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  • Age6
  • Conditionhydrocephalus
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Nakato's Story

“In the 58 years that I have lived I have never seen anyone with this condition (hydrocephalus) but I used to hear about it,” says Loy, Nakato’s grandmother.

When Nakato developed hydrocephalus the biggest question that her family had… Read more

“In the 58 years that I have lived I have never seen anyone with this condition (hydrocephalus) but I used to hear about it,” says Loy, Nakato’s grandmother.

When Nakato developed hydrocephalus the biggest question that her family had was “why Nakato and not her twin sister Babirye?” Rispa, Nakato’s mom, Stephen his dad and Loy his grandmother embarked on a search for answers and ended up at CURE Hospital after being referred by a government Hospital. Nakato has a very supportive family and although they are economically challenged they are a happy family. Rispa and Loy are peasants and Stephen is a fisherman. When Nakato was referred to CURE Hospital her family didn’t have money to transport her. Rispa, Loy and Stephen had to spend a week fishing and when he had sold off the fish he gave Rispa the money for their transport to CURE Hospital. They have arrived and Nakato will be in surgery soon. Please pray with us for transformational healing!

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Latest Updates

May 11, 2015

Nakato was discharged on Saturday and her check up will be on June 8th. Thank you for praying for Nakato, Babirye, Rispa and Loy during their time here at CURE! Photo of Nakato

May 08, 2015

Nakato is still vomiting every time he has something to drink. We are happy to say though that Babirye’s malaria medication is working and she is feeling better. Both Rispa and Loy are doing well, they have spent most of the day laughing. Their prayer request is that Nakato will be healed completely. Photo of Nakato

May 07, 2015

Nakato stopped eating and began vomiting this morning. Rispa says that she seems very weak and has been unable to even sit up. Her doctors have placed her on an IV drip to make sure she is stays hydrated. Babirye, her twin sister, has come down with malaria and is on medication to treat that as well. Rispa and Loy have been able to keep their morale high by talking with their friends in the ward. Please continue to pray for Nakato and Babirye. Photo of Nakato

May 06, 2015

Nakato has been moved from the ICU to the general ward, along the way she has made friends with the different departments. Today she spent some time at the nurses station, she seems to bring a smile to everyones face. Rispa is feeling good now that Nakato has had surgery, and that she has Loy’s help taking care of Nakato and Babirye. Please continue to pray for Nakato’s recovery. Photo of Nakato

May 05, 2015

Nakato went into surgery today for treatment of hydrocephalus, she had a big smile on her face going into the OR, the nurses and her surgeon played with her prior to the operation. She is now resting in the ICU and Rispa has been able to hold her. Photo of Nakato

May 04, 2015

"I had a bad day because there are many kids admitted in the ward," said Loy. She feels sad seeing sick kids. During the night, the twins Nakato and Babirye had fevers and the doctors treated that. By this afternoon, they were bright, jolly, strong and playful. Please keep them in your prayers!

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