiru says, she is not feeling bad. Viola continues to be on malnutrition formula and her mom reports that she has been taking it well. Namubiru says, they are having a good day and this afternoon they received a stack of get well messages telling Namubiru that they were being prayed for and not to give up hope. We're so thankful for the encouragement that this has brought her! Please be praying that tomorrow's operation will be successful. Photo of Viola

Apr 11, 2018

“Viola is not fine,” said Namubiru. Namubiru’s morale was low this morning as her surgeon talked about Viola needing another operation. Viola continues to be treated for severe malnutrition as a plan is being made for her operation. Namubiru has been talking with her neighbor Patricia which seems to bring her some joy. Viola was given a stack of get well messages which came at just the right time to encourage her. Namubiru went to the playroom and got to talk with Annet from the Spiritual Center and painted her nails which has cheered her up. By this afternoon Namubiru was back to her normal self. Please keep Viola in your prayers that her upcoming operation will be successful and continued encouragement for Namubiru. Photo of Viola

Apr 10, 2018

Viola is back under the care of nurse Jane which makes Namubiru happy! She was missing Jane when she was at home, Jane tried calling Namubiru several times but never got through because Namubiru’s phone was stolen. Viola’s medical team are treating her malnutrition and her dehydration as they determine if they will operate. Namubiru has settled back into life at the hospital, she did laundry this morning and is considering going to the playroom later today. One of her friends that she made in the hospital a month ago is still here and they have been able to reunite. Namubiru has also made new friends with the families in her section of the ward. Next to her is a playful six month old who seems to entertain Namubiru. Please keep Viola in your prayers as the medical team makes a plan for her. Photo of Viola

Apr 09, 2018

“I pray to God that this time I spend only one week here,” said Namubiru. Over the weekend Viola was brought back to hospital because her mom was concerned that her head had started to increase in size. Indeed the doctors diagnosed her with hydrocephalus and severe malnutrition. This morning, she had a brain CT scan and in the afternoon, her cerebrospinal fluid was tapped and sent to the labs. She has been put on a special formula diet which she eats every three hours. Please be praying for Viola and her mother. Photo of Viola

Mar 05, 2018

On Saturday, Viola was discharged after nearly two months at the hospital! During Viola and Namubiru’s time at the hospital, they received over 100 get well messages from their nearly 400 followers. THANK YOU! Thank you for praying for Viola and encouraging Namubiru with your words! Please continue to pray for Viola, that her heart condition will be cured and for strength for Namubiru. Photo of Viola

Mar 02, 2018

“I would like to thank them for praying for me,” said Viola to those who have written get well messages. Today she and Viola received a few more messages which have been an encouragement to them throughout their stay. Viola and Namubiru had a good night in the ward, Namubiru is so happy to be there. Viola’s final hurtle is to nurse or spoon feed well. Her NG tube was removed this morning, and once her doctors feel comfortable with her feeding they will be discharged. This could happen as soon as tomorrow or Sunday! Upon discharge, they will be given a referral letter to the Uganda Heart Institute where they will hopefully be able to treat the problem with her heart. Please continue to pray for Viola that she will continue to get stronger and thank you for faithful encouragement! Photo of Viola

Mar 01, 2018

“I’m feeling happy because I have come to the ward with my baby. I have been praying for my baby to leave ICU and also to leave the hospital and go home. God has given my baby life,” said Namubiru. Viola is out of the ICU this morning they made the quick walk from ICU to the ward. As Namubiru entered the ward she laughed and smiled, moving Viola out of the ICU not only made Namubiru happy but lifted the spirits of the ICU staff. Esther, Namubiru’s friend, was the first person to greet them as they entered the ward. Namubiru and Esther are separated by a small wall and if Namubiru stands tall she can see over the wall to Esther and her son. During their time at the hospital Viola has received over 100 get well messages, thank you so much for encouraging them through your words and prayers, they go a long way and are very much part of the healing that takes place! Photo of Viola

Feb 28, 2018

With a smile on her face, Namubiru said, “The doctors told me that she is much better and they even removed her from oxygen support.” For today, Viola is still being monitored in ICU and will most likely be transferred to the general ward tomorrow. Two months ago when Viola was admitted at CURE Hospital, she was also accompanied by her grandmother Fausta, Namubiru’s mom, who spent a couple of weeks with her and returned home. The good news we heard today is that Namubiru is expecting her mother Fausta to visit this week! Please continue with your support and prayers for this family! Photo of Viola

Feb 27, 2018

“Viola is improving, just pray she gets off oxygen,” said nurse Amelia. Later in the day, Viola was taken off oxygen. “Doing well off oxygen, if she continues she will not be placed back on,” said nurse Amelia. Namubiru is doing well. She is happy that Viola is showing signs of improvement. This morning she spent time with her best friend in the hospital, Esther, who gave her an apple. Last week, Esther bought Viola eggs which they enjoyed outside the ICU. After spending time with Esther, Namubiru went to the playroom and colored with some of the other families. Winnie and Immaculate from the Spiritual Center stopped by Viola’s bed to pray for her and encourage her mother, they told Namubiru to rest and let God fight the battle. Please continue to pray for Viola to become healthy and stronger! Photo of Viola

Feb 26, 2018

“I’m happy my child is nursing, she has not been nursing,” said Namubiru. Viola continues to be in the ICU and on oxygen, her feeding is improving though she still has her NG tube in place. She has been status quo with no major changes throughout the weekend and her doctors are continuing her antibiotics. Namubiru attended the chapel service this afternoon, “we were told to trust in God to pray,” said Namubiru. She has been talking with her mother and they are missing one another and Namubiru is hoping they will go home soon. Please keep Viola in your prayers that she will be healed. Photo of Viola

Feb 23, 2018

“Viola is still sick, so we are supporting her respiratory system. She gets a little distress when she feeds. For today’s plan, we are gong to continue antibiotics and oxygen,” said nurse Miria. Namubiru is doing well, she sees signs of improvement in Viola, she is stretching and moving her limbs more and crying. Namubiru has been enjoying the wheelchair she found, most mornings she can be found outside the ICU sitting in it. This afternoon Viola and Namubiru received a handful of get well messages and it seems the nursing staff likes the get well messages just as much as Namubiru and often reads them to her! Please continue to pray for Viola and Namubiru and sending encouragement by writing to them! Photo of Viola

Feb 22, 2018

“You never hear her say anything negative about her baby, she always believes the baby will get well,” said Winnie from the Spiritual Center. “She is not breathing well again today,” said Viola’s nurse Jane. Viola is once again in the care of Jane in the ICU, Viola is still on oxygen and receiving antibiotics. “… God should help you go home,” prayed nurse Jane over Viola. This morning Namubiru got her hair done outside the ICU, she sat in a wheelchair as another mother did her hair. Please continue to pray for Viola to improve. Photo of Viola

Feb 21, 2018

“She was not feeding well and then she was not breathing well so they brought her here,” said Namubiru. “Viola was transferred back here after having respiratory destress,” said Dr. Micheal, he added. “We just wanted to be safe.” Last night at 10pm Viola was transferred back to the ICU, and today electrolytes, a complete blood count, a CSF tap and analysis were done. She also continues to be on two antibiotics. Dr. Micheal says they are winning the war against her sepsis infection and he is seeing improvement in her however, “Long term we really need to send her to the heart center.”

“(Pray) for Viola to improve and never be back on oxygen. Pray for me to have strength and courage,” said Namubiru. Photo of Viola

Feb 20, 2018

This morning Namubiru was told Viola was being moved out of the ICU and in to the ward! “I feel good going down. Viola is better. She was breathing bad on oxygen but now breathing well,“ said Namubiru. Viola still has her NG tube in but she is trying to spoon feed, and she has six more days of antibiotics. Prior to moving down to the ward, Namubiru sat outside the ICU with one of her friends and ate boiled eggs and drank tea. Later in the day, Viola got to go to the playroom for the first time since she has been here. Namubiru colored while Viola looked at a mobile before falling asleep. “Baby Viola has come to play, we are so excited to see baby Viola here,” said Annet from the Spiritual Center. Please keep praying for Viola that she will continue to improve! Photo of Viola

Feb 19, 2018

“She will be fine! She has been off oxygen for three days now and I feel like God is answering my prayers,” said Namubiru with a smile on her face. Doctor Michael said, “She is better, we’ll complete the antibiotics and see what's next.” Viola is still using an NG tube to feed but overall her condition has improved. She moves more each day. Namubiru’s mother calls everyday for updates about her grandchild’s condition. We thank God for the improvement in Viola’s condition and for your prayers for her! Photo of Viola

Feb 15, 2018

“My baby is getting better and better.” said Namubiru. Over the last two days, Viola has been improving which has lifted the spirits of Namubiru. “The baby was not breathing well, but now removing the oxygen seems possible,” said Namubiru. Viola continues to be on her oxygen mask and, at this time, there are no plans to remove it, but she is no longer gasping for air! Viola is also more active, moving her arms and kicking her legs. Her antibiotics seem to be working today. Another CSF tap will be done and the fluid will be tested. Namubiru played with Viola, moving their balloon in front of her face and she got excited when Viola would see the balloon. Nurse Jane is taking care of Viola today which makes Namubiru happy. Jane seems to one of Namubiru's favorite nurses. Please keep Viola in your prayers, that her breathing will continue to improve. Photo of Viola

Feb 14, 2018

Viola got a valentine's day kiss from her mother and a balloon from the nurses in the ICU. After the morning ward rounds, Joyce the assistant nurse manager handed out balloons to the families in the ICU. Everyone had a fun time trying to inflate and tie them. Viola and Namubiru received 10 get well messages, all of them expressing love and prayers for the family. Viola has improved a little. She is no longer gasping for air, but still needs oxygen. The CSF culture came back which showed there was an infection. Viola has been placed on a second antibiotic which should be effective against that type of infection. Please continue to pray for Viola, that her breathing will improve, and for the antibiotics to be effective against the infection! Photo of Viola

Feb 13, 2018

“Viola is still sick and the issue is now her breathing. The concern is she is gasping all the time. It is a result of a defect of the heart,” said nurse Miria. "Yesterday, they took fluid from the brain and now we are waiting for the culture.” Namubiru says. Viola's condition worsened last night. This morning several staff members met with Namubiru to talk and council her. She received a few get well messages which she read in bed. Please continue to pray for Viola and Namubiru and please keep writing to them. Photo of Viola

Feb 12, 2018

“I have been praying to God that He may heal my child perfectly well,” said Namubiru. This morning Nurse Caren prayed for Viola and sang worship songs to her, then met with Namubiru and prayed with her. “Don’t ask why me? God has a reason and a purpose for your life and the child,” said Nurse Caren. Caren told her the medical staff will do their best, but it is God who will heal Viola. Caren gave her advise on praying, be praying for strength and understanding, for joy and to trust in the Lord. Namubiru and Viola had a routine weekend where she attended chapel which taught about clinging to God and praying to God. Viola will get a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) tap today, during which antibiotics will be administered and the CSF will also be taken for testing. Viola has started an antibiotic and will be kept on oxygen therapy this week and will not be weaned off till the weekend. Please continue to pray for Viola and Namubiru. Photo of Viola

Feb 09, 2018

One of our anesthesiologists, Dr. Fred, examined Viola this morning and suggested she start a stimulant to increase her breathing. Yesterday, they tried weaning Viola off oxygen and her saturation lowered, followed soon by her heart. At the moment, the goal is to get Viola off oxygen and then transfer her to the Uganda Heart Institute where they can treat her. Namubiru is doing well. She spent the morning talking with her friends in the ward and then went to the playroom where she built a castle out of building blocks. Please continue to pray for Viola and that her breathing will improve. Photo of Viola

Feb 08, 2018

Nurse Jane is taking care of Viola today. She likes getting Namubiru to laugh by teasing her. Namubiru and Viola share the same name so Jane was asking why the mother was named after the baby. Viola is off antibiotics both IV and topical. Her doctors continue to try and wean Viola off oxygen. Namubiru is doing much better than yesterday and has been able to laugh and smile thanks to Jane. They received a pile of get well messages today which are a very big encouragement to Namubiru. Please continue to write and pray for Viola and Namubiru. Photo of Viola

Feb 07, 2018

Viola had a scan, an echocardiogram, and she was found to be with a condition called Patent Ductus Arteriosus, meaning that there is an irregular transmission of blood between the aorta and the pulmonary artery. Dr. Michael believes that she will be eventually referred to the Mulago Heart Institute in Kampala soon. As for now, Viola is still on oxygen and in ICU and our doctors are working to stabilize her. Mama Namubiru was updated on her child’s condition and she is feeling low, “I just don’t know what to do now,” she said. Immaculate from the Spiritual Department prayed with her and encouraged her. Please keep her your prayers and encouragement coming for Viola and Namubiru too, it helps know that many people are standing with her and supporting her! Photo of Viola

Feb 06, 2018

Namubiru got a break from the ICU and she spent the morning in the playroom with other families, she was able to socialize and paint her nails. Viola has completed her antibiotic regimen but she is still on oxygen and her doctors are making a plan to get her a heart echo to see if she is having a heart problem that is causing her oxygen desaturation. Her doctors are in communication with a nearby clinic where they will take Viola to get her heart echo; the trip will be a little tricky due to her reliance on oxygen. Please be praying for Viola to get well and for wisdom for the medical team treating her. Photo of Viola

Feb 05, 2018

“To have faith in God, to pray to God and to thank Him,” said Namubiru about what she learned in church in our ward over the weekend. Viola continues to battle with oxygen, she is now out of her tent but on and off her oxygen mask. She continues to be fed through her NG tube but her doctors are going to try feeding her with a spoon today. Namubiru got to talk with her mother Fausta over the weekend and Namubiru says, she is doing fine. Viola received a handful of get well messages which put a smile on Namubiru’s face, their nurse Mildred read them as Namubiru fed Viola. Please keep Viola in your prayers that her breathing will improve and they will soon be out of the ICU. Photo of Viola

Feb 02, 2018

Namubiru says, ”she is good and Viola is fine.” Viola continues to be in the ICU where she has been placed into an oxygen tent. She continues to feed through an NG tube and receive IV antibiotics along with topical for a rash she's developed. Namubiru and Viola received several get well messages which brightened Namubiru’s day, the messages told her that she and Viola were being prayed for and that God is with them. Please continue to pray for Viola and Namubiru and encourage them with get well messages. We're so thankful for all of you who play a big role in encouraging them! Photo of Viola

Feb 01, 2018

“I want my baby to play and to be good,” said Namubiru. Today they received a few get well messages which filled Namubiru’s face with a smile! She was told that over 150 people were following their story and praying for them! Viola is not nursing well so an NG tube has been placed and her mother will feed her every two hours. She continues to be on oxygen and the medical team is contemplating a new antibiotic. Please be praying for Viola that she will begin to improve, and for wisdom for her doctors to find an effective antibiotic and for Namubiru to be strengthened through your continued prayers. Photo of Viola

Jan 31, 2018

“Early this morning at 4am baby Viola was removed from oxygen and she managed to breath on her own up to 7am when the oxygen mask was put back. She can breathe on her own a bit and I am very excited about that," Namubiru shared. Viola however is still in ICU and is still being given antibiotics. Please continue to pray for her and Namubiru. Photo of Viola

Jan 30, 2018

Yesterday’s CSF tap showed signs that Viola had an infection in her brain but that it is no longer active. This afternoon, her doctors will discuss a plan for her and review a CT-scan of her brain. Last night there was pus discharge from her wound site so a swab was collected and taken for analysis. The lab is also doing a complete blood count and electrolytes. “We are still going for antibiotics, today is the 8th day of 14,” said Dr. Noah and he continued, “we will try and get her off oxygen today.” Please be praying for Viola that she will improve and for her mother to be strong. Photo of Viola

Jan 29, 2018

“The plan for today is to do tapping. They (our doctors) are suspecting there is pressure (on the brain),” said nurse Ruth. Dr. Noah did a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) tap where he removed some of the fluid that surrounds the brain. The fluid is now being tested. Viola is status quo and her doctors have no new concerns but are investigating if she will need surgery on her head. She continues to desaturate when off oxygen which has kept her in the ICU for the last week. Namubiru is quiet today and she seemed worried about the (CSF) tap and that Viola is still in the ICU. Please continue to pray for Viola, that her breathing will improve so she can soon leave the ICU and for encouragement and strength for Namubiru. Photo of Viola

Jan 25, 2018

“I trust God, He is in charge,” said Namubiru. Viola’s nurse Lisa has been seeing improvements, she is nursing well so her NG tube will be removed. Her oxygen saturation levels are also improving. She has been moved into an oxygen tent which is the next step in getting her off oxygen. Namubiru has been attending the afternoon chapel services regularly, “I have enjoyed chapel, I have learned to trust God, to thank Him and to pray,” said Namubiru. Namubiru’s faith has impressed Winnie in the Spiritual Center, that she has stayed positive even though Viola’s health has gone up and down. Namubiru has been praying, “My prayer is God help me and heal my baby,” said Nambiru. Please join her in praying for Viola. Photo of Viola

Jan 24, 2018

“Viola was able to breastfeed yesterday and that really encouraged me considering the fact that she has an NG tube in her. I know God is working,” Namubiru said. She attended the general devotion in the ward yesterday and she says she enjoyed the worship. Viola is still on oxygen support and being looked after by our attentive ICU nurse Lisa, please continue to keep her in your prayers! Photo of Viola

Jan 23, 2018

Namubiru’s prayer request is, “We go back home when we are good.” Yesterday Viola was having trouble breathing and was moved to the ICU and placed on oxygen. Her doctors are treating a sepsis infection and yesterday marked 14 days on antibiotics. However, on Sunday, her back was still discharging pus so her antibiotics have been changed. There is concern that the infection may have spread and if that is the case she made need a second operation to treat her inflamed ventricles. It is still too early to tell if another operation is needed so please be praying for Viola in the meantime, that her breathing will improve and that she will not need another operation. Photo of Viola

Jan 19, 2018

Today Viola will have her stitches removed which is exciting. The only down side about her condition today is that she didn't feed well last night so today the doctors are going to put the NG tube back in to aid in her feeding. "Please pray that she regains her appetite so that they don't put the tube in," Namubiru requested. Please be praying for them! Photo of Viola

Jan 18, 2018

“Different patients have come and gone but I am still here which I'm ok with because I want to leave when Viola is totally healed and that is what I request my friends to pray for - total healing,” says Namubiru. She also told us that she has noticed a positive change in her baby’s health, she can now breastfeed and that Viola can move her legs, which is a good thing for a child with spina bifida. Please continue praying for this family! Photo of Viola

Jan 17, 2018

Viola and Namubiru have had a somewhat uneventful day. Namubiru and Viola spent the morning outside the ward with their friends, then in the afternoon, Namubiru was taught how to dress Viola’s back which is still a little infected. Namubiru seemed a little fatigued today and is looking forward to going home. Viola and Namubiru received a get well message telling them they were being prayed for, please join them in praying for Viola's back to heal well! Photo of Viola

Jan 16, 2018

“I want my baby to get well and for us to be able to go home. I also want to be able to be able to take care of the baby and to be able to go back to school,” said Namubiru about her prayer requests. Viola had a seizure yesterday and has been put on anticonvulsants. She is continuing her antibiotics and, besides the seizure, she seems to be improving. Namubiru hopes she will be able to go back to school and become an elementary school teacher. Namubiru and Viola have had a quiet day. Nambiru did laundry early in the morning and spent the day with Viola and some of her friends in the hospital. Please be praying for Viola to stop having convulsions and for her infection to be cured. Photo of Viola

Jan 15, 2018

“Viola has been crying all night. I think she feels pain from the incision site,” said Namubiru. Viola continues to be on antibiotics today and this marks her seventh day of 14 on them. Over the weekend, there was pus discharge from her incision site which was cleaned and redressed. Her doctors seem confident that the antibiotics will clear up the infection. Overall though, Nambiru, Viola, and Fausta had a quiet weekend. Their highlight was the church service. “I learned a lot from the sermon and praying to God for help. We also thanked Him for making these days,” said Namubiru. Namubiru is now healthy and able to take care of Viola on her own again. Because of this, Fausta is going home today. After her mother left, Nambiru spent some time with the other families in the ward and read a couple get well messages they received. Please continue to pray for Viola that her infection will go away and she won’t develop hydrocephalus. Photo of Viola

Jan 12, 2018

“Viola is good going to ward,” said her nurse, Ruth. “There is some difference compared to yesterday. Yesterday she couldn’t nurse, today has tried,” said Namubiru and she continued, “I have been praying that my baby will be better and they will discharge us when the baby is healthy.“ Viola is now off oxygen, yesterday she was on and off oxygen as her nurses weaned her off and closely monitored her saturation levels. If there is room in the ward Viola will be transferred out of the ICU which Namubiru is very excited about. Please join Namubiru in praying for Viola to become healthy. Photo of Viola

Jan 11, 2018

“Baby is still sick, I hope baby will be okay,” said Fausta. Viola is still in the ICU and slowly being weaned off oxygen. Once she is off oxygen, she will be able to go back to the ward. “I’m happy because my daughter is okay, better each day,” said Fausta about Namubiru. Fausta and Namubiru talked with nurse Caren today, they had questions about Viola’s future - if she would be able to walk and what her quality of life would be like. Caren explained the different impacts spina bifida can have on a child due to nerve damage and the increased chance of developing hydrocephalus, she also shared stories of former patients with spina bifida who are now in school. Fausta's prayer request is, “I want God to give us strength and courage to take care of the baby.” Please be praying for Viola and her mother Namubiru to both continue to improve. Photo of Viola

Jan 10, 2018

“It was very comforting when Pastor Annet prayed with us in the morning. She also told me not to worry, to have faith in God, and to read the Bible. I'm also praying for Viola’s surgery. I pray that it goes well,” Namubiru said. Last evening, Namubiru was found to be anemic so she was given a blood transfusion. Her mother Fausta is very helpful, she does the laundry and feeds Viola through her NG tube. Viola had surgery today and Dr. Justin performed a myelomeningocele closure. The operation was successful and she is now awake in the PACU and will soon be transferred to the ICU. Please join Annet and our community in praying for Viola that she will recover well from surgery and not develop hydrocephalus. Photo of Viola

Jan 09, 2018

Viola, her mother Namubiru and her grandmother Fausta arrived at CURE last evening from Kampala. Our doctors have commenced with Viola's treatment and assured Namubiru this morning during ward rounds that Viola will have surgery this week. They have settled in and are getting acquainted with the other moms in the ward. Please be praying and sending in your support for this family. Photo of Viola

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