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  • Age7
  • Conditionan amputation
  • Next Appointment 05/23/2019

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The picture above is of CURE in Philippines. Everyone who serves with CURE in Philippines, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like April. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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April's Story

“April moves a lot! Her teachers get nervous at school, because they worry she’ll break her other leg because of how active she is! When she walks, her classmates follow her around, like they’re all in a parade. If the kids bully or tease her… Read more

“April moves a lot! Her teachers get nervous at school, because they worry she’ll break her other leg because of how active she is! When she walks, her classmates follow her around, like they’re all in a parade. If the kids bully or tease her, they are reprimanded, so it rarely happens. She can do pretty much everything, she can run, walk, even play soccer. Our neighbor made her a set of crutches, but she has a hard time running with them, so she doesn’t use them.” Vilma describes her very busy youngest child, April.

”We stopped at seven kids!” Vilma continues. “April is the only one with any deformities. Her right foot was clubbed when she was born, but I massaged it, and it corrected itself. But, October was the first time we heard the news that we could get help for her left leg.” April's left leg stops below her knee. In order for her to wear a prosthetic, it needs to be “cleaned up”, creating a smooth, stable surface on her lower leg for it to rest on.
April’s dad Jun sounds like a typical dad when expressing his thoughts about April’s upcoming surgery. “I’m happy, but kind of nervous. I look forward to see her walk, as well as finish school.” Vilma echoes his sentiments. “I’m nervous, but I asked April if she wants to have surgery, and she said yes.” Although when asked, April first told us “No, I don’t want to have surgery!” with a mischievous grin, then quickly changed her story. “Yes, it’s OK. I like to dance and sing. My favorite song is “Baby Shark”!” And on that note, we’ll end her story here, because we know that you all have that song in your head now!

All joking aside, we are thrilled to have partners like you, who are willing to support and pray for our patients, even if it means getting songs stuck in your head! Thank you for being a part of April’s healing journey!

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Latest Updates

Apr 23, 2019

The time has come! April’s upper leg and knee were measured and molded today, and later this week, work will begin on her prosthesis! She and Nurse Tzaddi watched the process together, which is not only new to our patients, but to our nursing staff as well. We’re so grateful to all of our donors that have allowed for expansion to further serve our patients. Now that our orthotics and prosthetics shop is open, we’ll be seeing a lot more of this procedure done here at Tebow CURE! Photo of April

Apr 12, 2019

With much excitement, April hopped up and down the ramp knowing that the next time she comes back to see us, she will be ready to fit in for a prosthesis! We have been working to get our orthotic workshop ready and we are just as excited to see her leg in the making! With her energy moving with one leg, we can't imagine how far and fast she will go when she is able to move with two legs! Please pray that April continues to see God's love for her as she waits to get a prosthetic leg soon! Photo of April

Jan 07, 2019

April will no longer need dressing changes since the superficial wounds are healed. Her swelling has gone down as well and she'll be ready for a prosthesis fitting after three months. Nurse Jhun added April to our list and we will be in touch once our prosthetic facilities are ready to build and start running. That's a lot of good news to start this new year! Photo of April

Dec 20, 2018

April had her serious, focused face on this morning as Nurse Ken switched out her dressing. The surgical site is looking incredible! That may be an odd statement, but it has healed so well, no infection, very little pain, she’s doing great! She’ll wear another dressing for the next few weeks to keep it that way, but she’s well on her way to getting her new prosthetic, what a wonderful gift! Photo of April

Dec 06, 2018

The surgery slowed down April a bit, and it was a weird feeling for her to not be moving as fast as she usually does. We expected it as part of her recovery process, but we know that in just a few days, she'll be back to her normal speed––with caution of course! So for now, Papa Jun gets to assist her as she wants to "go over here, be over there, stand here, look out there." She still wants to go around and will have plenty of time to do so as she travels back home today! Photo of April

Dec 05, 2018

It seems like such a small procedure, but amputation revisions have a lot of small, important steps. In April’s case, it involved trimming the extra skin at the bottom of her leg, then cutting back her leg bone so it won’t “poke” the bottom of her leg. This step took some effort, her little bones are incredibly strong! But, mission accomplished, now she just needs to heal for a few months, then she’ll be ready for her prosthetic, then we'll see how fast she can really run! Photo of April

Dec 04, 2018

Even though it’s 85 degrees outside, April was in the Christmas spirit, bundled up under her snowflake print fleece blanket. It didn’t take her long to warm up to the staff, and we discovered quickly that she’s very ticklish! Tomorrow is a big day for April, she will have her surgery, and soon will stand tall for the first time! Please keep her and her family in prayer! Photo of April

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