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  • Age18
  • Conditioncleft palate
  • Next Appointment 09/15/2020

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Michyle's Story

“Tebow CURE is the answer to our long time prayers. There may have been a lot of delays, but I am glad God orchestrated everything and led us here for my daughter’s treatment,” Etherine, Michyle’s mother, shares.

Michyle is an 18 yea… Read more

“Tebow CURE is the answer to our long time prayers. There may have been a lot of delays, but I am glad God orchestrated everything and led us here for my daughter’s treatment,” Etherine, Michyle’s mother, shares.

Michyle is an 18 year old girl full of talent and dreams! “I am currently in 11th grade and I am into sports such as futsal (kind of like soccer) and badminton. When I finish school, I want to become a firefighter just like my grandpa!” she tells us with hope and determination in her voice.

Michyle is the 4th child of Etherine's and Michael’s seven children. Among her siblings, she is the only one with a cleft lip and palate. “Her condition came as a surprise to me since all my other kids were born normal and healthy. It was only then that I found out that it was genetic and my husband had a relative who had the same condition,” Etherine recounts. Despite looking “different” from her other siblings, Michyle is surrounded by loving family and friends who love and accept her!

Eager to look for treatment, Michyle’s journey to healing hasn’t been a walk in the park. “She underwent cleft lip surgery when she was just three months old. She had another palate repair surgery when she was ten but unfortunately, the stitches came out when Michyle, who at that time was too young to understand doctor’s instructions, ate solid food a few weeks after surgery. We didn’t have the opportunity to have her undergo another surgery anymore since she was sickly and she got busy with her studies,” Etherine shares their struggles.

Thankfully, they were brought here in our doorstep when they learned about our services through social media. Aside from the physical healing that they have long waited for, Etherine’s prayer is that “Michyle will seek the Lord as a response of gratitude to this once-in-a-lifetime favor and blessing that He bestowed upon her and that her life will be a proof that her disability is not a hindrance to her success.”

Through your partnership and support in what we do, we get to offer physical and spiritual transformation to kids like Michyle! Thank you!

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Latest Updates

Jun 23, 2020

We are glad to see Michyle doing better and experiencing no pain at all today! Doctor Andrew took a look at her post-op surgical sites and was pleased to see them healing well. Michyle’s stitches on her lip was ready to come off and Nurse Francis removed her sutures, revealing how beautiful her lip turned out! We will see her again in three months to check on her progress! Photo of Michyle

Jun 17, 2020

Michyle knew that she was coming in for a cleft palate repair. But, when Dr. Andrew asked if she’d like to get her lip symmetrical, she was stunned to know that there was still more that could be done for her lip. She has been embarrassed for having deformities on her face, but, now, she is much more confident in her outward appearance as we affirm her identity in Christ from within. “God truly has the right plan for us!” Etherine told us. Michyle is going home today, but she’s coming back to see us next week for a follow-up! Photo of Michyle

Jun 16, 2020

We had the opportunity to have a little chat with Michyle while waiting for her surgery. We learned that she serves in their local church and her favorite Bible character is Paul who was transformed by God and used mightily for God's kingdom. Assistant Spiritual Director Pastor Jeff also took the time to minister to Etherine and Michyle and prayed for them before going down the OR. Just like Paul’s story, Michyle had her “transformation” experience as the medical team worked on repairing her palate. “This is a favor from the Lord. Not only did the team stitched back my daughter’s palate but they even worked on repairing her lip to make it look more symmetrical!” Etherine told us happily. Thank you for praying, Michyle’s surgery was a success! Photo of Michyle

Jun 15, 2020

We are glad to introduce our new friend, Michyle! She was admitted today to finally have her cleft palate repaired. Nurse Marvin welcomed her and Mommy Etherine and made sure that they are settled in comfortably. Marvin also walked through what they need to do in order to be ready to go to the OR for surgery. When asked about how she feels about her surgery, Michyle told us that she is excited and nervous all at the same time! Please be praying for Michyle and Etherine, that they will experience God’s peace and healing power as we share God’s love to them during their stay with us in the hospital! Photo of Michyle

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