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Juma's Story

“For three weeks his head has been increasing in size and the only reason why we delayed to bring him to CURE is that we didn’t have money. Me and my husband had just spent money on school fees for Juma’s older siblings, but luckily some rela… Read more

“For three weeks his head has been increasing in size and the only reason why we delayed to bring him to CURE is that we didn’t have money. Me and my husband had just spent money on school fees for Juma’s older siblings, but luckily some relatives came and contributed some money towards his transport to CURE Hospital. During that time when we were at home, we visited my sister’s church and Juma was prayed for so I have faith that he will be healed,” said Florence. At home, Florence is a housewife and he is a businessman. Hydrocephalus was not something new to Florence, she had seen kids with hydro on TV and she even has a relative with the same condition, so she knew that it is treatable. Now that she is at CURE Hospital, her husband has decided to take care of the other children and has also promised to visit Florence and Juma at CURE. Please join us in praying for Juma and his family!

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Latest Updates

Aug 07, 2017

Juma and Florence went home over the weekend and they will return to CURE on September 5th for a check up. Please remember them in your prayers!

Aug 04, 2017

“We are fine Juma is okay,” said Florence. This morning during ward rounds Florence was told the surgery went well but that he would need a shunt. His doctors have no major concerns so they are being transferred to the ward. Florence spent the morning bathing Juma, washing clothes, and relocating to the ward. Florence seems happy and much more relaxed than yesterday. Please be praying for Juma that his next operation will go well and that it will be his last. Photo of Juma

Aug 03, 2017

“Juma is okay going to theatre today. I’m okay, I’m not all that bad,” said Florence. Dr. Justin performed a ventriculoscopy where he saw signs of an infection so he wasn’t able place a shunt yet. Juma will need another operation to place a shunt once there are no signs of an infection. Please be praying for Juma, that he will soon be healthy enough for another operation and for it to be successful. Photo of Juma

Aug 02, 2017

Juma and Florence have returned to CURE like their doctors had ordered, and he is now awaiting surgery. “He is doing well, just the head is growing,” said Florence. Both of them are doing good according to Florence and Juma seems happy and has grown a lot since he was last at CURE. Routine labs were run as well as a CT scan. Juma is currently under observation and is awaiting surgery, his doctors have no major concerns. Please be praying for Juma to have a successful operation. Photo of Juma

Jun 19, 2017

On Sunday, Juma was discharged home. They will return to CURE for surgery at the end of July. Please be praying for Juma, that his upcoming operation will be successful and for strength for his mother.

Jun 16, 2017

“Juma is here, somehow fair,” said Florence. They spent the morning doing laundry and socializing outside the ward. A person was selling baby clothes which the mothers flocked to, but unfortunately Florence couldn’t find anything that Juma was able to fit in. Juma will be scheduled to go in for surgery early next week. Florence and Juma are both doing well and have high spirits heading into the weekend. Please be praying for Juma’s upcoming operation to go well. Photo of Juma

Jun 15, 2017

“The doctors said they will tell me the day for operation,” said Florence. Florence and Juma are both doing well and seem to be in high spirits in the ward! They both had a good night and Juma has been eating well. At this time, no surgery date has been made for Juma, and Florence is patiently waiting for his operation. Please be praying for Juma’s upcoming surgery to be successful. Photo of Juma

Jun 14, 2017

“The head is still going up, especially here (Florence motions to the top of Juma’s head), it’s growing big. The head has been paining him but he does not cry,” said Florence. Juma has returned to CURE and since being here, he has had a CT-scan and several tests run. He is currently awaiting surgery. Please be praying for Juma, that he will soon have surgery and for it to be successful. Photo of Juma

May 12, 2017

“Juma is fine, he is going back today,” said Florence. During morning ward rounds, Florence was told they would be going home today which has made her happy. We will see them again in about a month. Please be praying that Juma continues to recover well. Photo of Juma

May 11, 2017

“I am fine, Juma is fair . . . at least there is change, they are sending us to the ward," said Florence. Florence is now relieved that her son’s operation is finished, they spent a sleepless night in the ICU and are happy to be going to the ward. Please continue to pray for Juma, that his recovery will continue to go well. Photo of Juma

May 10, 2017

“I’m not okay, I’m fearing the operation, I don’t know if it will be successful,” said Florence with honesty. Juma went in for an irrigation of the ventricles because his cerebrospinal fluid had pus and blood in it, a sample has been taken to the lab. Florence and Juma returned to CURE as scheduled, and Florence says that Juma has been doing well at home. Please be praying for Juma to recover well from his operation. Photo of Juma

Apr 04, 2017

Florence was ready to go home tomorrow, but this morning during ward rounds, she was told they could go home once Juma had taken his last dose of antibiotics. Needless to say, that made her very excited. So this morning, Florence cheerfully did laundry, packed up, and then departed. We will see them again at CURE in May, and please be praying for Juma to continue his recovery. Photo of Juma

Apr 03, 2017

“Juma is becoming fine, he has been breastfeeding well, he has no fevers. We are remaining with one more day [of antibiotics] ending on Tuesday, then on Wednesday we will go home,” said Florence. Juma and Florence have had a quiet day, and Florence said goodbye to a couple friends who got discharged this morning. Then Florence got some laundry done and planned on going to the afternoon church service. Please keep praying for Juma as he continues to recover and improve! Photo of Juma

Mar 31, 2017

Yesterday night Juma cried a lot, but he is calm this morning and Florence is hoping to get some rest in too. She's heard from her family and they are doing fine, but they miss her and Juma. Florence is hoping to be visited by her husband soon. Please keep them in your prayers! Photo of Juma

Mar 30, 2017

Today is day 9 of 14 for Juma’s antibiotics, Florence says, both of them are fine. She has been talking to her family at home - they are missing Juma and Florence, and are looking forward to seeing them. This morning has gone normally, Florence and Juma have made a routine out of their stay here. Starting in the morning with laundry and a bath for Juma, then spending time with friends as the laundry dries. Lunch and afternoon nap for Juma and then church service. Please continue to pray for Juma that his last few days at the hospital will go well, and for continued stamina for Florence. Photo of Juma

Mar 29, 2017

Juma had another good day! Florence and he spent the morning talking with friends near the laundry station, then joking with the moms in their section of the ward. Juma is doing good with no concerns from his doctors, he is eating well, has no fevers or vomiting. It is only his medication which is keeping them at CURE. Please pray that Juma’s recovery will continue to go well and that he will keep getting stronger and for them to be an encouragement to our other families in the ward. Photo of Juma

Mar 29, 2017

"Juma no longer has convulsions and his body temperature is back to normal. I think that is a big step towards his recovery. Although this is our ninth day at CURE Hospital I know that we will be discharged soon,” said Florence.

Mar 28, 2017

“My baby is somehow fair,” said Florence. Juma and Florence are both doing well and have high morale. Juma is about half way through his fourteen day antibiotic regiment. This time next week he should be allowed home. Please keep Juma in your prayers, for his antibiotics will cure his infection. Photo of Juma

Mar 27, 2017

“This is Juma now recovered,” said Florence as she lifted her son up. Juma is clinically stable with no vomiting, fevers, or seizures. Florence and Juma spent their morning outside the ward with their friends talking and laughing. Please pray for Juma that he will continue to recover without complications. Photo of Juma

Mar 24, 2017

“Juma is somehow okay he is improving,” said Florence. Juma had a calm night in the ICU as he recovered from yesterday's operation where they did a left occipital cerebral abscess aspiration and irrigation of the ventricles. Today they are being moved to the ward as his doctors have no major concerns. Please keep Juma in your prayers that he will recover well. Photo of Juma

Mar 23, 2017

“I am feeling sad because I don’t know what the outcome of the surgery will be. I have been counseled by the pastor and he even prayed for me. Let's wait and see what happens after the operation,” said Florence. Photo of Juma

Mar 22, 2017

First thing this morning, Juma was taken for a CT Scan and then he will have some laboratory tests later in the day. The results will be reviewed by the doctors then a plan will be made for his treatment. For now, he and his mother are settled in the ward and are comfortable. Please keep them in your prayers. Photo of Juma

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