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  • Conditiona limb deformity
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April's Story

“After April’s surgery, I’ll be really thankful, because this is the first time something has been done to fix her clubfeet.” - April’s mom Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth’s community association for disabled people announced that CURE… Read more

“After April’s surgery, I’ll be really thankful, because this is the first time something has been done to fix her clubfeet.” - April’s mom Elizabeth.

When Elizabeth’s community association for disabled people announced that CURE would be holding a mobile screening near their hometown, she jumped at the chance to get help for April. “She can walk and run, but it’s different, it’s difficult. We’ve never had her looked at before. She was casted after the clinic, and now she’ll have surgery.” April’s hands also have some stiff joints, but for now, it doesn’t hold her back. “She goes to school, and she loves to color and draw. She’s very quiet, and is starting to talk now at four years old, but she’s still learning.”

Elizabeth’s husband Roger is a laborer, and she stays home to raise April. “She’s our only child, and I hope as she grows, she’ll be a good kid. I hope she’s not too hyper!” We’re looking forward to seeing April’s healing, and we’re grateful for you, our team of prayer warriors and supporters, that will be behind her as well!

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Latest Updates

Sep 10, 2018

April got her final casts removed! And as usual, she kept her head high and tears hidden until she took steps in physical therapy. She smiled for the camera and started to tear a little on her way back. We'd like to think those were tears of joy, but we know that she's still scared of what's to come. April still has homework to do at home, exercising, walking, and stretching to make sure her feet stay strong! Elizabeth has an important task too and that is to head to the store and grab April's new pair of sturdy shoes! Photo of April

Jul 30, 2018

By the look of it, April wishes that 'bed weather' continued until today. She's back at the hospital for a cast change and she was not very happy about it. A few tears were shed but her brave face was on as she allowed Nurse Tzaddi to wrap her feet with a shorter pair of casts. Hopefully, a lighter load on her feet will make this day better! Photo of April

Jul 12, 2018

Here in the Philippines, when it’s “cold” and cloudy outside (cold to the tune of like…85 degrees fahrenheit…), we say it’s “bed weather”. This means that everyone just wants to stay cuddled up in bed! April got the memo that today is definitely “bed weather”, and stayed curled up next to Elizabeth, under her sheet, with just her cute casted leg poking out. She had the whole ward giggling at her sheer cuteness, even while hiding! Once she gets the news that she will go home today, it should be enough to coax her out! Photo of April

Jul 11, 2018

After months in casts, this brave girl finally faced the last step of her treatment today, surgery! April's tendons were transferred to make sure her feet are "pulled" the right way now, meaning no more clubfeet! She commanded quite the audience at the end of surgery, four nurses worked together to cast and clean her two feet. Yes, she's that cute even while sound asleep! This will hopefully be her last set of casts, soon her bravery will take her on adventures, no longer to the exam room! Photo of April

Jun 11, 2018

We saw a bright smile on this brave girl today! She pushed through another cast change without even shedding a tear. April already knows the flow and being scared is not even part of it anymore, we are so proud of her as she continues to show courage during her healing! Another cast change conquered by our little friend April! Photo of April

May 21, 2018

“Two more cast changes, okay?” says Dr. Shelley. April tries to fight her tears, once again, as she proves that she’s one brave girl! She’s not quite ready for surgery yet, and there’s still work to be done before sending her in the operating room. After this cast change, April showed us that she’s truly a champion as she conquered her fear! She went home with a shy smile and will see us back in a couple weeks! Photo of April

May 10, 2018

“She cries a lot during cast changes,” sighed Nurse Ken as he mentally prepared for a tough cast removal with April. Even though his words were in English, April appeared to accept the challenge, and didn’t let one tear fall! We’re so proud of her for being so brave! The decision was made to do a few more weeks of casting before surgery, which may sound like it drags things out, but the longer she can endure casting, the less invasive her surgery will be, and the quicker her recovery! Photo of April

May 07, 2018

It looks like April and Elizabeth decided to go home over the weekend instead of staying at the guest house. Her sweet home is definitely better scenery when it comes to healing! We look forward to seeing her back, but until then, please keep her in your prayers!

May 04, 2018

April downshifted from full smile mode into "tolerating being here" mode. It's been a long week, and she's not done yet. But, she gets a bit of a break, since she lives so far from the hospital, she and Elizabeth will stay at a local guesthouse for the weekend. The change of scenery and fresh air should brighten things up, and we'll see the pair next week for one more cast change, then surgery at last! Photo of April

May 03, 2018

Those sweet smiles are getting bigger every day! April was recasted this morning, but it didn’t keep her from cheesing it up for the camera. Elizabeth said they’re feeling a little bored while waiting for surgery, but April doesn’t want to check out the playroom just yet. She’s content hanging out in bed watching TV, so we’re OK if she’s OK! She’ll continue hanging out until Monday, when her next cast change happens. Photo of April

May 02, 2018

April's fever and cough have improved, but when her casts were removed last night, her one leg was covered in a rash. It looks to be just a heat rash and nothing serious, but she needs to heal with her casts off, which means no surgery yet. She'll be recasted later this week, then again early next week, then she'll have surgery a few days later. We don't mind too much, she's settling in and warming up to the staff. She's even finding ways to occupy herself, we have Timmy's Playroom upstairs, but she's having fun playing with paper towels in her bed! Photo of April

May 01, 2018

While April is quiet and shy, Elizabeth is very outgoing and chatty! We met the pair this morning, and Elizabeth was all smiles, excited for her daughter’s surgery. April is fighting a bit of a cough and fever though, which could postpone her surgery that is scheduled for tomorrow. Please pray for rapid healing, so she can go into the operating room on time! Photo of April

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