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  • Age11
  • Conditiona tumor
  • Next Appointment 07/06/2018

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Ashim's Story

“I am not going to school, I am sick,” said Ashim. "He was in primary four before he had to stop attending because of his illness. In October of 2012, Ashim began vomiting nearly everyday, then in the middle of 2014 he started having convulsion… Read more

“I am not going to school, I am sick,” said Ashim. "He was in primary four before he had to stop attending because of his illness. In October of 2012, Ashim began vomiting nearly everyday, then in the middle of 2014 he started having convulsions which were treated by medication. In March 2016, he began having left side weakness, in his arm, leg, and mouth," explained his mother Chemutai. She found out about CURE through her uncle, “I was told by my uncle who used to work here some time back as a cook, Uncle Fred,” said Chemutai. CURE has impressed Chemutai, with their ability to diagnose Ashim with a brain tumor. Both Ashim and Chemutai are optimistic about his treatment and recovery. Chemutai said, “With God, he will be okay.” When Ashim grows up he hopes to be a police man or doctor. His family are coffee growers in Sipi Falls and Ashim helps out a lot with the planting and harvesting. He has his own coffee bed and enjoys the taste of the drink. Please join us in welcoming Chemutai and Ashim and praying for Ashim's healing!

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Latest Updates

Mar 06, 2018

“I’m doing okay,” said Ashim. He had a follow up appointment today and medically speaking, he is doing fine. Chemutai had questions about if his school performance would improve, Ashim is still struggling in school and didn’t pass last year so he has repeated fourth grade. She was told that he may need more focused attention and if someone can tutor him, either a teacher or one of his older siblings, that might help. Back home, Ashim is taking care of 50 coffee seedlings and he enjoys helping his family on their coffee farm. Please be praying for Ashim’s family that they will be able to support him and for his grades to improve. Photo of Ashim

Nov 21, 2017

“I don’t feel any pain. I’m okay,” said Ashim. He returned to CURE for a scheduled check-up. Its been 13 months since his surgery to remove his brain tumor. Ashim is struggling with his short term memory, and as a result his grades in school have gone down. Chemutai can give Ashim something and a little while later ask for it, but Ashim would have forgotten he was given anything. They saw Dr. Joshua and Dr. Edith who encouraged them to do memory exercises. Dr. Edith explained to Chemutai that the brain is like a muscle and it must be exercised. Ashim is enjoying school- specifically math. When he is not in school, he helps his family take care of their coffee trees and plays soccer. Please continue to pray for Ashim that his memory will improve and he will be able to pass his grade! Photo of Ashim

Jul 26, 2017

“He is doing well, got another problem, fell down a cliff. He was admitted in a hospital, he is fair again,” said Chemutai. Ashim was playing at school at the end of last month when the accident happened. He spent four nights in the hospital and has two scratches down his back. He is still recovering and out of school where he is currently in fourth grade. Ashim and Chemutai returned to CURE today for a review. He ran up to several staff members with arms wide open nearly knocking them over as he hugged them! He also brought a chicken for a staff member which got loose and he ended up running around the parking lot after it. Eventually, Chemutai caught the bird. His check up went well with no major concerns. He continues to be on anticonvulsants and we will see him again on October 25. Please keep Ashim in your prayers that he will soon be well enough to return to school. Photo of Ashim

Apr 24, 2017

“If you didn’t know him before, you wouldn't know he was sick. Thank God for everything. God showed us CURE, He wanted Ashim to be cured,” said Chemutai. Ashim is doing well, he is back in school and he has one more week before he has a month long break. He has been running around and just being a normal kid with the exception of malaria which he had a few weeks ago. Today he has come back to CURE for a follow up appointment. He gave several staff members hugs and got a handful of get well messages. Please remember Ashim in your prayers, that he will have no future problems and can enjoy a healthy childhood! Photo of Ashim

Mar 20, 2017

Yesterday, Ashim and and his mother got to go home! As they sat outside the OPD waiting for Chemutai's brother they were all smiles. Chemutai says, "Ashim is doing well." In a week his stitches will be removed, then they will come back to CURE at the end of April for a follow up appointment. Please remember Ashim in your prayers.

Mar 17, 2017

Ashim has gone into surgery today for an intracystic reservoir placement. The procedure went well and he is now waking up in the PACU. This morning Ashim, Chemutai, and some of our staff members played in the ward with a small beach ball, bouncing it back and forth and this brought laughter and smiles to a tense worrisome mood. Please continue to pray that Ashim will improve. Photo of Ashim

Mar 16, 2017

“Taking him to the theatre tomorrow,” said Chemutai. “Pray for him to be okay, go to school, and a future to be someone who assists in the world and to live long,” requested Chemutai. Ashim played in the spiritual center playroom this morning where he assembled a puzzle a couple of times, built with the building blocks and played catch with a small beach ball. Please be praying for his upcoming operation tomorrow. Photo of Ashim

Mar 15, 2017

Yesterday’s CT scan showed that Ashim has a tumor regrowth, he will need another operation. Today, Ashim has spent the day playing in the spiritual center and with building blocks he made a semi truck, several buildings, and a railway track. He is stable and seems to be enjoying seeing the friends he made the first time he was here. Please keep Ashim in your prayers for his upcoming operation. Photo of Ashim

Mar 14, 2017

Ashim returned to CURE yesterday afternoon! By the time he returned, it was too late to see a doctor so he and Chemutai have spent the night at CURE. They returned because he was suffering with vomiting and general weakness which Chemutai thinks is caused by his new medication. While Chemutai waited in OPD (out-patient dept.) yesterday, Ashim played in the spiritual center playroom with building blocks. This morning, Ashim got a CT-scan we are now waiting for the results. Please keep Ashim in your prayers that he will not need any further treatment. Photo of Ashim

Nov 28, 2016

“He can walk, nothing incomplete, he can wash, he can walk, no vomiting . . . he is okay,” said Chemutai. Ashim has come back for a check up today, he is doing well and he was happy to see the friends he made at the hospital. The next school year will start at the end of February and he will be back in school, in the same grade as this year because he was unable to take the end of the year exams to advance. “Thank you for the prayers” said Chemutai. Photo of Ashim

Oct 24, 2016

“Today I’m going home,” said Ashim. This morning he was discharged after recovering from a successful operation and he is most excited about seeing his brothers. His mother is also excited, “I am very happy," said Chemutai, as they sat outside the ward while their doctors worked on discharge paperwork. Before going home, Ashim played with an inflated glove, got photos with different staff members and several hugs. Please continue to pray for Ashim that he will have a strong recovery. We will see him again at the end of next month. Photo of Ashim

Oct 21, 2016

“God is Great! He is doing well, he can eat, he can talk, laugh even, he can even sit down,” said Chemutai. She is very happy that the operation is over and for him to be doing so well. “I am now okay, I am very fine, now I am very happy,” said Chemutai. This afternoon Ashim, nurse Caren, and other staff members watched WALL-E. Please keep Ashim in your prayers, that his recovery will continue to be smooth. Photo of Ashim

Oct 20, 2016

“Today, I am going to theatre,” said Ashim. He had a craniotomy and tumor resection, and the operation went well. He is now in the ICU, awake and aware. He is intubated so he is unable to speak, but he can understand and wave. Please keep him in your prayers, that he will have a full and quick recovery. Photo of Ashim

Oct 19, 2016

Ashim will most likely go into surgery tomorrow. Today, Ashim has been playing with wheelchairs, racing from the ICU to the general ward. Before doing that, he sat with his mom as she and some of the other mothers talked. He received several more coloring pages to keep him entertained as well. Please pray for Ashim’s upcoming operation, that it will go well and for him to have a strong recovery. Photo of Ashim

Oct 18, 2016

“With God, he will be okay,” said Chemutai. She was told this morning that Ashim will go into surgery on Thursday. Ashim seems to be doing well today, he has been more energetic than the last few days. He has been drawing today, along with continuing to learn how to play checkers. Before lunch, he got to play catch with an inflated glove with a few members of the staff. Please keep Ashim in your thoughts and prayers as he awaits his operation! Photo of Ashim

Oct 17, 2016

Ashim is learning to play checkers! He hasn’t fully grasped all of it, but seems to be enjoying playing. Over the weekend, Ashim was wheezy and sleepy and spent most of Saturday and Sunday in bed. He is being treated for the wheezing, a five day regiment which began on Sunday. Today he seems much better, full of life and energy. A plan for his operation hasn’t been established yet, we are unsure if he will go into surgery this week or the following. Chemutai seems to be of good cheer as she has been socializing with her friends and received several get well messages for Ashim. Please keep Ashim in your prayers, that his upcoming operation will go very well. Photo of Ashim

Oct 14, 2016

Ashim and Chemutai are both doing well! There is talk of Ashim having surgery next week. Today they have spent a lot of time in the ward laying in bed. Last night, during Lauren Daigle’s concert, she prayed for Ashim along with hundreds of people. A video clip of the prayer and photos were shown to Ashim and his mother and they were both encouraged. Ashim pointed out his photo on the screen at the concert! Please keep him in your prayers, that his surgery will go well. Photo of Ashim

Oct 13, 2016

Ashim has had a good day, he has been playing with a wheelchair placing it at the top of a ramp and then riding down. He also got a tour of the hospital getting pushed around all the departments. He was most impressed by the industrial size dryer in the laundry room, it was the first one he has ever seen! Ashim has been enjoying coloring and drawing at his bed while his mom Chemutai has been making friends with some of the mothers and visiting her Uncle Fred who came to CURE today. Please pray for Ashim, that he will continue to enjoy the hospital as he awaits surgery and when that day comes, for a successful operation. Photo of Ashim

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