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Leila's Story

“I pray to God for my baby to be healed,” said Prossy. Prossy is Catholic and tells us that Leila is a Muslim because her father is a Muslim. At one month old, Leila began vomiting and Prossy noticed her head beginning to grow. She took her to … Read more

“I pray to God for my baby to be healed,” said Prossy. Prossy is Catholic and tells us that Leila is a Muslim because her father is a Muslim. At one month old, Leila began vomiting and Prossy noticed her head beginning to grow. She took her to a couple of hospitals before being referred to CURE. "Most of the hospitals that I went to prior to coming here didn't help Leila, and her condition only worsened, yet they were demanding for so much money from me and my family," says Prossy. She had never seen a child with hydrocephalus before coming to CURE, “ I’m not worried cause there are so many babies like that (with hydrocephalus),” said Prossy. When Leila grows up Prossy hopes she will become a teacher like she is. Please join Prossy and the rest of us in praying for Leila's healing!

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Latest Updates

Feb 20, 2019

“We are back to the ward and (Leila) has greatly improved. She really enjoys her sleep these days because there is no more pain”, Prossy told us with joy in her eyes. Prossy spent the morning with a friend listening to a comedy show on her phone, then in the afternoon she was involved in the daily devotion. Leila is doing much better today. She is feeding well and isn’t irritable. She is still taking her antibiotics and is mostly on bedrest. Please continue to remember her in prayer. Photo of Leila

Feb 19, 2019

Leila went in for her shunt replacement today. The surgery was performed by two neurosurgeons and it ended successfully. Leila is now in PACU recovering and will spend the night in ICU being monitored. Asked about her stay at CURE Uganda, Prossy said “This time I feel like we haven’t been here for so long, but I pray that this time we don’t get any other complications because my girl (Leila) has suffered so much”. Please be praying for Leila as she recovers from her surgery. Photo of Leila

Feb 18, 2019

“Leila has greatly improved. She is no longer irritable and she even started playing and smiling over the weekend,” Prossy said. Today, Leila’s cerebrospinal fluid will be tapped and taken to the laboratory in order to be analyzed and see if the infection is gone. If it is, she could have a new shunt placed as soon as tomorrow. Please be praying for her! Photo of Leila

Feb 15, 2019

“I will be at CURE until she gets a new shunt”, Prossy said with a sound of relief as she no longer has to worry about all the troubles that would be involved with traveling home and back to the hospital in a relatively short amount of time. Leila is still on antibiotics, but is getting stronger each day. Prossy said today she will spend time in the activity room since Leila isn’t irritable anymore! Photo of Leila

Feb 14, 2019

Leila had a peaceful and calm night in ICU. All her vitals are stable. Her mother Prossy says that she slept well because Leila wasn’t irritable. Her surgeon said that Leila will need another shunt placement in the next seven to fourteen days. When Prossy learned about this she said, “I hope we stay at CURE until she gets her new shunt." Leila will be transferred back to the ward today and she still continues with her antibiotics. Please be praying for her. Photo of Leila

Feb 13, 2019

Leila’s shunt was replaced today, she is now in ICU where she will continue with her antibiotics. Prossy spent most of the day sleeping. She said, “we have had many sleepless nights because she has been very restless and crying so much, so now that she is in theatre I am also going to sleep well. I won’t do anything else, just sleeping!” Please be praying for Leila as she spends her night in ICU and peace for her mom Prossy! Photo of Leila

Feb 12, 2019

“When I took Leila to a health center for the stitches to be removed, the nurse didn’t do a good job. The following day I realized that there was a wound and ever since then it has been gradually deepening, causing Leila a lot of pain. She is always crying and is restless so when I finally got money for transport I immediately came back,” Prossy told us. She arrived at CURE Uganda with the 3 o’clock bus and immediately she was clerked by our social workers and sent to see Dr. Michael who said, “I am going to start Leila on very strong antibiotics because her shunt is already infected and discharging pus. We shall see if she can have surgery as soon as tomorrow to remove it. We shall also take a sample of her cerebrospinal fluid and send for analysis today.” Leila is now admitted, and we are waiting for what the medical team agrees on about the way forward to make her healthy again. Please be praying for little Leila! Photo of Leila

Jan 31, 2019

“I had faith that Leila will be discharged and indeed she was discharged this morning. As you can see she is back to normal, I have already dressed her up and we are just waiting to clear a few things with the nurse and we leave,” the visibly happy Prossy said. She will be traveling by bus to Kampala which is a four-hour drive from CURE Hospital. Her next review will be a month from now in Kampala. Please pray for continued health and healing for Leila! Photo of Leila

Jan 30, 2019

“We are going home tomorrow! I am so happy because I had missed my home so much,” Prossy exclaimed. She spent most of the day strolling Leila around the hospital and also attended devotions in the afternoon. Today is Leila’s last day on her antibiotics and Prossy says she looks even better than she did yesterday! We thank God for successfully getting them to the end of their treatment at CURE Uganda and for your prayers that have sustained them! Photo of Leila

Jan 29, 2019

“I can now have a conversation with her, but she hasn’t started laughing and smiling yet. She has also started playing more, has better neck control and is feeding well which is a big improvement for her,” Prossy said. Leila has one more day to finish her antibiotics regiment and will probably be discharged this Thursday. Please keep Prossy and Leila in your prayers! Photo of Leila

Jan 28, 2019

Late in the day on Friday it was decided that Leila should go into surgery and her doctors successfully placed a shunt. Leila had a good recovery and is now back in the ward with her mother who is happy that Leila was able to get the surgery. Prossy has seen positive changes in Leila, she has better neck control, more playful, and is less irritable. Now that the surgery is over Prossy is focusing on physical therapy. Please continue to pray for Leila to recover well! Photo of Leila

Jan 25, 2019

“Bloody CSF and is still on antibiotics. Her mother Prossy is hopeful for surgery next week which will be a shunt placement. She spent most of the day hanging out with Leila, her fellow moms at the hospital and made a few phone calls home. Please be praying for her and baby Leila as they spend this weekend at CURE Uganda. Photo of Leila

Jan 23, 2019

“Currently the fevers are down and she is feeding well. We are continuing with antibiotics and we shall take a sample of her CSF tomorrow and send to the lab. If the fluid is found to be good, then she will have surgery on Friday,” nurse Dan said. Prossy had a brighter morning, she was chatting with other moms and escorted the ones who had been discharged to the hospital gate. She later spent time in the activity room painting her nails with other moms and Annet from the Spiritual Center. Please be praying for her and baby Leila! Photo of Leila

Jan 22, 2019

Leila had a CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) leak on her surgical site and the nurses where quick to dress it up to prevent infection. She still has fevers, so her antibiotics have been changed and she is being closely monitored. When we talked to Prossy she said just that she is “Okay” but seemed very discouraged. This morning she did her laundry, cleaned up Leila, and took time listening to music on her phone radio. Please be praying for God to give her strength and courage as she takes care of Leila. Photo of Leila

Jan 21, 2019

“Leila is taking medication, but she had fevers over the weekend and I informed the doctors who told me that they will do some blood tests today” Prossy said. Leila is continuing with anticonvulsants and may have surgery this week. Prossy attended devotions together with the staff this morning and says that she enjoyed the praise and worship. Please be praying for Prossy and Leila, and for God to give the surgeons wisdom on how to handle her case. Photo of Leila

Jan 18, 2019

“I am just waiting for what the doctors say and we shall do,” Prossy said. Baby Leila is having treatment for a skin infection which is one of the reasons she didn’t have her shunt placed earlier this week. Prossy says she is comfortable at CURE Uganda and has made many friends during her stay here so far. Please remember Leila and Prossy in prayers. Photo of Leila

Jan 17, 2019

Leila and Prossy both had a good night. She is aware that the anatomy of Leila’s brain was poor, so the ETV/CPC procedure wasn’t successful. She said, “I have been told that I will have to come back at a later date for another surgery and am okay with that .“ Prossy plans to update her parents on Leila’s condition because they have been praying for her. She says she is comfortable at the hospital and loves the feeding and care of the staff. Please continue to pray for baby Leila! Photo of Leila

Jan 16, 2019

“I am not scared, in fact, I am relieved that she is going for surgery because her condition has not been good and now that she is heading to theatre I know that she will be well. Today, Leila will have her second surgery in two years and my prayer is that it is successful and that she recovers fast,” Prossy said. As she awaited for Leila to head into the OR, Prossy did her laundry and said that she plans to go to the chapel and have some time of prayer. Leila's operation was unsuccessful because the anatomy of her brain was poor so Dr. Justin was unable to do an ETV/CPC. Leila currently has a skin infection so they were not able to place a shunt, she will need another operation once her skin infection clears. Please be praying for Leila that she will recover swiftly from today's operation and for her infection to clear. Photo of Leila

Jan 15, 2019

“Leila’s condition was gradually improving, and she was becoming like other normal children. She could sit on her wheel chair, was very playful, and she can even talk. However, the last week particularly has been very difficult because she has been vomiting a lot and isn’t feeding at all so she even lost the strength to sit,” Prossy said. She decided to bring her back to her doctors here at CURE Uganda. We have already taken Leila for a brain CT scan and later in the afternoon her Cerebrospinal fluid will be tapped and sent for analysis. Our nurse Caren is closely monitoring her feeding. Results from the lab tests and CT scan will be reviewed by our doctors who will then make a plan for her. Please be praying for her and her mother Prossy! Photo of Leila

Sep 25, 2017

"Leila is now fine, she doesn't disturb us anymore so I am even back in school. I am studying to be a teacher. When I am in school, she is under the care of my mom. This girl is very happy and playful, she can sit a bit and tries to crawl but her head is still a bit heavy for her," said Prossy. Other than a slight cough that Leila has, she is completely healthy and we thank God for that! Photo of Leila

Aug 03, 2017

“BYE!!! I am going bye,” yelled Prossy. This morning, Dr. Justin told Prossy they could go home. As soon as the ward round moved to the next bed, she raced outside to begin washing and packing her bags. Just past 8:00 she had her bags packed and was waiting on the doctors for medication for Leila and to be discharged. “Time ( at CURE) was so good. Serious, now she is fine! God healed my baby, I am happy,” said Prossy. We will see them at a follow up clinic in the capital of Kampala at the end of next month. Please remember Prossy in your prayers. Photo of Leila

Aug 02, 2017

Leila is currently in the ICU and will be moved to the ward shortly, she has a fever and is irritable but otherwise is recovering well. “I feel good,“ said Prossy about Leila’s operation being completed. Prossy is getting more involved with the church services and shared yesterday, “I prayed I am a preacher. People to be patient people that believe in God. God will do serious things, you trust Him and don’t worry,” said Prossy. Please be praying for Leila to recover well and for them to soon be able to return home. Photo of Leila

Aug 01, 2017

“Leila is finally going to surgery, I am happy,” said Dr. Peter. Prossy is also very happy that her daughter is having surgery today. Leila was Dr. Peter’s second case and he performed an ETV/CPC, allowing the cerebral spinal fluid to flow through her brain and for the brain to produce less of that fluid. Please be praying for Leila to recover quickly from the operation. Photo of Leila

Jul 31, 2017

“(The) weekend was good, we prayed. Yesterday, I prayed and worshiped. I prayed for my baby to be healed,” said Prossy. Prossy hopes and believes that Leila will have surgery tomorrow. “I feel happy soon, I’m going back home,” said Prossy. Please be praying for Leila that she will get to have surgery tomorrow and for the operation to be successful. Photo of Leila

Jul 28, 2017

“Saturday I’m here, Sunday I’m here up to when I don’t know,” said Leila. Leila is ready to be home, however, she is keeping a high morale hoping that Leila will be operated next week. Prossy says Leila is happy, they have been relaxing on their bed. Earlier in the day, Prossy was doing exercises with Leila which makes her anything but happy. Please be praying for Leila’s upcoming operation and continued strength for Prossy. Photo of Leila

Jul 27, 2017

“You pray to God for Leila to be healed,” said Prossy. Leila will most likely go into surgery next week which has encouraged Prossy, “I feel okay, I feel good because they will operate on this one,” said Prossy. Leila and Prossy have had a quiet day and Leila seems happy and Prossy is planning on watching more videos on her phone this afternoon. Please be praying for Leila to be operated on next week and for that operation to go successfully. Photo of Leila

Jul 26, 2017

“Surgery next week, we are still here,” said Prossy. There was hope that Leila might have surgery this week but it looks like she will have surgery at the start of next week. Leila seems happy today, she has been laying in bed with her mother as Prossy watches music videos on her phone. Prossy and Leila received a stack of get well messages which encouraged Prossy who is ready for her daughter to be healed and them to be at home. Please be praying for Leila to become healthy enough for surgery and strength for Prossy. Photo of Leila

Jul 25, 2017

“Today she is fine,” said Prossy. Leila is off oxygen and has been moved out of the ICU and into the ward! However, Leila has been very irritable. Prossy and she sat down for the afternoon church service in the ward and as soon as it began, she started crying so they had to leave. "Leila is busy crying,” said Prossy. Prossy is happy to be out of the ICU and back in the main ward. It is unclear when Leila will have surgery, but the anesthesia team will review her again and make a plan. Please be praying for Leila to become strong enough for surgery and for that surgery to be successful. Photo of Leila

Jul 24, 2017

“Her chest is getting better… off oxygen today,” said Dr. Joyce. Leila has pneumonia and has been on oxygen since Thursday. Today her doctors and nurses are beginning to wean her off. “I feel bad I really want to go, but I’m still here,” said Prossy. She says, they have been in and out of hospitals for the last month. Prossy has spent most of the day outside the ICU with a couple people who also have patients in the ICU. They received several get well messages informing Prossy that Leila and her are being prayed for and to trust God that Leila will be healed. Please also be praying for Leila that she will recover from her pneumonia and will have a successful operation. Photo of Leila

Jul 21, 2017

“Things are good today, yesterday was bad, she is not coughing too much." Yesterday Prossy met with Annet from the spiritual team, “They told me to pray that your baby will be fine. I prayed God help me, God raise up my baby, God hear my prayers, God heal my baby,” said Prossy. “The cough is reducing since nebulizing,” said nurse Caren. Leila is still in the ICU and she will be on oxygen for 48 hours to help support her breathing. She is making progress and now feeding better and her vitals are stable. Today Leila and Prossy received several get well messages which encouraged Prossy. Please remember them in your prayers! Photo of Leila

Jul 20, 2017

“The chest is bad since yesterday, the cough is sounding bad plus with the cardiac lesions can’t allow her to go to surgery,” said Dr. Joyce. Leila was scheduled to be the first surgery of the day, however this morning Leila’s surgeon, doctor, and anesthesia team met in the OR to discuss if she could be operated on. It was determined the risks were too high. After the meeting, Leila was moved to the ICU and placed on oxygen. Prossy was taken to the spiritual center playroom where she met with Annet from the spiritual team. Annet prayed for her and tried to encourage her to trust in God. Prossy is feeling down because the surgery was canceled and is worried because Leila is now on oxygen. Please be praying for Leila that her chest will clear and she will soon be healthy enough for surgery and for strength for Prossy. Photo of Leila

Jul 19, 2017

Prossy was full of questions about why Leila wasn’t having surgery today. “The anesthesia team wanted more time to make a plan,” explained Dr. Joyce during morning ward rounds. Dr. Michael examined Leila later in the morning, “we need everything optimized because of the cardiac defects that she has,” said Dr. Michael. Prossy is sad and growing somewhat impatient seeing other children going to surgery but not her daughter. The anesthesia team will meet again to look over Leila’s condition, hopefully she will have surgery this week. Please remember her in your prayers that she will have a successful operation soon. Photo of Leila

Jul 18, 2017

“Tomorrow I will feel badly because my kid is going for operation,” said Prossy. Half the children in Leila’s section of the ward went into surgery today and Prossy is happy to hear that they are now recovering in the ICU. Prossy was elected to be the local council (LC) in the ward which means that if any of the families need something, they go to her. “I serve the bedsheets, hand out uniforms, I have to take care of the ward, serve meal cards,” said Prossy about her new role. This has kept her a little busier and this morning she sat outside with Leila but then returned to the ward to help a mother get a locker for her belongings. Prossy is asking for prayers for Leila. Photo of Leila

Jul 17, 2017

“They said, this Wednesday they go for surgery,” said Prossy. She is feeling good about the news that her daughter will have surgery soon. They had a good weekend and Prossy said that she went to church, did laundry, ate, slept, and talked with her friends. “Prayers were good I prayed, I prayed, I prayed,” said Prossy about the weekend’s church service. During the time of worship she got to play the drum which she enjoyed. Please be praying for Leila, that her upcoming operation will go well. Photo of Leila

Jul 14, 2017

“Next week, God willing,” said Dr. Justin as he spoke to Prossy about when Leila would have surgery. Besides her chest, her doctors have no concerns. This morning Winnie from the spiritual department met with Prossy again and they talked about yesterday’s sermon and prayer requests. “If you believe, you get what you want,” said Prossy about what she learned yesterday. Prossy would like prayer for Leila that she gets healed. At the end of their discussion, Winnie prayed for her and Leila, that the upcoming operation would go well. Please join Winnie, Prossy and the rest of us in praying for a successful surgery. Photo of Leila

Jul 13, 2017

Winnie from the spiritual center met with Prossy, “She told me, I will get saved when my child gets well,” said Winnie. This afternoon, Prossy and Winnie met up again. “She finally gave her life to Christ, she is so happy,” said Winnie. Leila will probably have surgery next week because she is on antibiotics, “The chest has not been good. Once the chest clears, they are likely to attempt surgery,” said Dr. Stewart. Please be praying for Prossy’s new faith to grow and for Leila’s upcoming operation. Photo of Leila

Jul 12, 2017

“I came last week and was referred to Mulago because the heart has a problem, then came back on Monday,” said Prossy. The heart test showed Leila will be able to undergo surgery, she is now awaiting an operation. “This place is good, if I want to sleep, I sleep, if I want to do this, I do it. I feel comfortable,” said Prossy. Please be praying for Leila’s upcoming operation to be successful. Photo of Leila

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