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Jackilyn's Story

“I’m about to be in 4th grade and I’m excited to go to the big school! This summer, I get to stay at home and help clean the dishes and do laundry. During my free time, I like to play house with my big sister. I am the youngest in the family!… Read more

“I’m about to be in 4th grade and I’m excited to go to the big school! This summer, I get to stay at home and help clean the dishes and do laundry. During my free time, I like to play house with my big sister. I am the youngest in the family!” Jackilyn tells us about herself.

Coming from another island, Jackilyn and her father, Julieto, came to see us at Tebow CURE to get treatment for her knock-knees. “My older sibling Cristina helped us researched for treatments online and found Tebow CURE, so we are supported to fly to Davao to get Jackilyn treated for the first time. If we were to take the bus, it would’ve been a 15-hour trip from where where live. Sometimes in the middle of the night, Jackilyn feels pain on her knees,” Julieto tells us. Jackilyn grew up with knock-knees due to a deficiency in Vitamin D, causing rickets. Jackilyn will need to take in a lot of Vitamin D to prevent the deformity from getting worse, but thankfully, the deformity can be corrected through surgery.

”When I grow up, I want to become a teacher and teach kids who can’t read and write,” desires Jackilyn. It’s amazing to know Jackilyn's heart to help others just like her community that supports her throughout her healing! Thank you for being a part of Jackilyn’s community and making her surgery possible!

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Latest Updates

Jul 19, 2018

Jackilyn made the long journey back to get her last casts off, and while she was excited about that, she wasn’t too excited about walking. Her legs are sore, and walking on “new” legs is intimidating and scary at times. Dr. Jun encouraged her, but told her to take her time, and although she didn’t take many steps today, she got some helpful hints in physical therapy before heading home. We’ll see her in about six months, and we’re confident she’ll be fearlessly zooming around in no time! Photo of Jackilyn

May 31, 2018

We can't believe how fast the end of the month came! And we are so proud of Jackilyn as she powered through her past physical therapy sessions! She worked so hard and finally got to a point where she can be mobile with a walker, and just in time for her flight back home. Jackilyn will continue with her exercises at home and will come see us again for a cast change in a month. Please continue to keep Jackilyn in your prayers and we'll keep you posted when she comes back! Photo of Jackilyn

May 23, 2018

“We’re staying in town through the end of the month, so we’re taking advantage of having physical therapy available every day!” Jackilyn’s aunt told us this morning as physiotherapist Chin gently stretched Jackilyn’s legs. We couldn’t agree more, and we’re thrilled to see them take every opportunity to expedite Jackilyn’s healing. She was pretty sore yesterday, there were a lot of tears, but she was powering through the discomfort today. We’ll get to see plenty more of Jackilyn this week, and we’re looking forward to giving positive reports on her progress! Photo of Jackilyn

May 18, 2018

We saw that adorable smile today without any extra coercion! Jackilyn is feeling great, well enough to be out of bed, and Julieto took that opportunity to grab a nap. Our parents and caretakers are rockstars, but by the end of the week, many are flat exhausted (but you’ll never hear a complaint!). Fortunately, the pair gets to stay in Davao over the weekend, so hopefully they’ll get some solid rest and relaxation. We’ll see them again next week, and since they live so far away, we’ll make a long term plan for Jackilyn’s care. Photo of Jackilyn

May 17, 2018

The pain was not easy for Jackilyn to manage. We came to see her in the ward this morning and found her all curled up in bed. Although she had the perfect view of the TV, she couldn't help but shed a tear in pain. Thankfully, Storyteller Marlene was there to cheer her on and we saw a glimpse of her smile! Not much later, Jackilyn was up in the playroom, hanging out with other kids from clinic. It's been a tough recovery for Jackilyn, but it's made easier because she's surrounded by people who care for her. Thank you for being a part of our team who supports Jackilyn! Photo of Jackilyn

May 16, 2018

While some surgeries require little more than a needle, thread, and scalpel, others require equipment. A whole lot of equipment! Jackilyn’s more than qualified as one of those surgeries today, her operating room was stacked high with piles of hardware, drills, cutters, you name it. After opening in prayer, Dr. Jun sectioned her leg bones and repositioned them so her legs will heal straight. Meanwhile, Nurse Jaime spent his time simply managing gear! Jackilyn will have some pain to manage now as well, please be praying for her as she begins her recovery. Photo of Jackilyn

May 15, 2018

We wanted to give Jackilyn a nice warm welcome in Davao, but on our first meeting, she didn’t feel like a stranger to us at all. She welcomed us with her sweet personality instead, open to get to know people. Jackilyn will be in surgery tomorrow, but even though she came from a far away town, we hope that she will not feel alone. You can help us make Jackilyn feel loved and cared for throughout recovery as you pray for her healing! Photo of Jackilyn

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