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  • Age18
  • Conditioncleft palate
  • Next Appointment 06/22/2021

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Alexander's Story

“I want my palate repaired so I can perform better at school,” Alexander Jr. tells us, showing us his go-getter personality!

Alexander Jr. is the second-born child of Alexander Sr. and Sally. He is an incoming 10th grade student and a we… Read more

“I want my palate repaired so I can perform better at school,” Alexander Jr. tells us, showing us his go-getter personality!

Alexander Jr. is the second-born child of Alexander Sr. and Sally. He is an incoming 10th grade student and a well-rounded one! “My favorite subject is Filipino. During my free time, I like to play the guitar and play ball with my friends,” he shares.

Just like his younger brother Llyder, Alexander Jr. was born with a cleft lip and palate. “My wife was born with a cleft lip and two out of our four children inherited the condition from her. We had his lip repaired when he was 9 years, old but we weren’t able to have his palate repaired anymore due to financial constraints,” Alexander Sr. tells us.

Growing up with this condition hasn’t been easy for Alexander Jr. “I would get shy to recite and participate during the class because of the way I speak. I also get bullied sometimes but I just don’t make a big deal out of it,” he adds. Despite this difficulty speaking, this does not stop him from making friends, who, according to him, are “too many to mention!”

Thankfully, Alexander Jr. and Llyder were brought right to our doorstep when they were referred by our partner organization, Seeds of Dignity. Because of your continued partnership, we still get to welcome kids like Alexander Jr. and provide for their physical and spiritual transformation! Thank you!

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3 days ago

There were some changes to the doctor’s plan of treatment. They decided to proceed with speech therapy before surgery. Because of his anatomical structure, there is still some air that goes out through his nose making his speech sound more nasal. To address this, he will need to practice speaking slowly and be more aware of his speech production and habits. He was assigned homework to record himself while reading and talking to help him and the medical team assess what needs to be improved. All in all, Alexander’s been making progress, and we are so proud of him! Please be praying for Alexander through this process. Photo of Alexander

Oct 06, 2020

Alexander made a quick visit at the hospital for his nasal endoscopy. This procedure involved Doctor Andrew taking a peek at his nasal and oral cavities through a camera to see if the anatomical structure has something to do with his speech problems. Alexander’s palate was too short that there was a big gap between his palate and his pharynx which is causing problems in sound production. He is scheduled for another surgery in three weeks. Please be praying for strength and peace to be upon Alexander as he prepares to visit the OR again! Photo of Alexander

Sep 30, 2020

Alexander Jr. is back with his brother Llyder and Daddy Alexander for an appointment with our speech therapist. He was assessed by Speech Therapist Rica from our partner organization Smile Train to see what sounds Alexander has difficulty producing. Since he developed speech habits to compensate with certain sounds that he couldn’t do because of the open palate, Alexander was taught proper placement of his tongue to make his speech clearer. He will be back next week to have a nasal endoscopy so the medical team can assess what needs to be done next. Photo of Alexander

Jul 16, 2020

Alexander is back for a quick visit since he had some blood coming out from his palate last night. Doctor Andrew peaked inside to check out the surgery site. He assured them that having a little bit of blood after surgery is nothing serious They were relieved to know that Alexander’s sutures are still intact and his wound site looks clean. We will see Alexander together with his brother Llyder in two weeks to check on their healing! Photo of Alexander

Jul 02, 2020

Alexander is finally ready to go home! Nurse Marvin removed his IV line and got him packed and ready with medicines to take home. Before he left, he was able to read encouraging words from your Get Well messages! Thank you for sending that his way. Alexander will come back in a couple of weeks for a follow-up! Photo of Alexander

Jul 01, 2020

Alexander Jr. was the last one to go down to the OR as he was the oldest among the patients. Patient Ministry Coordinator Mary Ann prayed for him before going inside the room and, while waiting for the procedure to start, his mother Sally accompanied him for a little while just before he was sedated. The procedure took a while as Doctor Andrew and the team stitched his palate together but, thankfully, the worst part is finally over and Alexander Jr. is now back in the room. Thank you for your prayers! Photo of Alexander

Jun 30, 2020

Help us welcome Alexander Jr.! He first came to Tebow CURE last week with his brother Llyder for their initial assessment. To their surprise, they didn’t have to wait too long for their scheduled surgery and they are now admitted to the ward! However, Alexander Jr. and Llyder have to stay in separate rooms for the next couple of days to avoid confusion in administering medications on the nurses’ part. Once they see each other again, they will finally be cleft palate free! Please pray that Alexander Jr. will experience God’s peace as he goes to the operating room for his surgery. Photo of Alexander

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