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Shadia's Story

“It was the first time to see it, I was shocked in fact,” explained Shadia about when she saw her daughter Shadia’s back after birth. The hospital Shadia was born at referred them to CURE and they didn’t waste any time, they traveled to CUR… Read more

“It was the first time to see it, I was shocked in fact,” explained Shadia about when she saw her daughter Shadia’s back after birth. The hospital Shadia was born at referred them to CURE and they didn’t waste any time, they traveled to CURE immediately. Once at CURE, Shadia saw other patients with the same condition “(I) feel better because I’m not the only one, the children I see God has many plans for,” said Shadia. “I just pray God gives her life. At first I thought God just take her but now, no.” Shadia and her husband Swamili are both Muslims, Shadia is a first grade teacher and Swamili is a business man.

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Latest Updates

Feb 12, 2018

Shadia finished her antibiotics on Saturday and was allowed home. We will see her again in April when she comes back for a physical therapy review. Please be praying for Shadia that she will soon be able to support her head and sit without support.

Feb 09, 2018

“Baby Shadia is good,” said mother Shadia as she sat outside the ICU. This morning they socialized with a couple of their friends, did laundry, and went to the playroom. In the afternoon, they plan to attend the chapel. Shadia has been praying for her daughter, “I am praying for her to get energy to hold her head and sit.” Tomorrow, they should be able to go home. It is the fourth day out of five on antibiotics. They both seem to be doing well and are happy. This morning, they received several get well messages which added to their joy. Please be praying for Shadia to soon be able to support her head and sit up. Photo of Shadia

Feb 08, 2018

“I sung God is good, because He has been doing many things in my daughter's life,” said mother Shadia about singing worship songs during church. Yesterday, baby Shadia got a CT scan. It showed her brain was relaxed which is a sign her previous surgery was successful. She will not need another operation. Her doctors are treating her UTI with antibiotics. Today is the third day of five and we keep encouraging her mother to keep doing clean intermittent catheterization (CIC). Mother Shadia is doing well. She has many staff members who are old friends of hers from their previous stays in the hospital. She has also made quick friends with the other families in her section of the ward. Please keep baby Shadia in your prayers. Please be praying that the antibiotics will treat her UTI and for encouragement for her mother as she takes care of her baby. Photo of Shadia

Feb 07, 2018

“Shadia is good,” said her mother Shadia. They returned to the hospital because Shadia was noticing her daughter's head growing. Dr. Stewart examined them yesterday and says, her head is within the normal range. However, she has had a fever for the last week so a CBC, malaria test, and urine analysis were run. She has a UTI and has been placed on five days of antibiotics to treat the infection. Little Shadia can now sit with support and is active with her hands but doesn’t crawl or stand yet. She is a popular child in the ward getting many handshakes and high-fives from staff members and families in the hospital! Please be praying for Shadia that she will soon be healthy. Photo of Shadia

Jun 28, 2017

“They told us she is okay, but she was crying at home, but the doctors said, 'she will cry,'” said Shadia. They returned to CURE because Shadia was worried about her daughter's head was getting bigger. Since they left, her head as grown one centimeter. Shadia would like prayers that her daughter's head will be okay. Photo of Shadia

Jun 05, 2017

On Saturday, Shadia was discharged home. We will see her again on July 3rd, when they return to CURE for a follow up appointment. Please be praying for Shadia that she recovers well and needs no further treatment.

Jun 02, 2017

Shadia’s prayer request is “that the ETV works forever and ever.” “Maybe it was the water that made her cry because she cried at home,” said mama Shadia. They had a very good night where Shadia cried much less than normal. This morning, Shadia has been listening to music and doing laundry while her daughter slept in the ICU. They are being moved back to the ward today which is a good sign of improvement. Please be praying that Shadia’s operation was successful. Photo of Shadia

Jun 01, 2017

Shadia had surgery today. Our doctors performed a ventriculoscopy and aqueductoplasty. She is now in the ICU being held by her mother who is very happy. Please be praying for Shadia to have a swift recovery and for strength for mama Shadia. Photo of Shadia

May 31, 2017

Shadia returned to CURE yesterday because her mother was noticing that her head was continuing to grow. They performed a CT-scan, did a cerebral spinal fluid tap, and ran a complete blood count. This morning, Shadia has been irritable so her mother spent most of the morning by her side in the ward. Things at home are going well, their family is good and besides Shadia's head growing, she is also doing good. Please be praying for Shadia’s probable operation and for strength for her mother. Photo of Shadia

May 11, 2017

“I am going home, my child is now better, Shadia is now better, the wound is better. At first it was not easy, I didn’t think I would go back with my baby, but the doctors and nurses did what was needed,” said Shadia. After being at CURE for over a month, Shadia and her mother get to go home! Prior to leaving, she said goodbye to staff members and her friends, and we will see them again in about a month. Please continue to be praying for Shadia and her mother. Photo of Shadia

May 10, 2017

“The medicine is working because the legs that were swollen are now down,” said Shadia. Shadia is doing fine because her daughter is doing well, she has been hanging out with her friends and there are several mothers in her section that she is friends with. Please continue to pray for Shadia, that she will keep recovering and for continued strength and patience for her mother. Photo of Shadia

May 09, 2017

Shadia continues to be stable with her wound being re-dressed daily and receiving her antibiotics, she is still under monitoring from the medical staff. Shadia and her mother spent most of the day resting and socializing with the mothers in their section. Please be praying for Shadia that she will continue to improve and for no further complications to happen. Photo of Shadia

May 08, 2017

“I enjoyed the weekend, we went there to the church and prayed. I prayed for my baby to get a quick recovery and also the children at CURE to be better,” said Shadia. “The legs were swollen, but now they have come down and the wound is getting better,” said mama Shadia. Shadia continues to be on antibiotics and have her wound dressing changed everyday, she is feeding well and crying less during the night. Please join mama Shadia in praying for her daughter to recover quickly and for the health of all the children at CURE Uganda. Photo of Shadia

May 05, 2017

After yesterday’s episode of swelling, Shadia has been started on new stronger antibiotics for the next two weeks. Shadia is doing better today with less swelling, her legs have been raised and she is working with our physiotherapist Sam. Her mother said they had a good night and both slept well, she is happy to see the swelling going down. People responded to her prayer request by sending in get well messages letting Shadia know that her daughter is being prayed for. Thank you for your encouragement! Photo of Shadia

May 04, 2017

“Shadia is not good, the legs are swelling, even the hands have started swelling,” said mama Shadia. Her doctors are running tests to check her blood work, and organ function. She continues to be on antibiotics and closely monitored by the medical team. Shadia had a sleepless night, she cried and was restless the whole night, her mother was hopeful that they might rest during the day. Shadia is asking for prayers that her daughter will be healed, please be praying that her swelling will go down and her antibiotics will treat any infection. Photo of Shadia

May 03, 2017

Shadia is happy that the surgery is over and that her daughter is doing well. They spent the night in the ICU and are now being moved back to the ward. Please be praying for Shadia, she has been irritable and crying off and on. Also, please be praying for mama Shadia to have patience and strength during her daughter's recovery. Photo of Shadia

May 02, 2017

“If my daughter is good, I am also good,” said Shadia. Her daughter went into surgery today for an irrigation of the ventricles to remove infection in the cerebrospinal fluid. The operation was fast and she is now recovering in the PACU, but will soon be moved to the ICU to recover overnight. Please be praying for Shadia’s recovery. Photo of Shadia

Apr 28, 2017

“Today is good, because my child is not crying,” said Shadia. Shadia has continued her antibiotic regiment getting an IV drip at 6:00 in the morning and at 6:00 in the evening. Her nurses and mother continue to keep her wound site clean to prevent any future infection. Shadia and her mother received several get well messages today which were an encouragement to them. Please continue to remember Shadia in your prayers that her back will heal well and that no future operations will be needed. Photo of Shadia

Apr 27, 2017

“I want that head to remain this normal size, I want my baby to walk in God’s name and she will,” said Shadia. Shadia’s prayer requests are for her daughter's back to heal, for her not to need surgery on her head, and for Shadia to be able to walk. Shadia’s condition is stable with no major changes since yesterday, however, she has been crying a lot and had a sleepless night. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement for both mama Shadia and baby Shadia! Photo of Shadia

Apr 26, 2017

Shadia will be at the hospital for at least four more days while she is on antibiotics. Her doctors have placed her on an IV antibiotic to treat her infection. Mama Shadia has been making new friends with the mothers who have been moved into her section of the ward. This afternoon baby Shadia had more blood work done, please remember both mama Shadia and baby Shadia in your prayers! Photo of Shadia

Apr 25, 2017

Shadia’s CT scan showed that she will not need surgery for hydrocephalus now, however, her doctors will continue to observe her. They have now started her on a new topical antibiotic for her wound site which has signs of infection. They have instructed her mother to feed her on her belly and not to allow her to lay on her back. This morning she nursed a little however, Shadia’s NG tube is still in place. Her mother is doing well and seems to have a positive outlook, they received several get well messages which lifted their spirits. Please be praying for Shadia, that her new antibiotics will fight any infection she has. Photo of Shadia

Apr 24, 2017

“Shadia is here going for a scan. There's blood, and pus from the wound might be caused by the head, ... they might operate on the head,” said mama Shadia. A CT-scan will be done today to see if she will need another operation. “Two days back, not breastfeeding, no energy,” she continued. Baby Shadia, since then has had an NG tube placed to help her better feed. Shadia’s mother is doing well this morning, she did some laundry and sat by her daughter's side. Most of the mothers in her section have gone home so she is waiting for new friends to come. She thinks that her husband will come to the hospital later this week which she is looking forward to. Please be praying for Shadia, that her feeding will improve and continued strength for her mother. Photo of Shadia

Apr 21, 2017

This morning Dr. Stewart measured Shadia’s head, and it measured 35.8 cm. We are keeping tabs on whether her head is increasing in size as is a common occurrence in babies recovering from spina bifida. Her nurse says they will perform a CT scan to see if, or when she will need another operation. Shadia and her mother had a good night, both of them were able to sleep well. Shadia has been asleep most of the day while her mother did laundry and socialized with her friends. Please continue to pray for Shadia that her wound site will heal well. Photo of Shadia

Apr 20, 2017

“Shadia is good, but crying crying,” said her mother. Baby Shadia cried all through the night and has been sleeping all day except for when feeding. Yesterday and today mama Shadia went to the afternoon chapel service, “They said we have to be strong, have to be God’s children, not God’s creatures,” explained Shadia. Please keep Shadia in your prayers that she will recover well and for them to soon be able to go home. Photo of Shadia

Apr 19, 2017

Shadia is recovering well, she spent the night in the ICU but will be transferred back to the ward soon. Her mother says both of them are doing well. This morning Shadia received several get well messages which made her mother happy and encouraged her. Please continue to pray for Shadia's recovery! Photo of Shadia

Apr 18, 2017

“She is going back because the wound is leaking,” said Shadia. On Saturday, Shadia's Cerebral Spinal Fluid started leaking from her back, so on Sunday, a pressure dressing was placed. Yesterday it was decided she would need surgery. Today her surgery was postponed three and a half hours which made mother Shadia rather nervous and checking in on the OR staff to see if it was time yet. Baby Shadia stopped breastfeeding at 9:00 and didn’t go into surgery till about 4:30, so she cried a lot. Eventually, Shadia was taken into surgery for her CSF leak repair, and the operation is currently taking place. Please be praying for Shadia to recover well from this latest operation. Photo of Shadia

Apr 13, 2017

“Doctors say I’m still here,” said mother Shadia. Her daughter continues to be on antibiotics and pain medication, and her doctors and nurses are keeping her under observation in the ward, though she there are no major concerns. Once her antibiotic regiment is completed they will be allowed home. Shadia is now nursing well and is more aware which has made her mother very happy. Please be praying for Shadia that she will continue to improve and for them to be able to soon return home. Photo of Shadia

Apr 12, 2017

Shadia had a NG tube placed yesterday to help with her feeding, however, she pulled it out and today she is feeding better. Shadia says that she and her daughter are both doing well. Baby Shadia is being taken off her painkillers and her mother was instructed by Dr. Ssenyonga to keep the wound site clean. Please be praying for Shadia that she will continue to recover well. Photo of Shadia

Apr 11, 2017

Shadia has been moved from the ICU to the ward and her mother is happy about the operation being over. Shadia is doing well with the exception that she is not feeding normally, she has no fever and no vomiting. Swamili had to leave yesterday before he could see his daughter after surgery, and we heard that he made it safely home. Please keep Shadia in your prayers that she will make a full and quick recovery. Photo of Shadia

Apr 10, 2017

“I pray that she comes back when she is okay, I’m scared, but I know God is there,” said Swamili. At four days old her daughter Shadia is going into surgery. Today they will close her back where her Myelomeningocele is. Swamili has traveled from Jinja to CURE to be with his wife while their daughter is in surgery. Please be praying that she recovers well. Photo of Shadia

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