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John David's Story

“God is good! I never questioned why God made John like this. My husband has a relative with clubfoot, but I was still surprised. “It really exists!” I said when I saw his clubfoot and amniotic bands. We have high hopes for his future!” Ros… Read more

“God is good! I never questioned why God made John like this. My husband has a relative with clubfoot, but I was still surprised. “It really exists!” I said when I saw his clubfoot and amniotic bands. We have high hopes for his future!” Rosalie tells us about her very energetic son John’s condition.

John is the youngest of three boys, but the only one born with clubfoot and amniotic bands. His left foot is clubbed, and he has amniotic bands on his right foot and both hands. He uses his hands without any issue, so for now we will just focus on his feet. John just started Kindergarten, but will take some time off of school to go thru treatment. He has been in Davao going thru casting. He is staying at Our Lady of Victory, one of our partner organizations, which is on the beach. John tells us, “I like going to the beach, but I’m afraid of sharks!”

The family lives about four hours north of Davao in another beautiful beach town, where dad Dexter is a dock worker. One day John tagged along with him to work, a decision that would unknowingly change his life. “That day a boat came in, and a member of DSWD (Department of Social Welfare) was aboard. He saw John’s foot and approached us. He said, “I hope I don’t offend you by asking this, but would you like your son to be treated?” We were concerned that it would be too much money, which is why he hasn’t been treated before, and we also thought treatment would happen at the government hospital. We are happy to be here.”

While the family is happy to see John treated, they tell us that others are a little skeptical. “John runs really fast right now! It’s hard to catch him once he gets started. So, people have told us that if he is treated, it will slow him down.” We are grateful that despite the doubts, the family has chosen to put their trust in the process, and in us. In return, they will see a brighter future for John!

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Latest Updates

Oct 21, 2019

John David was busy serving Seeds of Dignity volunteer Geraldine and the rest of the kids their food orders in clinic. He and Rosalie came in for a quick check up and he was told the good news that his foot is well corrected and he is walking just fine! They were advised to come back for a follow-up after one year to check on his progress. Although we will miss John David and his antics, we celebrate with him for being finally clubfoot-free! This would have not been possible without your prayers and support! Photo of John David

Aug 19, 2019

John David was back in the playroom this morning playing with other kids! He was a little upset about having to stop his playtime to be seen by the doctor, but was relieved that he will no longer have to walk on casts! He visited physical therapy to practice walking and we were surprised to see him go back to the playroom, walking, and roaming around! John David gave us his “pogi” (handsome) pose before we said goodbye to him. We look forward to check on his progress in two months. Thank you so much for your prayers! Photo of John David

Jun 28, 2019

There are lots of answered prayers today as we are happy to see John up and smiling in the ward with Storyteller Marlene! The pain is gone and John has been discharged! He will have a long bus ride as he heads home today. Before that though, John has been able to spend some time in the playroom⁠ - his favorite place to be! Though he may be saying "goodbye" to us for now, John will be back in a few weeks to play with us again (and have a check up with the doctors)! Photo of John David

Jun 27, 2019

Unfortunately, John was the teary eyed one today. He’s in some pain, but a stack of Get Well messages helped distract him for a while. He was tightly bundled up to Rosalie, but we know he was still listening to the encouraging words! His foot has some swelling, so his cast was split open slightly to relieve the pressure. We’re praying that his swelling and discomfort go down quickly so he can go home soon! Photo of John David

Jun 26, 2019

Rosalie was right about seeing God's goodness today! Before John headed down to surgery, Rosalie and Dexter, John's mother and father, heard a Bible story about a man who was born blind and was healed by Jesus in John 9. Neither the man nor his parents sin caused the man to be blind. Instead, it "happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him." As Dexter heard those words, he was teary-eyed to know that John's clubfoot wasn't because of anything he did, but because God wanted to show His glory through John! Photo of John David

Jun 25, 2019

We saw John’s speedy demeanor firsthand this afternoon! Since he is wearing a cast, he was hopping around on one foot, but we were still hard pressed to keep up! However, here is the result, we found him crashed out hard this afternoon. He will have surgery tomorrow, so we’re glad to see him resting up beforehand. As Rosalie said, God is good, and we’ll get to see His goodness tomorrow as John’s healing continues. Please join us in praying for him! Photo of John David

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