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Gloria's Story

“In my life I have been to many hospitals, but I have never seen a hospital like this one (CURE Hospital) and I know that God is in this place. Gloria is better than she was when we first came to this place and I know that when she has her surger… Read more

“In my life I have been to many hospitals, but I have never seen a hospital like this one (CURE Hospital) and I know that God is in this place. Gloria is better than she was when we first came to this place and I know that when she has her surgery, she will get healed,” said Godfrey, Gloria’s father. For the last three months Gloria has been afflicted with headaches, she has even lost her ability to walk, yet she was healthy like other children and was even in school. Prior to coming to CURE, she had been taken to six different hospitals but no one could manage her condition until she was finally brought to CURE where we diagnosed her with a brain tumor and our team of doctors are preparing her for surgery. Gloria’s mother stayed home to nurse their newest sibling. Although Gloria and her family live far away, approximately 500 miles from CURE Hospital, they have no worries, they are comfortably settled in the hospital and Gloria is awaiting surgery. Godfrey is a retired pastor and he has a total of four children. Please join us in praying for Gloria's healing!

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Latest Updates

Oct 24, 2016

“Today I am going,” said Godfrey, he and Gloria were discharged today. Godfrey was busy saying goodbye to people he met at the hospital, but before they left Gloria and him were prayed over for healing. Gloria also got a teddy bear as she left the hospital. We will see them again in December at a follow up clinic in the western part of the country. Please continue to pray for Gloria, that her healing will continue and for no further complications. Photo of Gloria

Oct 21, 2016

Gloria is eating well and seems to be improving all around! Her doctors say, they have no concerns about her, she is still here just to finish her antibiotic treatment. Godfrey has been pushing her around the hospital a lot and keeping her sitting as part of her physical therapy. Please continue to be praying for them to have a full recovery and for them to go home soon. Photo of Gloria

Oct 20, 2016

“Gloria wants to go home, of late, that is all she speaks about,” said Godfrey. Godfrey tells us that she has been eating well and seems to be doing well. Godfrey is also doing well and is thankful for the prayers they have received, he proclaimed, "God is good." Please continue to pray for her to have a full recovery and soon to be able to go home. Photo of Gloria

Oct 19, 2016

Gloria started doing some physiotherapy this week and it is going well. Today, Godfrey wheeled her around the hospital and she was is a happy mood. Godfrey says Gloria spoke to her family on phone and said that she misses them. She is improving and we thank God for her! Photo of Gloria

Oct 18, 2016

The doctors decided to put Gloria on another regiment of medicine. This prescription will last for a week, so she will be with us until that is finished. Although Godfrey was anxious to go home on Wednesday, he understands that the doctors will only discharge Gloria when she is fit to go home and he is ok with that. Please keep Gloria and Godfrey in your prayers! Photo of Gloria

Oct 17, 2016

Today, Gloria and Godfrey heard some great news, they will be discharged on Wednesday! Godfrey has already informed his family and they are preparing a grand reception. Today he received some get well cards and is thankful for all the prayers coming their way! Photo of Gloria

Oct 14, 2016

Gloria says she is fine. Her surgical site is improving but she is still battling a fever. Today, her fever was up to 38.8 degrees centigrade (101.8 F). Godfrey is doing well, however, his plans for a soccer match were cancelled since half of his teammates were discharged. Gloria received some get well cards from folks who are praying with her, and her father read them to her. Please keep praying! Photo of Gloria

Oct 13, 2016

Gloria continues to improve, she had a good night's sleep with no vomiting and her wound site is improving, which makes her dad and doctors happy. Her vitals are also good and she has been stable today. Gloria was taken to get more blood work done and Godfrey says that they are both doing fine and that they are thankful for the get well messages. Please keep them in your prayers, that the blood work will come back clean and that they will soon get to go home. Photo of Gloria

Oct 12, 2016

Godfrey is thankful for the prayers Gloria and he have received, they have been reading the get well messages which have been a big encouragement to him. Gloria is still vomiting, she vomited four times during the night. However, her wound site seems to be improving. Gloria’s doctors are now focusing on getting her out of bed more and working with our physiotherapist. Please continue to pray for Gloria, that she will continue to improve. Photo of Gloria

Oct 11, 2016

“I am organizing a soccer match between we the caretakers versus the staff and doctors of CURE Hospital. The doctor is going to give us the schedule of the match. This will help us relieve some stress,” said Godfrey. Gloria had a stroll with her dad then she had breakfast. We are hoping that she will continue to improve, she vomited twice during the night and has pus at the wound site. Please continue to keep her in your prayers! Photo of Gloria

Oct 10, 2016

“Gloria is now getting better. For the last couple of days she wasn’t feeding well, but yesterday she had her meals well and she had breakfast this morning. The wound on her head is healing well,” said Godfrey. Gloria is steadily recovering, we thank God for that! Photo of Gloria

Oct 06, 2016

“Gloria spoke to her mother and brothers and told them that she is about to return home. She told her mom that she was injected in the head, but she will be fine,” said Gloria. When we tried to talk to her, she just said she is fine. She is out of ICU and spent most of the day with her father. Photo of Gloria

Oct 05, 2016

“God is great, He never lets us down,”said Godrey who was happy about the outcome of Gloria’s surgery. She is steadily recovering in ICU and her vitals are stable. She will be transferred to the ward this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Gloria spent most of the day sleeping, and she needs it. We thank God for her and for your prayers. Photo of Gloria

Oct 04, 2016

“I have left everything to God, He is the one who will take care of Gloria,” said Godfrey. Today Gloria had an ETV and wound repair, the surgery was successful. We’ll update you all when she is in ICU, please keep praying for her! Photo of Gloria

Oct 03, 2016

“We need your prayers, Gloria is not doing so well, fluid is leaking from her surgical site so the doctor told me that we need to do another CT Scan,” said Godfrey. Other than the leakage, Gloria had a good weekend, she is now speaking well and doesn't have any pains. Gloria may need another surgery in the future, please keep her in your prayers. Photo of Gloria

Sep 29, 2016

“Gloria is fine. The only problem she is facing is pain from the surgical site, otherwise she is feeding well and she is talking too. God heard all the prayers that you people said because I have seen them working,” said Godfrey, Gloria’s dad. Photo of Gloria

Sep 28, 2016

Gloria is still battling low grade fevers, but they are going down. Her fevers are the cause of her still being in the hospital, her doctors are still awaiting her urine culture which will hopefully show the cause. Gloria said that she is missing her mother and is eager to go home. Godfrey is doing well but also looking forward to going home. Today they spent the morning outside the ward talking with other families. Please continue to pray for Gloria and Godfrey, that they will soon be able to go home. Photo of Gloria

Sep 27, 2016

Godfrey is a little disappointed that they were not discharged today. Gloria has a fever and the cause is being investigated. Yesterday a urine analysis was done which showed a growth. Today a urine culture is being done and the results should be ready tomorrow morning. Gloria seems irritable, she has been feeling pain at the wound site, however she is sitting and eating and drinking on her own. Please keep her in your prayers, that her fevers will stop and for her and Godfrey to be able to go home soon. Photo of Gloria

Sep 26, 2016

“I think tomorrow we leave,” said Godfrey. This morning he was told Gloria would be discharged tomorrow. He says that she has been doing very well, today she has been feeding her self which was a very positive sign. This afternoon they received several get well messages which made him very happy. “I'm happy, thank you for praying,” said Godfrey. Photo of Gloria

Sep 22, 2016

“God is great, God is so great, He has used you people (CURE Hospital) to be a blessing to Gloria and my family. Gloria woke up this morning and was able to even have breakfast. I am so happy. I have spoke to my people an home and they already know about the good news,” said Godfrey. Gloria is still being monitored in ICU, but she is stable. Please keep her in your prayers. Photo of Gloria

Sep 21, 2016

Gloria is currently in the ICU, she is awake but being sedated to reduce pain and she is under close monitoring. Her father Godfrey has been sitting outside the ICU, he is happy that the procedure is over and says, “she is somehow fine.” He still seems nervous about her condition but is optimistic and he is requesting further prayers for Gloria. Please continue to pray for her, that she will have a quick and full recovery. Photo of Gloria

Sep 20, 2016

Godfrey is asking for prayers his daughter Gloria who is currently in surgery for a craniotomy and tumor resection. Please be praying for them, that Gloria’s operation goes well and that all her tumor will be completely removed. After her operation is finished she will be transferred to the ICU where she will spend a couple of days recovering. Shortly after Gloria was take in to surgery, Godfrey received a couple of get well messages and met with the spiritual team. Photo of Gloria

Sep 19, 2016

“Operation tomorrow, now we shall pray for operation,” said Godfrey. This morning Godfrey was informed that Gloria would have an operation as she was getting examined today. Blood work was done which left her in tears, she is now afraid of doctors and cried at the touch of a doctor getting her vitals. Please Keep Gloria and Godfrey in your prayers that tomorrow's operation will go well. Photo of Gloria

Sep 15, 2016

“This morning Gloria’s doctor told us that Gloria will have surgery next week,” said Godfrey. Gloria had a good night, she is feeding well and whenever she is hungry she tells her father. She doesn’t have her peers in the hospital so she spends most of her time with her father, hospital staff, and volunteers. Today, they moved to the hospital gardens and spent some time there. Let us continue praying for her! Photo of Gloria

Sep 14, 2016

“Gloria misses playing with her friends and going to the well to fetch water, she asks me if she will be fine and I tell her that she will indeed. When she just arrived at CURE Hospital, she was shy and didn’t want people to get close to her, but now, she has opened up,” said Godfrey. Gloria is in the ward awaiting surgery, she has had the opportunity to speak to her family back at home and they are praying for her. Would you please be praying for her too? Photo of Gloria

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