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Mary Jean's Story

“I’m thankful that my daughter can walk even though her leg is deformed. It could’ve been worse. We could be on a long waiting list at another hospital while she’s in pain, but we are here [at Tebow CURE] and about to have her deformity str… Read more

“I’m thankful that my daughter can walk even though her leg is deformed. It could’ve been worse. We could be on a long waiting list at another hospital while she’s in pain, but we are here [at Tebow CURE] and about to have her deformity straightened,” shares Mary Jean’s mom Marciana.

Mary Jean is not new to Tebow CURE Hospital. Although they live far away, the first time she was with us was right after her accident back in December 2017. “Mary Jean and her friends were just walking home one afternoon and a drunk driver hit them on the sidewalk. She took most of the hit, breaking her upper leg as well as her lower leg. We went to a local hospital where they kept us on a waiting list. They only casted her lower leg and we did not have any further instructions on what to do. Then our relative, Marilyn (mother of CUREkids Daniel and Hannah) told us that we could get assistance here at Tebow CURE.” Marciana continues to tell us their story, "CURE performed surgery on her upper leg, and her tibia was under observation after surgery, until it started to grow into a curved shape and is also now in need of surgery."

“I walk with a limp and my knee hurts sometimes. At times, I get bullied, but I still have friends. Now, I can get on a stationary bike, but I would like to ride a moving bicycle someday." These are some of Mary Jean’s struggles but despite all that, Mary Jean has time to “help out and wash dishes, cook rice, and even get on Facebook to post selfies!” It’s amazing to see Mary Jean’s self-confidence intact despite everything that she’s gone through. This time around, Mary Jean and Marciana are not worried knowing that they will be taken care of just as well as they were the last time. Because of your help, we are able to provide quality care to CUREkids like Mary Jean, and we are thankful to have partners like you to support and pray for her needs!

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Latest Updates

Aug 30, 2019

Today is a sunny day in the city and that means Mary Jean can finally go home with her family! But before saying goodbye, she visited the playroom and played Sonic Racing with brother James. For now, she will have to stay home watching her favorite TV shows and spend time with her family. Please pray for their 6-hour trip going back home! Photo of Mary Jean

Aug 29, 2019

Mary Jean's family was in full attendance today with Marciana, Pedro, and James present in her room. She's about ready to leave, but there's flooding all over town from a very heavy rainfall last night so we would rather keep her here until the roads are clear and safe to travel back home. She's wide awake and we got a good smile from her—another reason why we want to keep her for one more day! Please pray for the roads to be clear from flooding so she can travel back home tomorrow! Photo of Mary Jean

Aug 28, 2019

Third time’s a charm, so they say, and we are happy that Mary Jean’s third (and hopefully last) surgical procedure went successfully! She had the implant in her left leg removed and Doctor Jun separated the growth plate on Mary Jean’s right leg to slow down its growth. This will allow her left leg to catch and even out the length difference between the two, solving the problem of her limp! She was also welcomed by visitors —Daddy Pedro and brother James when she was brought back to the room! They huddled around her while she dozed off some more. Mary Jean is blessed to have her family and all of you supporting her in her healing journey! Photo of Mary Jean

Aug 27, 2019

We are glad to see Mary Jean back at Tebow CURE today! She was positioned cozily on her bed watching her favorite Youtubers when we visited her in the ward. She is back for her last and final surgical procedure and that is to remove the implant in her leg since it has been bothering her lately. Although the surgery may be a small one and she has already been through this before, we still ask that you pray that everything will go well! Photo of Mary Jean

Feb 12, 2019

When Mary Jean came by last week, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate her healing and invited her to Night to Shine! So this weekend, she met other CUREkids like Daniel who was also celebrating the good news of becoming fully healed. But not only that, Mary Jean was reminded that God loves her and He cares about her even though she’s not at the hospital anymore. Thanks to our partnership with the Tim Tebow Foundation, we got to show that love through a prom night to remember! Photo of Mary Jean

Feb 07, 2019

Mary Jean is standing proud as she came back for another visit. Her bones are healing well and she got to take another peek at it after getting another X-ray today. Because of your continuous support to Tebow CURE, we are able to provide sustainable healing for Mary Jean even after her surgical procedure! Photo of Mary Jean

Aug 29, 2018

Mary Jean deserves an ice cream for the good news that she heard about her progress! We hosted a children’s birthday party and Mary Jean got to join in. Her x-rays showed that her bones are healing well and will continue to do so with physical therapy! Photo of Mary Jean

Jun 22, 2018

Sometimes on busy clinic days, quiet kids slip in and out unnoticed. This was the case yesterday with Mary Jean, she was here, and we didn't even see her! But, the word is, she's healing well and has good range of motion in her leg, so she is right on track! She'll be back next month for another follow up, and we'll be sure to keep a close eye for her then!

May 24, 2018

“There are six spots we need to clean!” Mary Jean told Marciana as Nurse JoAnna showed the pair how to keep her wounds clean. They’ll go home today, but the work doesn’t end here at the hospital. They still need to take extra care of her leg to prevent infection. And if Mary Jean’s meticulous inspection is any indication, they’ll be just fine! We’re thankful for you for praying for all of our CUREkids, even when they go home, the work always continues there! Photo of Mary Jean

May 23, 2018

“I’m doing OK!” Mary Jean told us in her sweet sing-songy voice this morning, followed by a big smile. She’s in a little bit of pain, but she’s been there before, and as Marciana pointed out, “She just had surgery, so it’ll hurt a little!” Mary Jean was in relaxing mode, not back to creative mode yet, but all in all, she’s doing great! Thanks for your continued prayers! Photo of Mary Jean

May 22, 2018

Mary Jean had to put her art work on hold today. She had more important things to do like–having surgery. It was a full room in the OR with the C-arm and a line of materials needed for her surgery manned by Nurse Jaime. Dr. Jun worked with Dr. Craig as they teamed up to straighten Mary Jean's leg. A few hours later, Mary Jean was in recovery. We hope that Mary Jean won't be in much pain and hopefully will be able to get right back at working on her sunflowers! Photo of Mary Jean

May 21, 2018

Mary Jean has a ton of hobbies but forgot to tell us that she loves to do art! We found out later when we saw art papers for crafting on her bed as she told us that she’s “making sunflowers.” We’re excited to see the finished product! Doing art work might possibly keep her busy as she recovers after surgery tomorrow and since this is not her first time, Mary Jean has built up some confidence for her surgery! Although we have the same confidence that God will heal her according to His will, we ask that you lift her up in your prayers as Mary Jean goes through this procedure! Photo of Mary Jean

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