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CURE in Philippines

The picture above is of CURE in Philippines. Everyone who serves with CURE in Philippines, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Gabriel. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $1000 to treat children like Gabriel. When you give a gift through Gabriel's CUREkids profile, your contribution will help us continue our work in countries like Philippines. Have more questions? Ask us.

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Gabriel's Story

“Gabriel’s dad is a surf instructor, so he imitates him by pretending how to surf on a pillow. Gabriel can’t do it on an actual surfboard because he can’t keep his balance. He falls many times as his foot overlaps the other, but he can stil… Read more

“Gabriel’s dad is a surf instructor, so he imitates him by pretending how to surf on a pillow. Gabriel can’t do it on an actual surfboard because he can’t keep his balance. He falls many times as his foot overlaps the other, but he can still run fast and walk just with a little more work to focus than the rest of us,” Gabriel’s mom, Daisy, tells us about him.

Gabriel just starting school and though he’s not sure what he wants to do when he grows up, he knows that he wants to become a superhero like Superman! He’s brave and lives a life full of adventure! At first, Gabriel is quiet, so Daisy tells us more about his background, “It was a big surprise for me to see that my child was born with clubfoot. I felt bad for him and was worried. It doesn’t help when kids bully him. He hides behind me when that happens. Thankfully, someone who came to our hometown, saw Gabriel, and took us here at Tebow CURE. I found hope that his feet will be healed,” says Daisy.

Not sure if her child will ever get healed, Daisy's initially approach was “not to care if Gabriel’s feet are curved as long as God loves him.” and she sure is right about that! God loves Gabriel so much that he's gathered people like you to support Tebow CURE, so that Gabriel can have the healing Daisy has been praying for!

Thank you for being part of what we do as we heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom of God to kids like Gabriel!

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Latest Updates

Nov 18, 2019

A month after being cast-free, Gabriel is now able to walk and run - no sweat! He busied himself playing with every toy he laid his eyes on in the playroom before he was called to be seen in clinic. When it was his turn, Doctor Rayray made Gabriel stand up and told Onyok the good news that his son’s feet are well corrected! After four long months, everything that Gabriel’s family has gone through—the countless bus rides, cast changes and pain—has finally paid off. We thank God for this milestone in Gabriel’s life and we thank all of you for your partnership with us and your fervent prayers! We will see Gabriel again in six months! Photo of Gabriel

Oct 21, 2019

Guess who’s back shooting some hoops in clinic! We were glad to see Gabriel walking and running in the playroom with his beaten up casts, a good sign that he’s been moving a lot and exercising his feet after his surgery! Since he’s been used to wearing casts for so long, getting rid of them and re-learning to walk without them again today was a little bit uncomfortable and painful for him. But through it all, brave Gabriel persevered and we celebrate with him on his progress! He was then advised to wear a night brace to keep his feet from relapsing. Please continue praying for his recovery so he can get back to running and playing cast-free and pain-free again! Photo of Gabriel

Aug 02, 2019

All in all, Gabriel's surgery yesterday was a pretty small one. This means, he's feeling pretty good today and was discharged! He'll have to keep his casts on at least until his next follow up appointment in September, but he is getting so close to being able to stand on straight feet and learning to surf like his dad! Photo of Gabriel

Jul 31, 2019

Gabriel woke up early today as he was the first patient to go into the OR. Dr Jun lifted Gabriel in prayer to the “Greatest Surgeon” before he started the procedure. He lengthened several of Gabriel's tendons which will give Gabriel the range of motion he needs for his feet to sit flat on the floor! Dr Jun finished off the surgery by putting Gabriel in casts to keep his both feet in position. We thank all you for praying for his successful surgery! Photo of Gabriel

Jul 30, 2019

We caught Gabriel snacking by the nurse’s station early this morning as he was being admitted to the ward! His whole family, including his 2 week old baby brother Chim Mario, accompanied him to give him full support for his surgery. Gabriel is so grateful knowing that he has his family and all of you guys to cheer him on his healing journey! Photo of Gabriel

Jul 29, 2019

Gabriel had his 7th and final casting today! Doctor Jun checked on the progress of his feet and confirmed that Gabriel is ready for surgery! Gabriel will be back tomorrow for admission and then surgery. We are so excited to spend more time with him as he stays in the ward for a couple of days for his surgery! We ask that you lift Gabriel and his family in prayers as they prepare for his procedure! Photo of Gabriel

Jul 23, 2019

“My baby brother is handsome, but only Mom is allowed to carry him,” Gabriel told us. His baby brother goes by the name “Chim Mario” and Gabriel pretty much loves his new role of being the big brother in the family! Gabriel spent time at the table counter, "cooking" and "baking" with some of the other kids before he was brought to the exam room to have his sixth cast change. He only has to wait a little bit more before getting admitted for surgery! Photo of Gabriel

Jul 15, 2019

Daisy is currently “on leave” from taking Gabriel to clinic appointments because she gave birth over the weekend! Gabriel is now a big brother to a healthy baby boy who is yet to be named! Thankfully, Garbriel’s dad, Onyok, traveled into the city before she gave birth and is now working triple time to take care of Gabriel, Daisy, and the new baby. There will be a lot of transitions going on, but we pray that God continues to provide for all of their needs during this time. Today, we congratulate Gabriel for crossing off another cast change and becoming a big brother! Please pray for Gabriel and his family during this transition! Photo of Gabriel

Jul 08, 2019

Gabriel was back for his weekly cast change! The cast removal was a breeze for him and he calmly waited his turn to be seen by Dr. Shelley. Gabriel didn't mind the wait because he got to spend all the time in the playroom! Daisy told us that Gabriel was so excited to come and crawled as fast as he could, directly to the playroom! Another cast change down and Gabriel is one step closer to becoming clubfoot-free! Photo of Gabriel

Jul 01, 2019

“This was all new to me, I wasn’t really expecting anything when someone told me just to check-out Tebow CURE. So when I came to clinic, I saw other kids with clubfeet just like Gabriel, some of them are in casts and some can walk. That really gave me hope,” Daisy, Gabriel's mother, told us during clinic. Gabriel is currently coming once a week for casting until he’s ready to have surgery. This process minimizes the surgical procedure needed to correct Gabriel’s foot. It will be a long process but in the end, it’ll be worth it! Photo of Gabriel

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